These Are the Best Bald Hair Cuts for Men

A young man with crown balding

What are the best haircuts for balding men? Hair loss is a misery, no question. It is a common occurrence that will inevitably take place in the lives of the vast majority of people at some point in their life. Although some of them arrived earlier than others, they nonetheless did. 

Several factors, including genetics, illness, significant life events, and even stress, contribute to an increase in the number of people experiencing premature hair loss in today’s world. 

Short hair is a problem for both men and women. Whether you have curly hair, thicker hair or longer hair, or dry hair, Bruce Willis. We are here to assist you and show you hairstyles for balding men that will allow you to maintain a sense of self-assurance regarding your hair.

Dealing with hair loss and short hair is not something to be taken lightly, especially when it comes to the styling of your balding hair. Do I embrace it? Disguise the truth? Consider using hair products specifically formulated for male pattern baldness? 

These are undoubtedly the queries that have crossed your mind ever since you became aware that your scalp was becoming more and more noticeable over time. 

There are unquestionably fashionable shaved head methods to get around this short hair, and it’s possible that doing so is a lot simpler than you’ve ever imagined.

Short Combover With Temple Fade

When it comes to hairstyles for a balding man, the combover can be achieved with the least amount of effort. It is also adaptable and come in a broad variety of designs, and it can be any length. 

This is an example of creating a look that is more appropriate for shorter hair. The sides are thinned off, and the top is shaved clean before being combed to the side to create a neat appearance. This helps to conceal the receding hairline, and the hair in the face enhances the overall appearance by providing a sense of balance to the cut.

bearded man with a temple fade haircut

Ivy league

Ivy league hairstyles are similar to Ryan Reynolds’ collegiate cut, and yes, even Deadpool has a receding hairline. It’s a great approach to battle a receding hairline, but it’s best suited to individuals with a little more volume in their hair.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is a fantastic option for males who like to wear their hair in a style that isn’t as short as a buzz cut but still wants a meager amount. 

A crew cut is an excellent choice for a haircut if you’re experiencing thinning hair or a widow’s peak since it diverts attention away from those problem areas. This short haircut is often complemented by an undercut or high fade on the sides and back, and it may be trimmed down to the skin for a high-contrast result.

Slicked Back

Many men’s go-to haircut is the slick back, growing in popularity. It’s a terrific method to distract people’s attention from your thinning hair and balding patches. 

Slick your hair back from the crown of your head with a comb and a little product. Use a small amount of hairspray to hold the style in place and avoid looking greasy.

Short Layered Cut for Crown Balding

You can create the impression of a fuller head of hair by using a blow dryer on the bald place in your head. You should blow-dry your damp hair in the same direction as it grows using a concentration nozzle. 

To add volume to your hair, pick up the individual strands with your hands or a comb and direct the airflow to the base of your head. Raked through the product with a styler such as Dove Men+Care Defining Pomade, the product will help keep your hair in place and cover the thinning area at the crown of your head.

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a beautiful choice to consider if the clean-shaven appearance is too severe for you or if you don’t feel like you’re the type of person who could pull it off, but you still want something simple and elegant. 

The buzz cut is an excellent choice for men experiencing hair thinning on the crown of their head or in the area close to their hairline. When you go to the next Fight Club meeting, you won’t have to worry about some dude yanking your hair because you’ll have a clean and edgy look thanks to the buzz cut, making the ladies swoon.

Shaggy Layers

Layers that are light and shaggy are a good compromise if you are starting to thin out your hair but aren’t ready to cut it short. 

Request that the barber give the top of your hair an uneven cut by layering it in several directions. To style it, you can mess around with your hair and tangle it around. It will give you a charming messy look that will cover the fact that your hair is getting thinner.

A young man with shaggy hair is looking at the camera

Quiff with Taper Fade

There are many different styling options available to choose from when it comes to taper fade haircut. A little more length on the crown of the head is ideal for pulling off the quiff hairstyle, just as it is for the pompadour. 

