Top Leather Laptop Bags To Compliment Every Outfit

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Choosing a leather bag to hold your laptop can be a convenient option. In addition to being stylish and fashionable, they last a lifetime. But it may be challenging to know what design or style to get when choosing. Nylon and canvas leather bags are still present, but leather has become the most practical and popular. The characteristics that make leather bags popular among men is their versatility. They’re more professional than a regular backpack, yet more casual than a standard briefcase. 

Like professional attire, backpacks and bags must be more than merely practical. In addition to inspiring confidence, your work bag can make you feel confident when you arrive at work. You can benefit from this, especially if you suffer from work-related stress or are anxious about returning to work after taking some time off. When it comes to making yourself stand out among your colleagues, dressing (and accessorizing) for success is one of the best ways to achieve that.

Types of Leathers Used To Manufacture Laptop Bags

If you know someone taking their first steps into their career, leather messenger bags make for an excellent first backpack. Before purchasing a leather backpack, it is crucial to understand the different types of leather. You must select a good-quality leather bag if you want to have it. 

Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather has the most refined grain and is the top layer of the skin. There has been no handling, sanding, or polishing of this item; it is just how the material extracts from the animal. It refers to the full hide with all of its layers in place and not sanded down.

Since it is not permitted to use chemical treatments, it is complicated to work with and, therefore, the most expensive type of leather. On the other hand, full-grain leather is the most durable and generally lasts the longest.

It’s essential to find leather tough enough to last long. This option is only available in full-grain cowhide leather. The leather of this thickness lasts forever, and in addition to that, it also gets better as time passes. 


The quality of top-grain leather is also quite good. While not as durable as full-grain, it will remain beautiful for years to come. It is the most common type of leather used for laptop bags at higher price points. Using the upper surface of the hide once again is permitted, but it uses chemical treatments. You can remove buffing and sanding by using various techniques. Thus, the surface becomes smoother.

Genuine Leather

After the top layer of skin has been removed for full-grain leather and top-grain leather, the rest of the hides are genuine leather. The natural leather, in this case, is artificially made to look like top grain leather using techniques.

Genuine leather laptop bags are usually more affordable since this type of leather is not the most popular. Those are leather items, but they’re scraps of leather glued together. However, there are many beautiful pieces made from genuine leather. However, if you’re looking for a tough leather messenger bag, this is not the leather for you.

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Faux Leather 

The durability of faux leather is not as high as leather, but it is higher than bonded leather. Over time, PU leather becomes punctured and cracks since it is not breathable. As opposed to bonded leather, PU leather can be stain and fade-resistant. Some faux leather bags are tougher than others. 

Lamb Skin

Despite being pretty, lambskin is not as durable as cowhide. However, it makes nice gloves and wallets.

Whether you’re bound to the office or the coffee shop, a work bag that can keep up with you and transport your laptop securely has become a prime need. For laptop bags that can also double as everyday bags, people believe in investing in durable, chic, and high-quality fabrics, such as leather. Leather laptop bags feature everything from exterior zip pockets for phones and house keys to in-sleeve computer compartments. In addition, they are available in both vegan and cow-hide leather options. Here are some fantastic leather bags for you that are the best to complement any business attire. 

The stylish touch of leather makes it perfect for office wear and offers quality. In addition to their practical use as carrying bags, these bags are also ideal as briefcases. As a result of this combination of features, they can be various designs according to the hour.

Choosing between so many designs can be daunting, particularly when you need a simple bag to carry your laptop. After reading this article, you won’t have to worry about that anymore. You can find a great laptop bag by browsing through the article below, narrowed down to the best and includes helpful details. Let’s get started:

Mens Messenger Bag 15.6 Inch


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11/27/2023 10:23 pm GMT

1. Men’s Messenger Bag 15.6 Inch Waterproof Vintage Genuine Leather Waxed Canvas Briefcase

How could you possibly beat a stylish bag packed full of storage space? In addition to the  15.1″L * 4.3″W * 12.2″H dimensions, there are nine pockets to meet your various need. You can fit tablets, files, documents, cables, chargers, books, pens, and everything an undergraduate or graduate student may need. It is the ultimate in classic leather messenger bags since it is timeless and never goes out of style. This leather bag comprises plenty of storage options, and you can fit your umbrella, bottle, cards, wallet, laptop, and anything in their right position.

