8 Best Metal and Minimalist Wallets for Men

Man holding contactless credit card in a wallet with RFID protection

Key Points

  • If you're looking for a slim new wallet with great functionality made of aluminum or carbon fiber, you don't have to spend a fortune.

  • The sandwich-case design of these modern men's wallets allows them to be as slim as your phone, something traditional leather wallets have never really offered.

  • Elastic or textile quality, surface finishing, and overall reliability are largely correlated to price — you get what you pay for.

When you imagine a wallet, you probably think of some folding leather thing overstuffed with cards and receipts. It bulges, it wears out around the edges, and in its default back-pocket position, it's probably awful to sit on. What if it didn't have to be that way?

Metal wallets are increasingly trendy, having caught on first with people (mostly men) hyper-focused on the gear they carry and how to optimize the things they rely upon the most. These are not the wallets you're accustomed to — your first question is probably something like, "Why would I ever want a slab of metal in my pocket when leather wallets have worked for millions of men before me?"

While it's true that quality leather wallets have their pros — they soften and break in over time, developing a patina that feels as nice as it looks — metal wallets can attain levels of sophistication, reliability, and protection that leather just can't match.

The minimalist metal wallets of today are designed to fit comfortably in your pocket of choice, with smaller profiles and better access features than their leather forbears. The designs and features of these wallets make them just as ideal for international travel as they are for commuting; shockproof, scratchproof, and waterproof qualities are shared among the men's wallets on this list, but nearly all are RFID shielded. 

The number of digital crimes has increased in recent years. Now, many would-be criminals have discovered a technique to steal credit card information simply by listening to the frequency generated by the cards with a scanning device. However, many of these new-age metal wallet options come with complete protection because, at all times, your cards will be shielded by a thin layer of aluminum, steel, or even titanium. Many modern wallets have built-in RFID layers, even if they're made from textiles or leather, and every wallet on this list has you covered.

These sturdy-yet-sleek wallets, mostly made of metal and carbon fiber, are perfect for tossing into your gym bag, your briefcase, or your backpack on your way to work or college. Many even have clear display windows or compartments, allowing you to keep frequently-used cards (IDs, transit passes, office keycards) in the holder without removing them to swipe or scan. Explore the selection below to see which metal wallets match your needs and preferences — after all, they might all be great, but there's still a better option for you.

Our Top Pick: The Ridge Wallet

While it's not really a value proposition, the Ridge Wallet's unwavering quality and consistency is too good to ignore. You might get away with using something cheaper — something that merely imitates the Ridge's forward-thinking design — but you won't be getting the premium finish, high-quality materials, and quality control that Ridge is able to put out. By the time this thing fails, you might have gone through dozens of cheaper wallets, had more headaches, and spent more money in the long run.

Havenhurst puts out a wallet that appears to be 99 percent as good as Ridge, but at a price that's less than one-third of what a Ridge wallet costs. You're getting premium materials and even decent branding, with enough satisfied customers to know your own wallet probably won't be falling apart anytime soon. Not only does it look great, but it walks the walk with more than 17,000 buyer ratings on Amazon, averaging 4.6 stars out of 5 (as of July 25, 2023).

Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men

by The Ridge 

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1. The Ridge Minimalist Slim Wallet For Men

Whenever you search for the best metal wallets for men, the Ridge wallet will routinely come up as one of the best options out there. While it's pricier than many options on this list, it's definitely worth the investment — it comes with a lifetime warranty, and the wallet's creator claims that it's well-engineered and constructed… full stop. To make the decision even easier, the Ridge is readily available to buy on Amazon as well as Ridge's own website.

The Ridge wallet can accommodate anywhere from 1 to 12 cards; business cards, credit and debit cards, bills, receipts, and other items fit well in the thin wallet. In addition, the external finger notch makes it easy to push the cards out for quick access without having to dig inside the rigid card compartment.