The quiff is a beautiful hairstyle that, in addition to making you look more distinguished, will also give the impression that you are younger. This youthful appearance is also effective in masking any symptoms of hair loss or thin hair that may be present.

Grow Facial Hair

Many famous people who lose their hair want to emphasize their facial hairstyle by growing it out. This draws attention away from the thin hair on top of your head and toward the features of your face. Men’s most successful facial hairstyles are mustaches and goatees; nevertheless, some guys can carry off a full beard; the key is to have the right attitude.

Short Comb-Over Cut for Receding Hairline

No man buns permitted, at least not for the foreseeable future, gentlemen. If you want to keep this haircut, the reason you have this hairline in the first place could be because of it. Take a break from it. 

Create the illusion that the corners of your hairline are stronger by getting a short cut that is inspired by a comb over. Ask your barber to taper the sides of your hair, but tell them to leave enough hair at the front corners of your hairline so that you have room to disguise the receding area. Use the Dove Men + Care Sculpting Paste to style your hair so that you can reshape or style your hair throughout the day while ensuring that the edges of your hair are always covered.

Neat Extra Short Fade

Maintain a clean look. Unkempt and unruly hair is just going to make any thin hair more noticeable. Sleek lines are achieved by giving the hair a short crew cut and taping it off around the ears. This balding men haircut conjures up vibes of leanness, which are enhanced by a side part in the hair.

Side portrait of a cheerful young black guy with a short fade

Close Scissor Crop

This style comprises simply trimming the hair with an all-over taper, maintaining a close-cropped appearance on the sides and back, and brushing the tips of the hair to the side in an elegant manner. This is a relaxed, classic approach to settling into your new, bigger hairline without any startling edges, and it works best for those who have a problem with losing hair all over their head.

Baby Caesar

The baby Caesar haircut is a variation of the popular style from the 1990s. It features the same short, straight hairline as the original, which is ideal for receding hairlines due to its short length and a front micro fringe. The length is different, being purposefully cut down to a more manageable size in this instance. The difference lies in the distance.

Faded Pompadour Hairstyle for Balding Men

This fading pompadour hairstyle features shorter sides and a central part that is swept back, ideal for covering any bald spot if you are battling a receding hairline or bald patches towards the back of your hair.

High Skin Fade and Long Beard

If you want to create a relaxed and dramatic hairstyle, use a deep part where your hairline is starting to thin out. It might look better with a close fade around the ears to complement its modern appeal. There are exceptions to every rule when it comes to combovers. This demonstrates how much younger than their actual age they can appear.

Bald Fade Haircut

The bald fade haircut is a fading style with longer hair on top and short back and sides that are typically shaved side. The fade is the gradual transition from the hair’s crown to the neckline, with the hair reaching skin level. A precise mixing technique is employed to create the bald fade.

Gray High and Tight with Beard

It doesn’t matter how old you are; the right haircut for baldness can highlight your facial bones. You can try it by getting a high and tight haircut and growing a beard with the lines on it running parallel to your cheek bones. This will draw attention to your powerful jawline. If you have the impression that your jawline is a bit more round than it should be, facial hair might help you create a more square appearance.

Skin Fade Plus Facial Hair for Balding Men

This haircut is a top trend for thinning hair. A fade that goes all the way down to the skin is a highly manly look that can be pulled off by any man, regardless of his age. It works out better with a fuller beard because it stops your hairstyle from feeling like it’s taking over too much. It is essential to decide what element of your overall appearance you want to stand out the most.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk is a terrific haircut to have for thinning hair if you want to attract attention away from your receding hairline while also having a youthful and edgy look to your thinning hair. Be careful not to go overboard with the length, though; maintain a relatively short distance at the crown, and attain the desired height by building it up with some product. Maintain cleanness at the sides by keeping the hair either in a fade or slicked back in a single direction.

Young Caucasian man with faux hawk

Butch Cut

The butch cut entails shaving the hair to be of uniform length. Typically, it is cut between 14 and 34 of an inch and follows the head’s contour. This style should make your receding hairline scarcely noticeable while giving a masculine, well-groomed, and highly low-maintenance appearance.

