Things To Say To Your Crush

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Romance. It's an exciting aspect of our lives, but oftentimes one that can leave us nervous and confused. We don't always know what to say to the girl of our dreams. What will make her like me? That fundamental question is where most guys get lost. If conversation is something hard for you, we're here to help! In this article, we're going to give you a complete breakdown of things to say to your crush. Never again will you be speechless in front of the girl you have heart eyes for! Let's dive right in.


One-liners are the critical weapon that every man needs to have in his arsenal. They are powerful yet subtle tools that combine funny and flirty to produce a reaction from any girl. Healthline states that when it comes to a romantic connection, "laughing can really seal the deal." That claim is backed up by three different studies, all conducted by Jeffery Hall, Ph.D.; he's a professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas. His studies showed that the more times a man tries to be funny, and the more times a woman laughs at those attempts, the more likely it is for the woman to be interested in dating. So what kind of funny, romantic things can you say to your crush to elicit laughter and show her that you are the person for her? Let's take just that.

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Romantic One-Liners

These one-liners are targeted at the romantic category, so they're best to use once you've gotten to know this person a bit more and you both are comfortable around each other. Using one of these one-liners too early in a growing relationship can jeopardize everything! You don't want to drive her away from you. You want to bring her closer. Don't worry, though! If you're early on in your romantic interests with a girl, then we'll have some perfect one-liners for you in later sections.

The first one-liner we have for you is this:

1. I Feel Like Ever Since I Met You, I've Been Living The Best Dream of My Life.

This cute one-liner comes from Mantelligence, and it is the perfect thing to say once you've gotten to know this girl a little bit more. Think about the analogy that it creates. Dreams are limitless realities, where you can experience anything you can imagine to its fullest possibility. By comparing the time you spend with your crush to that amazing dream environment, you're essentially telling her she's better than even the best dream could be. Just remember not to blurt this one out too early, otherwise, you risk scaring your crush away.

2. Every Romantic Song, Every Sweet Saying, Every Love Story-They All Remind Me of You.

The next romantic thing you can say to your crush comes to us courtesy of, and it's a darn good one. By appropriating every romantic thing in the world to your crush, you're showing her that you're truly in love with her. It's not some weak attraction, and it certainly isn't lust. It's the stuff of movies, the kind of thing that makes you feel warm inside and happy forever. Say this to your crush to totally level up the conversation.

3. I Want to Grow Old With You.

This one-liner comes from BestLifeOnline, and it's a part of their 50 cute things to say to a girl. We love this one-liner. It's short, but such a sweet thing to say. Not only does it show this girl that you love her, but it further displays your strong commitment to building a successful life with her. Make eye contact with your crush when you say this – it completely transforms the effect. Once again, this one-liner can come on pretty strong, so gauge the moment accordingly and make a judgment call as to whether or not you should use it.

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4. All I Want to Be is The Reason You Fall Asleep With Your Phone in Your Hand Each Night.

This one-liner comes from a different Mantelligence list, and wow. It fits into today's romantic landscape perfectly. We all know that nowadays, relationships tend to start over text or social media. The excitement of texting or messaging your crush all day long can carry over late into the night, and that leads to falling asleep with your phone in your hand. But telling her you want to be the reason for that every night? It's a really cute thing to say because it shows her how much you enjoy her company, even if it is over text message.

Saying I Love You Too Soon

While we're on the topic of things to say to your crush, let's consider saying I love you. There certainly are moments and times when saying I love you is the perfect statement. However, those moments are few and far between, especially when you're still in the "crush" stage of the relationship. Here are some reasons why saying that too soon can jeopardize your relationship.

It Can Kill the Excitement.

Saying I love you too early to your crush can – excuse the pun – crush the excitement. That honeymoon phase where you get goosebumps just looking at her, going weak in the knees, talking endlessly over the phone, all that could go away because you rushed into saying I love you.

It Risks You Looking Obsessed Too Early.

Men's XP says that telling a girl that you love her too soon can make you look like a possessive, obsessive, and desperate fool. That sounds harsh, we know. But it's truly dependent on the specifics of your relationship. Gauge the situation carefully to know when the time is right.

You May Just be Wrong.

It's easy to feel like you're in love with her early on in a relationship. There's a very thin line between infatuation and love, and that gets blurred in the early stages of a relationship. It's possible that you confess your so-called love, but then a few dates later, that feeling isn't there anymore. It's just better to take your time and wait until you're absolutely certain you feel it.

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She Might Feel Differently.

Sometimes, if you say, "I love you," too early, you can shock the other person and scare them off. They may feel, after hearing those words, that somehow they owe you an immediate response, just as they would after a marriage proposal. Few people are mature enough to handle responding to this respectfully. And you might be offended if she didn't say "I love you" right back after you said it.

So this person will feel tremendous pressure to reply with the same special words to you, even if it isn't true in their heart at that moment. Think about that. Perhaps it won't matter in the long run, as your relationship will continue to grow and eventually their heart will catch up to their words. But what if it doesn't? Then you've got someone who feels terribly guilty inside for saying something intimate that wasn't true. Better to wait a little longer until both of you know you love each other. Trust me – if you wait, you will know when the time is right

Flirty One-Liners

Now let's move on to a lighter category of one-liners: flirty. Flirting with a girl is an absolute turn-on when she's into you, and it can really show her your interest in her. None of these are going to go as far as saying "I love you," or even implying it, so there is no need to worry!