It is made of full-grain leather and has a removable & adjustable strap.  The leather messenger bag is thick, durable, and stylish leather. In addition to this, it also comes with a padded laptop sleeve and a convenient magnetic snap. This bag is available on Amazon for $49.99. Additionally, the padded strap and handle make carrying this fantastic laptop bag comfortable and simple. It also has a padded laptop sleeve and a convenient magnetic strip that adds convenience to the bag. The sleeve dimensions of the laptop bag are 15.0″L * 9.5″. This messenger bag is suitable for college, school, business, travel, and work. 

18 INCH Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

by KPL 

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2. KPL 18 INCH Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

There’s nothing like this messenger bag to hold all your cards, phones, wallets, and documents. In addition to a grab-handle at the back, you can utilize it in various ways. You can also easily hold the handle if you don’t want to shoulder it.

The secret compartment inside can accommodate your trinkets, while a water-resistant liner prevents leaks in the event of unexpected precipitation. A large padding section keeps all of your belongings safe and secure. This bag can easily accommodate your Mac book computers, iPads, wallets, hard drives, travel adaptors, iPads, wallets, and hard drives. Additionally, this bag has dimensions of 18″ width x 13″ height x 5″ depth, and it can fit around everything you need to carry to college, office, school, or even an overnight trip. This bag is available on Amazon for $72.99. 

18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Travel Messenger Office Crossbody Bag

by Cuero DHK 

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3. Cuero DHK 18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Travel Messenger Office Crossbody Bag 

If you like crossbody bags, this one might be an ideal pick for you. It is the most classic messenger bag for those who believe in simplicity with snazzy items. This briefcase has a unique look thanks to its rugged and vintage appearance.

Its large and ample space makes it easy to carry around and is best suited to people who constantly carry around their power banks, chargers, or miscellaneous stuff. Formal meetings and gatherings require furniture with a dark-tanned surface. The bag is by skilled artisans and has dimensions of 13 X 18 X 5 (height, width, depth). It also comes with an adjustable strap with a shoulder pad to be carried comfortably. This bag is available on Amazon for $72.99. 

The messenger bag is for long-term use, and a vintage-looking surface has wrinkles and scratches that create an aged look.

The simplicity of this messenger makes it popular. The appearance of this briefcase is rough. It is warm, breathable, and spacious enough to hold your belongings.

Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag

by Samsonite 

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4. Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Messenger Bag

Add a touch of class to your look with this black formal leather messenger bag. You can wear a business suit or a casual corporate outfit in the same bag. In addition, you can use this messenger bag to carry your laptop and any essential work documents that need to stay safe and dry. It features three internal compartments and additional padding to keep your laptop secure and dry.

A messenger bag is a great companion for business trips as well. Despite carrying office supplies efficiently, it gives off an elegant and sleek appearance, making it perfect for meetings at the workplace. This bag can fit up to 15.6″ laptops; Weight: 4.4 pounds. The dimensions of this bag are 16x 12x 4.5″. It is also important to note that the leather used in each bag is a natural cowhide treated minimally; as a result, you can expect unique characteristics in each bag. 

18 Inch Leather briefcase Laptop Messenger Bags

by KomalC 

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5. KomalC 18 Inch Leather briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

The KomalC Leather Bag is premium Buffalo leather and has a high-quality lining, crafted by artisans working with leather for many years. In addition to this, the leather bag offers a rustic vintage look, including adjustable shoulder straps to provide the most comfortable experience. It also provides concealed snap closures for simple access and has 18″x 13″ x 5″ dimensions. In addition, the bag comes with big pockets which can accommodate almost anything, such as iPad files, cards, Macbook, and other things. Additionally, it has two front pockets that are big enough to carry wallets, cellphones, small books, etc. It can be a leather messenger bag, laptop, courier, and leather briefcase. This bag is available on Amazon for $79.99. 

