Must-Have Shoes for Every Season

Key Points

  • The best shoes for men make you more confident.

  • Boots can be comfortable AND stylish.

  • The best shoes for men aren't restricted to one activity.

Shoe-shopping: Some men love it, and some men loathe it, but no matter your feelings about finding the best shoes for men, there are some specifics to remember while undertaking the task.

While you search, ask yourself, "Are the shoes I have adaptable to my wardrobe?" If the answer is "no," it's time to expand your footwear options. If the answer is "yes," you can explore fun new options beyond your current closet selections.

Being an independent man, you understand the importance of how you present yourself. Whether exercising, on a date, out with friends, at a business meeting, or exploring, there are shoes for every activity.

Shoes Make the Man

It's best to have shoes that keep up with you and the many tasks you tackle throughout the day.

French fashion designer Christian Louboutin says, "Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally."

The number one rule for any man is always to be prepared. With that in mind, consider some of the best shoes for men to ensure you are!

1. White Casual Shoes

The summer is creeping up. Along with the coming of the summer heat is the swap to a lighter-colored wardrobe.

No shoes are more essential for the summer than a pair of casual white shoes. Practicality is important for your summer attire. These shoes keep your feet from overheating or irritating.

Typically, steer clear of shoes with leather lining and upper lining. Unless you're wearing knee socks, the leather rubs against your heel and ankle, leading to an awful shoe-wearing experience. Instead, wear a shoe made of canvas, cotton, or twill.

Another factor to consider is whether the shoes' insoles keep your feet from stinging.

Great shoe companies providing foot protection and style are the following:

  • Converse (1970s Ox)

  • Novesta

  • Spring Court

  • Superga

  • Tretorn (Nylite)

  • Vans Authentic (44 DX)

Spring Court men's white shoes Photo source:

2. Service Boots

Work boots are modeled after, or for, people who work in factories, coal mines, and other "roughneck" jobs. Service boots are modeled after those used in war.

Service boots have less volume, a low profile toe, and a sleeker silhouette on the foot.

Walking around on the street, you want to feel comfortable in your skin. There is no better way to achieve that than wearing good service boots.

The appeal of these boots is how you dress up or down. As casual boots, they match a basic white T-shirt and denim pants.

Straightforward, stylish, and masculine. Chef's kiss.

Men's service boots

3. Running Shoes

Since you take care of yourself, a pair of running shoes is the only piece of equipment necessary for exercising. More than any other type of shoe, sizing is crucial with running shoes.

Running shoes need precise comfort and gauge with your feet. The shoe needs to feel like it is cupping your heel, the midfoot area is lightly hugging your foot, and your toes have a thumbnail's width from the end of the shoe.

Unless you have flat feet (fallen arches), running in shoes with no arch in the middle is essential. A shoe that is the widest at the toes strengthens your feet.

Think of your feet as an arch bridge: The strength doesn't come from the middle of the bridge; it comes from the sides — each end of your foot. This progresses to your entire foot being stronger and the shoe more comfortable to run in.

Your best bet is a pair of Brooks Ghost 15s.

On the other hand, flat feet are convenient when trying to find a decent pair of running shoes. Compared to high arch feet, men with flat feet need little arch support.

Nike Vapormax Flyknit, Adidas Ultraboost, and New Balance Fresh Foam 860v12s are good choices in this case.

Now get out there and make Forrest Gump jealous!

Brooks running shoes Photo source:

4. Loafers

A superior alternative to boat shoes, loafers have made quite the comeback. Initially created by a fisherman in Norway, a London shoe company in the mid-1800s elevated the shoe as a "house shoe" for King George VI.

Since then, the loafer has evolved to represent a "high-class" slip-on shoe. American rapper/songwriter Tyler The Creator continues to wear loafers — a sign, or perhaps a cause, of the "loafer renaissance."

Perfect for spring and summer, brown loafers are the classic color for men's loafers. Brown warms up the entire outfit and is more versatile than black, blue, or white.

Fortunately, you can wear loafers with most style categories. Loafers mesh well with business casual, casual, or leisure outfits.