1. I Have a Heart Problem. It Skips a Beat Every Time I See You.

This flirty one-liner comes to us courtesy of Mom Junction, and we love it. It's such an innocent, cute thing to say that your crush will have no choice but to smile and react. And that's the goal of all the things you say to your crush: you want them to react positively. Use this flirty one-liner at any stage of your relationship – it's just such a sweet thing to say.

2. Of All Your Beautiful Curves, Your Smile is My Favorite One.

This subtle but effective one-liner is age-old, but we found it on another Mantelligence list. This one is so powerful because it's dual action: it serves two purposes. Not only are you indirectly complimenting her body by referencing "all [her] beautiful curves," but you're one-upping yourself by adding that her smile is your favorite one. Girls nowadays value guys who see their inherent beauty. They don't really like guys who just see their bodies. That's why this one-liner really drives home the point that you see all her beauty (that sparkling personality, the award-winning smile), not just her body.

3. I Would Love to See You on All The Days That End in "Y."

This one-liner comes from Ponly, and it masterfully combines comedy with flirty to produce a great statement. It'll take your crush a few seconds to realize what you're saying, finally remembering that every day of the week ends with the letter "y". This one-liner subtly shows how interested you are in your crush, given that you want to see her every single day. Be careful, though, as this can come off as too strong if you and the person aren't far enough along in your romantic development. Be patient with this one and she'll swoon over it

4. I Have So Much to Do, But I Keep Getting Distracted Thinking of You.

The final flirty line that you can use on your crush comes to us via Refinery29. It's a simple, but truly sweet thing to say to the person you're interested in because it emphasizes the grip that they have over you. I mean it's such a grip that you can barely focus on the things you need to do! This flirty one-liner is sure to produce a cute, positive response from your crush.

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Why Flirting Works

Those flirty one-liners are all great, but let's take a moment to understand why girls prefer guys who flirt. Why does it work? There are a few reasons for this that we will explore now.

1. Flirting Allows Her to Get a Feel For Your Personality.

Unlike men, women are attracted more to a man's personality than they are to his physical appearance. While both factors play a role, the personality aspect is just a bit more important to women than it is to men. That's why flirting with your crush is such an effective strategy. Not only does it immediately indicate to that person that you're romantically interested in them, but it also gives her some insight on what kind of guy you are. Do you make a corny joke about Tennessee? Or do you use a classy line that shows her you're a mature guy who she'd really enjoy being with? Flirting offers your crush a look inside at what kind of guy you are.

2. Flirting is Discreet And Noncommittal.

The next reason that flirting works with women so well is because women move slower than men. As a man, you might see a stunning woman and immediately think "I would love to kiss her" or "I would definitely have sex with her." Women aren't as impulsive. They want to warm up to the idea of getting with a guy before they actually do it. That's where flirting comes in. By staying in the flux zone of flirting, the woman has a chance to see where her head's at with you. Whether she's enjoying this back and forth of flirting, or if it's something that doesn't really excite her.

3. Flirting Builds Up Sexual Tension.

The final reason that flirting works with crushes is because it allows a powerful sexual tension to build up between you two. This isn't so much her gauging whether she's into you or not. This is really her seeing how far this back and forth of flirting can take you both, and exciting it is to translate that sexual tension to the bedroom or a real relationship. Flirting with her is your chance to show her that you both have a spark, both sexually and romantically. And women like entertaining this spark.

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Good Conversation

Outside of flirting with your crush and throwing one-liners at her, what else can you say? Those things are short-lived, albeit effective. You need to generate more substance to maintain her interest throughout the day, and for many days after that. You want to know how to hold a good conversation. That's what we'll dive into now.

Question After Question

The first and most powerful way to hold amazing conversations with your crush is via the age-old technique: asking her questions. According to the Adult Man, "asking the right questions can help you get to know her better, form a bond, lighten the mood, and even show her that you're interested in her." That's why you need to spend some time formulating good questions! If you're just starting to get to know this girl, stay away from dirty questions. She'll likely feel uncomfortable answering those with someone she barely knows yet.

Stick to personal questions about her interests, her past, and definitely throw in some flirty questions. These are attention-grabbers that shed meaningful light on who she is and who you are. Here is a list of good questions to ask a girl, curated by AXE. Keep it light, but come up with a creative way to keep the conversation interesting. Always elaborate after she responds; don't just shoot another question at her. Elaborating shows her that you're truly listening to her, and women love that.

Once you've started to establish a connection with a girl, it might be time to move on to different types of questions. You can start asking her about her past relationship, and who she dated in high school. You ask her how she defines love, and how she would describe the perfect man. Push the conversation further by asking relationship questions, and deep questions. These are the ways you can generate a deep connection with your crush as she opens up about who she truly is and what she's really looking for. The Art of Charm says that building this kind of rapport is how you guys can create an "emotional connection that's going to make you the guy she remembers the morning after."

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Now you're armed with an arsenal of conversational weapons to use with your crush! We went over some romantic one-liners, as well as flirty one-liners. Use the former if you're pretty far along in your romance, and use the latter if you're just starting to form a connection with this girl. Be very careful with saying "I love you" too soon – we went over the reasons why. It's a loaded statement that can jeopardize your relationship. Finally, supplement the conversation with good questions. Stay away from the dirty stuff unless you know this girl is into it. And when the right time comes, make this crush your girlfriend!

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