Buffalo Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

by KomalC 

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6. KomalC 16 Inch Buffalo Leather Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

It is another great leather bag from KomalC. It is premium Buffalo leather, and this one is 16 inches. This bag is crafted with fine full-grain hunter Buffalo leather and offers high quality and durability. Artisans handcraft it, working with leather for decades. This bag also provides a rustic vintage look and has adjustable shoulder straps. The charcoal black finish of the leather provides a distressed look. The dimensions of this bag are 15.5 “x 11″ x 4”, which makes it spacious enough to fit cellphones/ wallets / small books, etc.  Additionally, this bag can be a leather messenger bag, laptop bag, courier bag, and leather briefcase. This bag is available on Amazon for $76.99. 

Leather Messenger Bag for Men

by Seyfocnia

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7. Leather Messenger Bag for Men,15.6 Inch Vintage Laptop Bag Briefcase Satchel

This Leather Messenger Bag for Men comprises a total of 1 padded section for a laptop, nine compartments where you can store things, two inner pockets, one large main compartment with main secure zipper closure, two front pockets secured by the magnetic Clasps fitted inside, 2 Middle pockets and one back pocket with zipper for significant articles. Additionally, the dimensions of this bag are 15.7″L * 12.2″H * 5″W, shoulder strap adjusts: 31.4″- 55”, Weight: 2.68 pounds. 

The shoulder straps of this bag are padded, which makes it comfortable for the user. This messenger bag is crafted of PU leather, with sturdy and solid hardware for buckles, zippers, latches, and closures to ensure durability and reliability. In addition to this, it has a stylish design which makes it a preferable choice for most people. You can use this stylish bag as a crossbody bag, business bag, messenger bag, and laptop bag. 

Will the Bag Fit My Bag?

In this case, what is important to remember is that just because the bag has 15 inches of width does not mean it will fit your 15-inch laptop. You can find a laptop sleeve’s dimensions in the laptop bag by looking at the packaging.

Check the leather bag page for the laptop size compatible with the bag according to your laptop’s diagonal screen size (or go to the laptop manufacturer’s website). There is detailed information about the laptop size compatibility included with each leather bag you wish to purchase. If you are looking for a bag somewhere else, make sure that the bag fits the size of your laptop before buying.

Final Thoughts

Working men deserve a messenger bag that compliments their sophisticated style while supporting their successful careers. Unlike nylon or cloth messenger bags, leather messenger bags serve as a bold statement that you are ambitious in your career and your life.

For a laptop to maintain its value, you must treat it with the utmost care and attention. Laptop cases protect against knocks and hits, as you can frequently knock and hit these devices while traveling. For this reason, having a laptop case is crucial to keep the laptop safe from scratches and damage. 

Most laptop cases are leather, which is hardwearing. In addition to being water-resistant, it is also resistant to excessive scratching. If your leather bag comes into contact with too much water, it can damage the texture, but you can be sure that the laptop inside is safe from water damage. A laptop case comes with many significant advantages. Traveling with a device and storing sensitive information and work or personal information can be dangerous and unreliable. It would be unthinkable for anyone to carry a laptop without protecting and keeping it. 

Suppose you demand top-of-the-line leather and prefer buying it once and keeping it forever. You should give the laptop bag serious consideration – especially if you prefer minimalist design aesthetics and quality craftsmanship.  These leather bags will be your trusted accessory for years with a timeless design.

The full-grain leather laptop bags are ideal if you value craftsmanship and durability. With its superior craftsmanship, it is one of the few bags you can count on to remain sturdy wherever your adventures take you. Many options exist for carrying everyday necessities, but they feel too casual or technical for the workplace. However, you can’t go wrong with stylish messenger leather laptop bags if you want something with a carrying capacity. As a result, this article rounds up the best messenger bags for men, ranked by the best online stores, so you won’t have to.  

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