The wallet's integrated cash strap enables users to hold numerous bills securely outside the wallet. In addition, the metal plate is intended to improve security and appearance. Finally, all standard Ridge wallets are made of RFID-blocking 6061-T6 aluminum, which is extensively used in building aircraft wings and fuselages, as well as yachts and bicycle frames. As a result, the Ridge Wallet is arguably one of the best EDC wallets available.


  • Slim, pocket-friendly design

  • Uses premium materials and construction methods

  • RFID-blocking to better protect your cards and scannable items

  • Convenient for quick access, thanks to ergonomic design

  • Perfect for people who carry little or no cash, receipts, etc.


  • More expensive than many traditional wallet designs

  • Too hard and rigid to comfortably sit or lean on for extended periods

  • Can cause premature wear in/near some users' pockets due to rigidity & hardness

  • Inconvenient for people who carry lots of cash or other paper documents that usually fit best into traditional wallets

To learn more about the classic Ridge Wallet, as well as other designs, colors, and materials available from the brand, head over to Ridge.

Minimalist Wallet for Men w/ARW Metal Money Clip
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2. ARW Metal Money Clip Wallet

ARW provides great wallet options for guys looking to optimize their EDC. Each ARW wallet boasts a slimmer profile than standard wallets, a weight of only 2.1 ounces, and enough storage space for up to 15 cards plus an external cash clip. Like many of our picks on this list, it's readily available on Amazon.

The ARW wallet is made of carbon fiber, which is lighter and more rigid than aluminum or steel. The RFID-blocking design, which qualifies for a FIPS 201 rating by the US government, offers serious protection for your debit and credit cards as well as ID cards, key cards, and anything else that could be scanned and read externally.


  • It's almost 90 percent cheaper than the Ridge Wallet's MSRP

  • The carbon fiber design is aesthetically pleasing

  • The multi-card primary holding slot and external money clip is a proven design that works for most people

  • If the wallet ever does fail or fall apart, it's remarkably cheap to replace


  • Unlike aluminum, titanium, or steel, carbon fiber can delaminate and fall apart over time

  • The elastic and other materials used in the ARW wallet are good but not as good as the materials used by brands like Ridge

  • ARW is less established and somewhat anonymous compared to known brands like Ridge, meaning you might not be able to get your item covered by a warranty or customer service if something goes wrong

ARW wallet buyers will receive the following, according to the product's Amazon listing: 1 Carbon Fiber Wallet, 1 Screwdriver (DIY), and 1 Gift Box. The wallet is currently available in black, grey, navy, and silver.

Slim Minimalist Front Pocket wallet w/RFID Blocker

by Hayvenhurst 

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3. Hayvenhurst Slim Minimalist Metal Wallet

Hayvenhurst wallets boast the same benefits as previous picks on this list: two rigid outer layers to protect your cards, expandable elastic closures on the sides of the wallet, and a crescent-shaped cutout for your finger to quickly push cards up for easy access. This wallet also offers RFID blocking, a crucial feature for commuters and travelers who need a little extra security when moving through crowds.

At any given time, users can hold up to 12 cards, including debit and credit cards as well as business cards and IDs. The external clip on this wallet allows users to secure numerous bills outside of where their cards are held.


  • It's not the cheapest option on our list but it's still very affordable for most buyers

  • Currently selected as an "Amazon's Choice" item with nearly 11,000 buyer ratings averaging 4.4 stars out of 5

  • Three solid color options, plus a carbon fiber textured design and a stylized USA flag design as well


  • Triple the price of ARW's wallet, which is extremely similar in almost every way

  • Limited choices for color and design

  • According to some Amazon reviews, not quite as slim as similar wallets at comparable price points

Another slim, minimalist wallet that's readily available to buy on Amazon, Hayvenhurst's offering to our list boasts a lot of the same features and qualifications that make Ridge and ARW wallets so appealing.

Stainless Steel Credit Card Case w/RFID Blocker


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4. EASTNIGHTS Stainless Steel Credit Card Case

The EASTNIGHTS Stainless Steel Credit Card Case delivers a traditional card-case profile that features RFID blocking in its sturdy clamshell design.

