Bradley Hill


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Brad has a penchant for gadgets, making him the go-to person for tech advice among his friends and family. He's also an established pop culture and entertainment writer, knowledgeable about gaming, movies, tech trends, comics, and more.


  • As a minimalist, Brad values function over style. If it doesn't better his life in some way, he has no use for it. He especially enjoys any piece of technology he can wear that gives him bio-analytical data.
  • He discovered Mike Mentzer's style of weightlifting during college, improving his fitness goals and methods.
  • When he's not at the gym or working, Brad is raising his son to become the best man he can be.


Brad has written about men's interest topics like tech, pop culture, gaming, and entertainment for Smart Screens, Halo Hype, Game Rant, The Gamer, The Nerd Stash, Sportskeeda, and Comic Book Resources. Brad re-discovered his passion for writing after working as a full-time teacher for five years.


Brad graduated from Cal State San Bernardino in Southern California with a B.A. in English and a focus in creative writing.

Expertise: Technology and fitness

Education: Cal State San Bernardino

Location: Fort Lauderdale

Title: Writer