What’s the Deal With the Manscaped Beard Trimmer?

Key Points

  • Manscaped grooming products are more than just catchy marketing.

  • The Manscaped beard trimmer is a solid option for keeping your facial hair trimmed and fresh.

  • The Manscaped beard trimmer is one of many great products sold by Manscaped.

If you listen to podcasts or watch videos online, you’ve probably heard a Manscaped beard trimmer advertisement before. The men’s grooming product company is known for its over-the-top ads that often include men in dapper suits discussing balls and blades.

While trimming the hedges does make the tree seem bigger, it's not always as easy as it seems. When it comes to the art of manscaping, a lot of guys use razors or even clippers to get the job done. The downside to these tools is the possibility of getting a nick or razor burn. There's nothing scarier than bumps down below. When used correctly, though, Manscaped's grooming tools, like the Manscaped beard trimmer, guarantee no scary bumps. Manscaped takes personal grooming to a whole new level with state-of-the-art technology.

Are Manscaped products really worth the investment or are they just another money grab?

What Is Manscaped?

Manscaped is a trendy company that creates a wide range of grooming products for men.

In 2016, Paul Tran and Steve King tackled the issue of male trimming below the waistline while making the topic less taboo. The company grew in popularity thanks to celebrity advertisements and a spot on ABC’s tv show Shark Tank, which never materialized as an actual deal. They are also a partner of the Testicular Cancer Society.

The art of manscaping not only enhances sexual appeal, but it’s an all-around healthy and hygienic practice. Manscaping reduces body odor and lowers the chances of bacteria and dirt building up around private parts.

Manscaped trimmer and charger Photo source: Manscaped.com

Manscaped Hair Grooming Products 

Manscaped is best known for its body hair trimmers. The name plays off the manscaping term that references pruning and trimming body hair — especially when it comes to the faThere mily jewels.

Manscaped products do everything they advertise while being easy to use. The process itself is smooth and effective. The trimmers are quiet so you won't worry about loud buzzing streaming out of the bathroom and alerting your significant other what you're up to.

Manscaped makes trimmers for your ears, nose, pubic hair, and more. Their blades are safe and comfortable to use, all while being stylish and masculine.

Manscaped sells a diverse range of products for men’s grooming needs, but the most essential tools are listed below.

The Lawn Mower 4.0

Electric Groin Hair Trimmer | The Lawn Mower™ 4.0
$89.99 ($89.99 / Count)


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The Lawn Mower 4.0 is probably the most popular Manscaped item.

This trimmer is specifically designed for groin and body trimming. It's waterproof and features replaceable ceramic blades that are safe for cutting hair on any part of the body. The trimmer works with four adjustable guard sizes, but use it with or without a guard and you’ll be safe — as long as you’re not being heavy-handed. Hair does frequently get in the guard, so be prepared to empty it.

The trimmer contains a small 4000K LED light near the blade, which helps enhance visibility for those hard-to-reach areas. The light automatically comes on when you press the power button. The tool is also equipped with a 7,000 RPM motor and QuietStroke technology — while it's named "The Lawn Mower," it doesn't sound like one! The battery offers about 90 minutes of use per charge.

The Lawn Mower 4.0 comes with a wireless charging station, a rechargeable battery, and a travel lock.

Crop Shaver

The Crop Shaver Bundles
$39.99 ($39.99 / Count)


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Manscaped’s Crop Shaver is another great option for trimming below your waistline.

The three-blade groin razor is specifically designed and engineered to trim nether regions without making you regret your decision. The non-slip ergonomic design ensures that it won’t slip out of your hands. This shaver features a wide pivoting head, giving you full coverage. You won’t leave a single hair behind.

The lubricated strips soothe your skin with a combination of aloe vera, avocado oil, argan oil, and vitamin E.

Manscaped trimmer Photo source: Manscaped.com

The Weed Whacker

The Weed Whacker™ Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer


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Manscaped’s Weed Whacker is your best bet for that pesky nose and ear hair.