Built to resemble a miniature attaché case, this card carrier's stainless steel body features six slots for credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, gift cards, business cards, ATM cards, and cash. It's well suited for women just as well as men, with a range of colors and finishes to choose from.


  • Clamshell design means your cards and cash will never slip or get pushed out an open end of the enclosure

  • Six internal slots to separate debit or credit cards from cash, ID cards, scannable building key cards, etc.

  • Sleek design leans more classic than modern — similar to business card cases from the 1980s

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  • Can pop open if dropped or subjected to impact

  • Hinges and clasp can be failure points if overused or damaged

  • Not as slim as Ridge or ARW wallet designs

  • Only has six slots to separate cards, cash, documents, etc.

Rather than plastic or aluminum, this credit card organizer is composed of stainless steel, which is both rigid and durable. And thanks to its still-slim profile, it's just as at home in a front hip pocket or shirt breast pocket as it would be in a handbag, clutch, or purse. Get yours now in black, red, pink, silver, rose gold, gold, and blue.

Mens Wallet Tactical Bifold Wallets w/RFID Blocker


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5. Muradin Tactical Bifold Wallet

Muradin's Tactical Bifold wallet comes on strong; it features some metal for strength, protection, and rigidity, but it's not entirely made of metal. Its bi-fold design allows for a top leather folding point, giving it a unique appeal. Like most of our picks here, it is readily available to buy on Amazon.

The frame of this wallet is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with anodic oxidation and a smooth scalloped design. Externally you'll find one slot for a frequently-used card or two, and when you flip the wallet open, there's a clear ID window inside the flap. One major selling point of this Muradin wallet: the cash compartment, which remains covered by any cards you carry in the internal slot. To get to your cash stash, simply slide the cards up partway and the compartment will be accessible.


  • Bifold design skews closer to wallets you already know and love

  • Sleek modern materials lend durability, lightweight, and RFID protection

  • Cash compartment is subtle and safe but still accessible in a hurry

  • No external clips or hard edges to damage clothing or furniture

  • Well-rated on Amazon with more than 12,000 purchases


  • The wallet costs more than some other options on this list

  • Not as slim as "sandwich" wallet designs like Ridge and ARW

  • No money clip and limited internal space for cash

This wallet measures 4.2 x 3.0 x 0.6 inches and can contain up to 12 cards and (ideally) five or fewer paper bills in the internal cash compartment. It's available in more than a dozen color and finish options on Amazon.

Minimalist Aluminum Credit Card Holder w/RFID Blocker

by Kenpal

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6. Kenpal Metal Wallet

This Kenpal card wallet can accommodate up to ten cards and numerous banknotes inside its design, which should be familiar by now. Modeled closely after the Ridge wallet and many others like it, Kenpal's offering is more industrial-looking but still features a range of traits worth your consideration.

One of those features is the visual appeal of the wallet's exterior, a raised-grain sunburst finish on milled aluminum and 304 stainless steel. Not only does this surface effect look cool, but it's also easier to grip — a glossy or bead-blasted finish like you'll find on some other wallets can be slippery when wet (or when your hands are especially dry).

The Kenpal wallet can carry up to 10 cards at a time, plus some folded cash in its external money clip, without any problem. It also offers strong RFID protection, like many other wallets on this list, and all of these great features are rounded up into a package small enough for your breast pocket, jacket pocket, the front pocket of your jeans, or a small bag.


  • Sturdy milled aluminum-and-steel construction

  • RFID protection

  • Surface texturing looks appealing + adds better grip when holding it


  • External metal clip isn't finished as nicely as some other options

  • Some buyer reviews indicate the elastic isn't as nice as you'd find on more expensive options.

Wallet For Men


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7. BIIGELL Wallet For Men

For an option that holds up to 15 cards and an overall look that's borderline Y2K, the BIIGELL modern metal wallet certainly bears consideration. It's readily available to buy on Amazon, and it offers classic features like RFID blocking and an external cash strap. It also features a protected display slot for your ID on the back, and it has a sturdy outer frame covering all sides of your cards and IDs to better shield them when dropped.

