Trending Wallets for Men in 2023

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Key Points

  • The right wallet is indispensable to a man's daily life and serves as more than just a tool to carry cash, cards, and ID.

  • Wallets are stylish accessories that speak of a man's lifestyle and character.

  • Whether looking for something stylish, versatile, or technologically advanced, there is a particular wallet style for every man.

Wallets play a pivotal role in men's daily lives and are much more than just functional tools used to carry cash, cards, and ID. Wallets symbolize a man's personal style code. One of the best ways to communicate who you are as an individual is to showcase your personality through clothing and accessories. While a designer jacket is great for exhibiting your eclectic fashion sense, a wallet embodies a man's sophistication and structural sense. 

What makes a good wallet? Construction? Yes. Craftsmanship? Definitely. Functionality? Absolutely. These are common traits all great wallets have, but it's the intricate nuances each possess that separate them from the rest. If you prioritize sleek sophistication, a genuine leather trifold wallet is what you're after. Conversely, if you're a techy gearhead who values security above all else, an RFID-blocking metal wallet will surely pique your interest.

Accessory brands dedicate a lot of resources to ensure their wallets flaunt properties unique to them. While it's difficult to assign value to such characteristics, the significance people place on them is what makes each wallet special. At the end of the day, it depends on what people are looking for in a wallet. Men's Health writers Maverick Li and John Thomspson explain, "The best wallets for men should be an everyday carry essential that your boss, your Hinge date, or your Starbucks barista will note on sight. Because they will, and by extension, will also notice what kind of person you are."

In need of a new wallet? Take a look at some of the best-trending wallets of 2023.

Groove Wallet Gun Metal

by Groove Life 

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Groove Wallet With Money Clip

Groove Life is as tough as they come — just like the great Alaskan outdoors. The brand's founder, Peter Goodwin, credits the northern state's rugged terrain as his inspiration and the canvas on which Groove Life stands. Its mission was clear: To build the slimmest and most secure wallet to ever hit the market. Groove Life's response? The Groove Wallet.

Design Highlights

Don't let the Groove Wallet's diminutive size fool you into thinking it won't protect your essentials, far from it. Groove Life does well to keep the avid outdoorsman front of mind but in no way dismisses the needs of savvy business professionals. The wallet works hard to secure all essentials, regardless of profession. It comes equipped with RFID-blocking technology to help fend off digital hackers and enough room to hold up to six cards.

What Makes It Special

Aside from holding cards and protecting pertinent ID, the Groove Wallet makes its mark in several ways. Let's start with construction. Aerospace-grade material forms the exterior, with a detachable money clip that easily latches on when carrying cash. Speaking of nifty add-ons, users can add a supplementary leather card sleeve to hold another three cards if needed. Versatile, rugged, and stylish.

Flip Case Second Edition

by Bellroy 

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11/28/2023 04:57 am GMT

Bellroy Flip Case Wallet

Bellroy is a certified B Corporation brand that places as much emphasis on environmental protection as it does on its accessories. It's difficult to have a conversation about men's accessories and not have the Bellroy name come up. The Australian-based brand is a leader in the bag, folio, key cover, and wallet space and has been since its introduction in 2009. Its Flip Case Wallet is proof of how the brand got there.

Design Highlights

If you've ever wondered what type of wallets high-level espionage agents use, it could very well look something like this. Bellroy's Flip Case wallet features a sturdy hardshell exterior with magnetic trap doors, allowing ninja-like access to stored cards. Housed within the pod are two storage sections that hold up to eight cards or six cards plus folded bills. What would a counterintelligence-style wallet be without RFID-blocking technology? Yes, it has that too. 

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What Makes It Special

Although its distinct double-sided construction and magnetic trap doors are enough to entice any curious onlooker, this wallet offers more than just innovative wizardry. Craftsmanship and construction are key considerations Bellroy emphasizes. Its exterior blends high-grade eco-certified leather and durable polymer. The wallet also comes with a three-year protective warranty.

