Nicholas Merlau


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Nicholas Merlau enjoys writing pieces that help men learn to support themselves and lead better lives.


  • Nicholas maintained a scholarship throughout attending Pace University due to his writing abilities.
  • He studied journalism and poetry while attending college.
  • He wrote multiple screenplays, teleplays, and comics while attending college.


Prior to Iko Brands, Nicholas briefly wrote for his school paper, The Pretentious Press, where he composed satire article pieces. Despite the decline of physical media, students would repeatedly sell out all copies of newspapers. Nicholas also took a journalism class where he learned how to write, structure, and publish articles. He started writing about men's lifestyles because he wanted to add to the few guides currently available for men on maintaining a healthy mind, body, and (you guessed it) lifestyle! He enjoys reading about and sharing how to break through barriers and create paths to achieve goals.


Bachelor of Arts: English Language & Literature with a concentration on Creative Writing, Film & Screen Studies

Expertise: Men's topics

Education: Pace University

Location: New York, NY

Title: Writer