When wearing loafers, remember they look better with slim pants. Baggier pants don't break your outfit as much as a pair of heavy wool pants, but you want to stay clear of loose-fit jeans.

Men's loafers

5. Dress Shoes

Like loafers, dress shoes are defined by their closed lacing and sharp, prestigious, and civil appearance. Every man needs a pair.

To start, you need two different color pairs: black and brown/tan. The black pair is for serious events such as weddings, important business meetings, and job interviews. The brown/tan pair is for a more casual yet important event, including a typical workday, work party, date, and everyday streetwear.

If financially feasible, Oxfords are the dress shoes to buy. Oxfords are sharp and don't have thick/rubber soles, a square toe box, or loud colors.

Remember: Quality over quantity!

6. Sandals

Yes, sandals. Here's why this uber-casual footwear deserves to be on this list:

If you're at the beach or enjoying a hot summer day in nature, do you want to wear a pair of loafers or sneakers? Maybe you do, but the apropos option is sandals — specifically mules or classic sandals.

Mules, popular with hipsters and college kids, became a fashion staple in 2022 and have held their ground.

Birkenstock is the frontrunner producer of these sandals and for good reason! Birkenstock's Boston suede mules are popular because of their high-quality suede, cork sole, and rounded toe box without being cumbersome. Birkenstock also has wide or narrow mules.

Wear mules with straight-leg pants, sweatshirts, and a trucker hat. The best part? You can even get away with wearing socks!

Classic sandals are standard if southern California beach vibes aren't your thing. Some options are Birkenstock Arizonas, Teva Originals, and Camper Brutus sandals.

Great for camping, a day at the beach, a pool party, or a summer get-together, this is the choice when you want to feel comfy and not be too concerned with meticulous details.

Sandals tell everyone you are the "chill" guy and that being congenial with your outfit brings out the best part — the man wearing it.

Birkenstock men's shoes Photo source:

7. Dress Boots & Chelsea Boots

You can wear them to a winter occasion or year-round! Dress boots separate professionals from amateurs.

Adding these to your regular footwear rotation gives you much more confidence than the others. Why? It is uncommon to find guys who own dress boots.

Having said that, what are dress boots?

Dress boots are built like dress shoes, but they have uppers that cover your ankles and are engineered for outdoor occasions. Dress boots get you more mileage than dress shoes and are incredibly masculine.

It all comes down to taste, but typical dress boots come with laces, buckles, zippers, elastic, and speed hooks. If you're perplexed about which color dress boots give you the most use, you can't go wrong with black.

A black pair with buckles and zippers looks sharp with slim black pants and a leather jacket.

Brown or cream dress boots with laces and speed hooks match well with a dark wash denim jacket, a white T-shirt, and black or blue denim.

The Chelsea boots are a fashion icon that has adorned the feet of royalty and entertainment legends from the Victorian Era to the latest Grammy Awards. Here are a few tips and pointers for rocking the Chelseas.

Different from dress boots, Chelsea boots come in both leather and suede. Suede is not the best option if you live in a wet and rainy area. If your suede boots get wet, the suede stiffens, and the tiny "leather" hairs break off. Stick with leather in this climate.

If you live in a less-wet environment, you can wear either leather or suede without fear.

Style-wise, leather Chelseas are similar to dress boots, but suede is where you spice it up! Since your suede Chelseas are for casual attire, a cream or black pair will be great.

Cream-colored Chelseas go well with light-wash denim pants. Black Chelseas go well with dark-wash denim or, preferably, black denim.

The top half of your wardrobe is really up to you. The Chelseas can complement monochromatic, street, grunge, punk, bohemian, and vintage outfits.

With these tips, The Beatles are put to shame.

Men's Chelsea boots

Start Walking

A great outfit and fantastic footwear are like peanut butter and jelly: One without the other is simply doing yourself a disservice.

These seven pieces of footwear make you confident in any situation. Different footwear is for different experiences, and you want to make the most of each.

The real question is, can these shoes keep up with the ambitious man wearing them? Now get going!

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