Barbill Mens Minimalist Wallet

by Gerber 

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11/28/2023 04:58 am GMT

Gerber Barbill Wallet

Unlike the other names on this list, Gerber isn't so much about creating carryalls for contemporary gentlemen. Although its products fit that bill, Gerber creates streamlined tools to save time or even a life. The brand applies its expertise to design multi-tools, knives, and equipment for soldiers, hunters, and tradespeople, among others. Whether to explore, hunt, survive, work, or defend, Gerber goods help propel you forward. The Barbill Wallet is one of many versatile tools in Gerber's extensive archive.

Design Highlights

Have you ever been on a rustic cabin getaway with friends only to find you can't crack open a cold one because no one remembered to bring a bottle opener? Crisis averted with this nifty wallet in tow. Gerber's Barbill Wallet does everything a traditional wallet does: carry cards, ID, and money, but also works overtime to ensure happy hour goes off without a hitch. It holds up to seven cards via an elastic band base and fronts a heavy-duty stainless steel frame equipped with a functional bottle opener on one end and a security bumper on the other to keep cards in place.  

What Makes It Special

Aside from moonlighting as an eye-catching bartender tool, this wallet features a peculiar aesthetic unlike anything else out there. Resembling something between a futuristic wristband and brass-knuckle weaponry, Gerber designs a wallet sure to snag attention no matter where you are. Users will have peace of mind knowing the wallet comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Men's Standard Billfold Wallet

by Carhartt 

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11/28/2023 05:03 am GMT

Carhartt Saddle Leather Bifold Wallet

It doesn't take a fashion purist to understand menswear's current obsession with rugged workwear; it's undeniable. Carhartt's infamous chore coat and carpenter pants infiltrate fashion week runways with the same weight as they have shop shelves and street corners. The brand's Fall 2023 Collection is a testament to its current stake in modern-day streetwear. The Carhartt Saddle Leather Bifold Wallet is perfect for those fond of the brand's heritage as well as individuals looking to carry the workwear trend beyond clothing. 

Design Highlights

This accessory has all the makings of a good old-fashioned bifold wallet but with Carhartt's unmistakable stamp of approval. The full-grain leather exterior features a decorative triple stitch pattern along the top, with the brand's all-familiar label woven onto the bottom corner. Inside, users will find enough room to hold up to six cards and ample amounts of cash. If you're in the market for a high-quality traditional wallet, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better option than this Carhartt gem.

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What Makes It Special

Intangibles like fashion trends, name recognition, and industry expertise go a long way in adding value to any item, especially one as important as a wallet. The above is precisely what you get when carrying around the Saddle Leather Bifold Wallet, not to mention a practical wallet that is every bit as stylish as it is functional.

Saint Laurent YSL Croc-Embossed Bifold Wallet

It's one thing to talk about high-tech advancements and multifaceted functionality, but another thing to talk about opulent luxury entirely. Under the watchful eye of Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent continues to redefine what elegance means in today's fashion-forward landscape. Whether through statement outerwear, a show-stopping shirt, or, in this case, a Croc-Embossed Bifold Wallet, Saint Laurent items are symbols of status recognized worldwide.

Design Highlights

The crocodile-embossed calf leather exterior and gold-tone metal monogram do well to summarize the wallet's evident charm. A host of functional features rival its eye-catching aesthetic. The bifold shell reveals two internal bill compartments, eight card slots, and two hidden receipt pockets.  

What Makes It Special

The YSL name carries its weight not only in luxury style but across a wide spectrum of fashion, music, art, and more. Saint Laurent's lavish leather wallet exemplifies the prestige, craftsmanship, and sophistication from which the label stands. Those who wear or use Saint Laurent products liken them to a badge of honor and do so with pride.


A Wallet for Every Man in Mind

A man's taste level, needs, and preferences are unique to him. His wallet will reflect who he is as an individual. Luckily, the market is rife with styles designed to please every whim. Whether searching for a metal wallet armed with protective Air Tag technology, a versatile accessory that doubles as a tactical tool, or a mesmerizing billfold made by a master craftsman, there is an ideal wallet for every man.

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