The sleek waterproof trimmer is equipped with a 9,000 RPM motor, and a 360-degree rotary dual-blade system. It also comes with SkinSafe technology. The hypoallergenic stainless steel cone tip reduces your chances of an accidental nick, pull, or cut.

The 600mAh Li-ion battery holds a charge for up to 90 minutes of use and is rechargeable with a standard USB cable or AC adapter.

Plow 2.0

The Plow™ 2.0 Premium Single Blade Double-Edged Safety Face Razor
$34.99 ($34.99 / Count)


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Manscaped’s Plow 2.0 single-blade double-edged safety razor is the optimal tool for your other facial hair needs.

This razor comes with a precision-engineered brass handle and a zinc alloy head. It features a perfectly weighted handle designed for clean, close shaves. This handle allows the blade to glide smoothly over your facial skin without adding extra pressure, bringing skin irritation to a minimum.

The razor is rust-resistant and the single blade reduces the chances of razor burn and painful ingrown hairs. The solid design ensures it won't slip out of your hand.

Other Manscaped Products

Beyond hair management tools, Manscaped sells a wide variety of grooming products appropriate for any hairy situation.

Body Buffer

The Body Buffer Premium Silicone Scrubber
$19.99 ($19.99 / Count)


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09/30/2023 04:13 am GMT

Manscaped’s Body Buffer is a silicone body scrubber designed to nourish, clean, and exfoliate the skin. It’s made from 100% anti-bacterial food-grade silicone and features an ergonomic no-slip handle. It comes with lather-boosting bristles and a hanging notch for easy storage. The Body Buffer’s bristles are made from a non-porous material, which contains fewer bacteria than a standard loofah.

In addition to the body buffer, they also offer many other products:

  • Body wash

  • Hydrating body spray

  • Deodorant

  • Groin wash

  • Lip balm

  • Cologne

  • Ball spray toner

  • Anti-chafing ball deodorant

  • 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner

  • Groin shaving gel

  • Foot deodorant

  • Gentle groin exfoliant

  • Boxer briefs

The wide array of products all come in slick, masculine packaging with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Dane C., a verified buyer, comments, "I thought ball deodorant and toner was a bit excessive but now that I used it I would highly recommend. The boxer briefs are soft and just as good or better than other primo brands."

Manscaped Lawnmover 4.0 Photo source: Manscaped.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to the advertisements floating around the internet, Manscaped is known for its pubic hair trimming tools.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Can You Use Manscaped On All Body Hair?

Can you use these trimmers for other parts of your body? The answer is an absolute yes.

Use Manscaped’s trimmer for your face, body, and pubes. They have multiple grooming products specifically designed for each of these areas, but you'll get great results on all your parts with any of their grooming tools.

Can You Buzzcut With Manscaped?

Some people wonder about using the Manscaped trimmer to buzz their heads and the answer might surprise you.

Even though they’re not designed to cut the hair on top of your head, the Lawn Mower 4.0 pulls it off with relative ease. Give yourself a basic buzzcut with this trimmer’s shortest guard to start with. If you want to go even shorter, gradually try out the other length guards.

If you decide to give this DIY buzz cut a go, make sure you buzz your hair in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Some people have been able to pull off a fade and other types of haircuts with the trimmers, but this takes patience, experience, and attention to detail.

How Well Do Manscaped Products Hold Up?

Each one of Manscaped’s products stands the test of time relatively well.

It’s inevitable that at some point you’ll need to replace your blades or refill a grooming product. While the blades must be changed about every three months — depending on your personal frequency of use — the tools themselves are intended to last a lifetime. If your Lawn Mower or Weed Whacker becomes damaged, you’ll receive a brand-new trimmer at no extra cost to you.

Manscaped manscaping trimmer Photo source: Manscaped.com

How Much Do Manscaped Products Cost?

Manscaped might seem like the perfect remedy for your grooming needs, but at what cost?

Manscaped offers a Peak Hygiene Plan to satisfy your grooming needs and help you save money every month. This plan is a membership club that allows you to choose what refills, fresh blades, and products you want.