Combover with Accurate Side Part and Facial Hairstyle

A comb over can also project professional vibes. Use a mild gel to keep your hair in place so that you may go about your day with a perfectly manicured hairstyle. A thick beard frequently complements this balding men’s hairstyles for a rugged appearance.

Uniform Crop

This trendy and jagged haircut that is common for thinning hair relies on structure and volume to soften the appearance of a receding hairline, rather than attempting to cover it up entirely. Maintain a little bit of length throughout, as the styling is more important for this appearance than the actual cut.

Chiseled Taper Fade Plus Pompadour

Many variations of the famous pompadour are common choices for bald men with thinning hair when selecting a new haircut. It is a simple solution to the problem of having thin hair.

The use of dry shampoo and some bald hair gel can further increase the level of the coif, while keeping the look polished and refined can be accomplished with the use of a side part and sleeks.

Handsome mature man with stylish hairstyle

Dapper Quiff and Taper Fade

This supercut for bald men with thinning hair. It consists of a short crew cut with a timeless style that complements numerous personality types. 

Longer hair at the crown can be combed over to hide a the growing thinning hairline. The baldness will go unnoticed thanks to the beard and the attractive tapering.

Brushed Forward Hairstyle with Mid Skin Fade

If you’re concerned about your crown becoming bald, let the hair on top of your head grow out and then brush it forward. It lends a certain air of sophistication. The absence of tresses works to your benefit because having too much volume could detract from the slender vibes you are giving off.

Classic Combover for Balding Men

The most reliable option among haircuts for thinning hair and a receding hairline is a well-groomed combover, most suited for fashion-forward individuals who are less willing to take risks. The cut is blended in with the beard to achieve a sense of homogeneity throughout. 

Maintaining a natural appearance is essential if you want to steer clear of cheesy combover effects. In that respect, this version is an unqualified and complete success.

Undercut with Beard and Handlebar Mustache

Don’t be frightened to express yourself creatively with your new hairstyle. The combover might benefit from having some movement if you added some tiny layers to it. Also, if you want to embrace some retro vibes, go for a handlebar mustache. It’s an unusual combination, but it looks great even on thinning hair.

Horizontal shot of handsome elegant man with stylish mustache and goatee posing at blank gray wall, wearing suspenders over white shirt, looking away with smile

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Hairstyle for Balding?

Short hairstyles that complement their receding hairline are the best for balding men. There are several low-maintenance haircuts that you may choose from when you’re looking for something that doesn’t require as much time and effort. 

It’s possible to find a solution even if your hairline is receding but you still have a good length and volume. The Ivy League, a comb-over parting with your widow’s peak thinning, or a taper or skin fade with long hair are all excellent choices for your widow’s peak.

Are Bald Men Attractive?

Bald men are indeed more appealing. Social Psychological and Personality Science studies reveal that these people are more powerful, macho, and confident.

Can a Bald Man Regrow Hair?

Some balding men can regrow hair in some circumstances, but it all relies on the hair follicle and the cause of baldness. Androgenetic alopecia, more often known as “male pattern balding,” is one cause of hair loss. 

Miniaturization, in which the follicle shrinks, and stress are also factors. Although alopecia areata is irreversible, preventive interventions can decrease shrinkage and stop stress-induced hair loss. 

Balding men can use oral or topical medicines or vitamins to revive an intact follicle. It’s unlikely that you’ll be successful if the hair has been damaged, scarred, or completely gone.

When Going Bald, Is It Better to Shave the Head or Not?

If you’re losing your hair, shaving it off is an option you can choose on your terms. It takes a lot of courage and strength to accept a situation you don’t desire. It’s liberating to let go of something that no longer serves you, and it looks far better than trying to cling to it.


Remember to take ownership of your new hairstyle no matter what cut you choose. This is your hair from this point on. There is absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed about something that occurs to essentially every man at some point in their life. Accept the new you and find that it makes you a happier person overall.

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