Andy Frakes


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Andy has covered men's interest stories and products since 2017, spanning across several categories that include tech, fitness, watches, home goods, grooming, style, sporting goods, and more.


  • Produced (and participated in) multiple photo shoots, brand launches, and print production runs
  • Used editorial strategies to drive commerce goals for companies like Timex, Missoni, Montblanc, Danner, and Panerai


I grew up skiing, snowboarding, camping, fishing, running, and riding my bike around rural northern Michigan. When I brought all that experience to bear as a writer and editor, I found that I had a good baseline for reviewing almost anything. I'm also an incorrigible watch geek, a recovering clotheshorse, and a wannabe-gourmand who loves great wine and new recipes. With experiences, connections, and resources throughout the clothing, tech, food, and sporting goods industries, I'm here to cover most of the needs (and wants) of the modern man.


Northern Michigan University — B.S., Multimedia Journalism

Expertise: Multimedia Journalism

Education: Northern Michigan University

Location: Marshfield, VT

Title: Writer