The Peak Hygiene Plan starts at $18.99 per shipment and delivers the products to you based on your schedule — typically every three months. You get a choice of any two peak products in your replenishment box. This includes the Lawn Mower replacement blades, foot deodorant, body wash, crop gel, crop exfoliator, lip balm, crop mop, crop reviver, crop cleanser, Weed Whacker replacement blades, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, or a Crop Shaver 3 pack of replacement blades.

The Peak Hygiene Plan also comes with a platinum warranty, which keeps your tools covered for life.

What Other Manscaping Products Are Out There?

Manscaped is probably the most well-known name when it comes to grooming tools made for men, but there's plenty of competition out there.

Check out a few competitors:

Remington Shortcut Pro Body Groomer

The Remington Shortcut Pro Body Groomer is a sleek trimmer that gives Manscaped a run for its money with a 60 percent wider blade. This blade trims more hair with every pass and gives you maximum control. It is made with ergonomics in mind, a rubberized grip, and an extendable handle that won’t easily slide out of your hand. The battery life is about 40 minutes and the tool is waterproof. This tool comes with five guide combs and six-length settings.

It’s priced at $59 on Amazon.

Shortcut Pro Body Groomer

by Remington 

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09/30/2023 04:09 am GMT

Philip's Norelco Multigroom All-In-One

Philip’s Norelco Multigroom All-In-One trimmer is another competitor. It comes with 13 trimmer guards as well as three heads. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery gives you three hours of cordless operation. This is great for any body hair you wish to trim, but it’s not waterproof like Manscaped's products.

It’s $39.99 on Amazon.

Norelco Multigroom All-In-One

by Philip's 

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09/30/2023 03:50 am GMT

White man gets hair trimmed at barbershop

Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus+

The Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus+ is Manscaped's direct competitor with its dual-sided/dual-headed device. This works effectively both as a shaver and a trimmer. This trimmer features eight different length settings guaranteed to please any man’s taste and preferences. It is made with hypoallergenic stainless-steel blades and an ergonomic body design. It's safe for wet and dry use.

It’s $49 on Amazon.

New Lithium Max Plus+ Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver


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Panasonic Cordless Trimmer ER-GB42-K

The Panasonic Cordless Trimmer ER-GB42-K is another grooming tool that gives Manscaped a run for its money. It features 19 different dial settings, so trimming your hair to the perfect length is possible. It works well in both wet and dry conditions. Plus, it comes with a mustache trimmer, 50 minutes of trimming power, an ergonomic grip for maximum comfort, and hypoallergenic blades.

It costs $39.99 on Amazon.

Cordless Trimmer ER-GB42-K

by Panasonic 

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09/30/2023 02:28 am GMT

Smate R-102 Portable Electric Shaver

The Smate R-102 Portable Electric Shaver is small, cordless, and great to have while you’re traveling. This is great for touch-ups on your body, and taking care of the hair on your face. It is safe for sensitive skin. This tool, though, isn’t recommended for a large bush or thick body hair. However, if your hair is relatively short, then this trimmer is up for the job. The trimmer is waterproof and the three-leaf inclined blade cuts hair in all directions. The battery only lasts for 45 minutes but is quickly recharged.

It’s $30 on Amazon.

R-102 Portable Electric Shaver

by Smate 

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Black man receives beard trim at barbershop

A Cut Above the Rest

According to Healthline.com, 50.5% of men report that they frequently groom their pubic hair.

Some men stick to shaving with a razor while others wax, thread, utilize a chemical depilatory, or use laser hair removal. All of these methods have their pros and cons, but Manscaped products are a cut above the rest. The company is constantly coming out with new generations of their products every time they make an upgrade.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping, and hassle-free returns. They are also aligned with supporting testicular cancer research. Every purchase makes a difference!

There’s plenty of competition out there that promotes solid products, but Manscaped is definitely worth the investment — especially if you want your man parts to feel as good as they look.

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