Men’s Fashion Trends: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Key Points

  • Men are embracing comfort and wearability as much as style and aesthetics.

  • Accessories and bold prints are tools men use to form wardrobes unique to them.

  • Buying brands that support sustainability will positively impact the fashion industry in the long run.

Fashion is an ever-evolving art form that can take time to digest, even for the most seasoned style savant. No one individual is expected to know the ins and outs of what hits the market each season. However, understanding the differences between fleeting fads and timeless staples gives you a leg up on those who choose to look the other way.

Here's a detailed guide to what you need to stock your best wardrobe.

Athleisure Wear

Gone are the days when "dressing to impress" meant highly stylized looks for the office or for a celebratory night out with friends. Athletes now rival actors and musicians as those who society looks to for fashion tips. This shift has led designers to embrace comfy clothing that balances fit, form, fashion, and function.

Comfortable and Functional Fabrics

It's important to choose clothes that are as comfortable as they are stylish. By selecting garments crafted from breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics like Tencel, organic cotton, and neoprene, remaining comfy throughout the day, regardless of the destination, becomes more manageable.

From the Gym to the Streets

Athleisure has evolved from mere gym attire to versatile everyday wardrobe staples. Brands like Lululemon, Nike, and Adidas regularly launch trendsetting styles that seamlessly transition from exercise to everyday wear. Additionally, trailblazers like Jerry Lorenzo and the menswear brand Fear of God, continue to showcase how style and substance are one and the same.

Multifunctional Pieces

Incorporating athleisure wear essentials into your wardrobe doesn't need to be complicated. Joggers and crewneck pullovers are common sites on fashion week runways, starring nicely in outfits, next to button-down shirts and tailored outerwear. Let's not forget just how crucial sneakers are to the contemporary fashion scene. Thanks to both the late great Virgil Abloh, and the current fashion mainstay Yohji Yamamoto, sneakers are as much a part of the fashion fabric as anything else.

Best Athleisure Wear Piece

Fear of God's spinoff line ESSENTIALS is a bonafide favorite among NBA athletes, Hollywood actors, and hip-hop heavyweights, and is known for crafting comfy sportswear staples.

The SS Nylon Shirt is a prime example of how the brand rose to stylistic superstardom. The garment appears to sit somewhere between a sophisticated short-sleeve top and a basketball warm-up shirt. Pair this with cropped trousers and loafers for an evening out or with denim and sneakers for leisurely shopping trips.

Bold Patterns

Patterned prints are an easy yet effective way to showcase one's style. Depending on what pleases your palette, prints like stripes, paisley, florals, camo, and others add complexity and depth to any ensemble.

Standout Prints and Graphics

Bold patterns can be a challenge to execute but, when done correctly, they make quite a sartorial statement. Design houses like Gucci, Versace, and Kenzo are championing standout prints, setting the benchmark for striking patterns. To walk the line between trendy and tacky, exercise restraint and ensure cohesion; think neutral tones and streamlined silhouettes.

Mixing and Matching Patterns

Combining different patterns can feel intimidating, but with care and balance, mixing prints can be a key focal point of your outfit. One trick is to limit yourself to one color palette and choose prints that balance the overall look. Anchor complex patterns with tonal basics or complementary prints to achieve a harmonious result.

Appropriate Settings for Bold Patterns

Context is important when choosing to embrace bold patterns. Explore vibrant prints when dressing for social functions and parties, but consider more modest designs when attending formal events. Exercise good judgment, and adjust your wardrobe to suit the environment.

Best Patterned Piece

Japanese label NEEDLES has amassed a loyal fanbase for its nostalgic take on time-honored menswear classics. The label's famous butterfly emblem is integral to its brand language and, arguably, its most known trait.

NEEDLES' Indigo Papillon Denim Jacket is a charming take on a trucker jacket. Juxtapose this piece against cargo pants and combat boots.


Layering goes beyond stacking pieces to keep warm in the cooler months. Combining items that cohesively fit with one another is a complex dynamic top designers use to distinguish themselves from others. 

Strategic Seasonal Layering

Layering is essential not only for style but for comfort in various climates. By taking cues from the runways of Milan, Paris, New York, and London, you too can form looks that satisfy style, sophistication, and practicality with the best of 'em.

Layering With Textures

Incorporating diverse textures lends depth and visual appeal to your outfits. Choose pieces in contrasting materials, such as a buttery soft leather jacket atop a chunky knit cardigan and a crisp collared button-down shirt. Experiment with a mix of natural and synthetic textiles to achieve a compelling, stylish result.

Mix and Match Different Style Genres

Those most effective at layering are unafraid to blend staples from different genres. Here is an on-trend outfit worth considering: military-style trench coat + athleisure varsity jacket + preppy chino trousers.