The protective ID Card Holder slot on the outside of the wallet allows users to swipe or scan key cards, IDS, and transit passes without removing them. On the other side, a metal clip allows you to attach your wallet to a belt, pocket, bag, or keychain.


  • Larger overall size allows for additional protection from impacts

  • Carries more cards than some of the smaller options on this list

  • Features a spot to mount an Apple AirTag


  • Some buyers may find it bulky

  • Limited colors and design choices

  • Some buyers report issues with the elastic or difficulty opening the wallet

Slim Minimalist RFID-Blocking Wallet

by Mountain Voyage 

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8. Mountain Voyage Slim Minimalist Men Wallet

With the Mountain Voyage Slim Wallet, it's not really about standout features or innovative ways to carry your cards around. It packs the same features and nearly the same card capacity as the rest of this list. What does set this one apart, however, is the exterior materials and finishing; one option you'll see on Amazon is rich, brown walnut.

Layered upon a carbon-fiber base, each exterior material option offers something different. With walnut, you get an attractive woodgrain pattern and excellent grip, but you give up some durability. With carbon fiber, you get a sleek modern look and great durability, but you also don't have quite the durability of aluminum or other hard metals — carbon fiber can delaminate and fall apart over time, especially if you're repeatedly sitting on it. And with the aluminum option, which is what you'll find in all the solid color designs of Mountain Voyage's slim wallet, you get something that's slightly heavier but also more sturdy and durable over time.


  • Options like carbon fiber and walnut woodgrain add visual appeal

  • Not as cheap as some on this list, but still very affordable

  • External metal money clip and RFID blocking come standard here


  • There are cheaper options that offer all the same features, perhaps with decreasing quality in elastic/textile elements

  • No display slot for ID

  • Limited color options for anyone wanting a wide range of choices

Reasons to Own a Metal Wallet

The advantages of upgrading our grandfathers' traditional wallet styles outweigh the disadvantages if you are someone who needs some strong reasons to convert, look at a list of reasons to carry a metal, minimalist wallet.

Prevents Lower Back Pain

Sure, a traditional bifold or tri-fold wallet can be carried in a front pocket or jacket pocket. But because of their size and profile, they're still most often carried in a rear pants pocket — that means you end up sitting on it a lot, sometimes for hours at a time. When done repeatedly, this can eventually lead to hip and back pain.

Not only does the default placement of a typical leather wallet cause problems, but the size and weight of most bifold and trifold wallets can be problematic as well. The thickness of good tough leather means many wallets are just as thick and heavy while empty as a modern metal wallet is when packed totally full of cards and cash.

Metal wallets are meant to solve these issues. The slim shape makes it easy to carry in your front pocket while also removing the wallet bulge from the pants. Even when completely loaded with cards, your wallet is no thicker than your average-sized smartphone.

RFID Protected

Another challenge people have in the twenty-first century is that thieves do not need to physically duplicate credit cards to use them. All new credit cards include a distinctive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) code. A savvy modern burglar only requires an RFID reader, which can be readily hidden in a jacket pocket or a backpack, to take the credit card information while passing someone closely in a crowd and buy whatever they want before the credit card company blocks it.

Manufacturers created metal wallets partly to combat these digital pirates of the twenty-first century. A good metal wallet blocks RFID signals with superior RFID protection technology constructed from a unique metal composite layer. This feature safeguards the sensitive information on your chip-enabled RFID credit cards, debit cards, and even driver's licenses from those who wish to exploit it.

Final Thoughts

In today's world, where data privacy poses a concern, ergonomics are crucial, and reliability is key, minimal metal wallets from our list can help protect your data, credit cards, and important information. Plus, if you're tired of the old traditional-styled wallets, the sleek and trendy design of a modern metal wallet will do more for you than just look good — it feels better to carry, too.

Read more about great wallets of all kinds (and what we recommend most) right here at Men's Lifestyle.

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