Best Layering Piece

Cardigans are transitional pieces that transcend seasons and style genres. They can be placed under hefty outerwear in fall and winter and over polos and T-shirts for spring and summer. PLACES+FACES offers a mohair blend cardigan in a soft pink hue that integrates well with a variety of outfits.

fashionable man dressed in bright orange outside

Oversized Clothing

Baggy silhouettes, whether wide-leg pants or drop-shoulder hoodies, continue to make their mark in men's fashion, seemingly with no end in sight. Society's willingness to place comfort on an equal footing with aesthetics is telling of where fashion is headed next. The Editor team at Men's Flair explains in the article This Year's Biggest (And Most Wearable) Fashion Trends For Men, "Many high-end brands that have historically put sharply tailored pieces front and center have relaxed their approach for 2023. Instead, they're creating laid-back two-piece suits that would be equally at home in the workplace as they would on the sofa."

Evolution of the Oversized Trend

Oversized clothing has long been a staple of street style, and its influence has trickled into mainstream fashion. Designers like Vetements and Balenciaga have popularized the look, elevating it into an essential component of contemporary fashion. As such, it continues to shape how we approach and style our wardrobes.

Balancing Proportions

It's essential to maintain proper proportions when going the oversized route. Opt for a single oversized piece like a large coat or baggy trousers and pair it with more fitted items to achieve a balanced aesthetic. Keep in mind that oversized clothing suits various body types, so choose pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident.

Styling Oversized Outfits

When integrating oversized garments into your outfit, consider elements like the context and location of the event. Voluminous shapes work well in social settings, and not so much so in corporate office environments.

Best Oversized Piece

Italian label Marni is keen on using billowy shapes that hang loose from the body, as evident in the Solid Wool-Blend Blazer. The two-button blazer features a notch lapel and a slight drop-shoulder structure. Pair this statement piece with straight-leg denim jeans and leather loafers on a fun night out.

Statement Accessories

Stylish accouterments are a fun way to jazz up any outfit. Designers incorporate items like gold bracelets, duffle bags, and bucket hats into seasonal collections and campaign lookbooks to accentuate their luxury garments.

Must-Have Men's Accessories

Accessories are essential to a well-rounded wardrobe. In 2023, statement pieces in men's jewelry, wallets, bags, and eyewear are taking center stage. Designers like Givenchy, Dior, and Louis Vuitton have created standout collections highlighting bold, unique styles. Use these accessories as touchstones to elevate your everyday ensembles.

Accessorizing for Different Settings

Bold accessorizing requires an awareness of the setting and context. A beaded necklace, for instance, does well to elevate casual outfits; however, it may not justify being worn in formal affairs. When selecting statement accessories for various settings, consider the tone and dress code of the occasion to avoid overpowering your ensemble.

Investment Pieces

Investing in high-quality accessories can elevate basic outfits and create a wardrobe distinctly yours. Consider the longevity, materials, and brand reputation when purchasing statement pieces. Spending more upfront on a well-crafted item might save you money in the long run if it becomes a staple in your collection.

Best Statement Accessory

If you're a fan of high-quality crossbody bags, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more lavish one than the Avenue Bag from Bottega Veneta. The piece's focal point is the label's signature intrecciato weave, also found on several of its wallets and shoes. Although labeled as a camera bag, its roomy interior is ideal for holding everything from phones, tablets, snacks, and more.


More and more fashion brands are taking steps towards leaving a positive environmental footprint. From using deadstock fabric and recycled materials to avoiding harmful chemical treatments, shoppers can do their part by supporting brands that practice these and other sustainable measures.

Brands Prioritizing Sustainability

Patagonia and Veja are two labels spearheading a move towards productive eco-conscious practices. By purchasing from such brands, you can ensure your wardrobe is stylish and sustainable.

Sustainable Materials and Production Methods

From organic cotton and recycled polyester to ethically sourced down, fashion's environmental impact continues to wane. Transparency is critical, so familiarize yourself with the brands' values and commitments before purchasing.

Supporting Sustainable Fashion

Your individual choices have a significant influence on the fashion industry. You can make a tangible difference by researching and investing in eco-conscious garments and supporting ethical brands. Remember that sometimes, less is more — curate a sustainable wardrobe that reflects your values and stands the test of time.

Best Sustainable Piece

KOTN has made a name for itself as a brand that invests in creating jobs, infrastructure, systems, and education to alleviate poverty. Each item is made from natural fibers, which can biodegrade at the end of their lifecycle. Look good and feel better when wearing the super stylish Unisex Groove Shirt

fashionable man in trench coat leaning against brown brick wall

Personalize Your Style Journey

Although the hottest trends in men's fashion continue to evolve, shoppers are presented with an assortment of options to waffle through; there is something for everyone. Integrating trends that speak to you personally is a surefire way to form your own unique aesthetic. Change is inevitable, so embrace it.

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