The Best White Dress Shirts for Any Occasion

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A dress shirt is a long-sleeved, collared shirt with buttons on the front, according to sartorial standards. It is known to be an elegant piece of attire in your closet. You can even wear it more casually on the weekends by layering it over jeans and white sneakers, or you can use it for necessary formal occasions where the dress code requires a sharp, cut suit. Of course, you'll want to keep a few adaptable shirts on hand, so you're ready for anything, especially with office functions, weddings, and social gatherings. The best dress shirts for men are made from breathable materials that keep their shape but have enough stretch to make you comfortable, which is good news for those who cringe at the prospect of a tight collar placing them in a choke hold worthy of an MMA fighter.

Trends have changed and are much more relaxed now than the ones you saw five years ago. Men's dress shirts have evolved into something much more intriguing with the addition of contemporary collars, chic designs, and elegant hues. Consider the material, fit, comfort, and price to choose the best quality shirts worth your money. Unless you intend to go the made-to-measure route, there are tons of surprisingly affordable alternatives with exquisite detailing available in the market to fit your fashion preferences. Here are the finest places to buy dress shirts for your wardrobe, regardless of whether you want pinstripes, a spread collar, or French cuffs.

Best Dress Shirts for Every Occasion

Van Heusen Men’s Dress Shirt, Regular Fit, Poplin Solid

The Van Heusen Men's dress shirt is a need because it's a fantastic example of the traditional, solid white dress shirt combined with some modern innovations. For example, Smartcare is for a wrinkle-free experience. The fabric is made entirely of poplin, so you may wear it without ironing all day long and without accumulating creases or dents.

A chest pocket, point collar, curved hem, split back yoke, and adjustable button cuffs –  this shirt has all these features you look for in a pristine dress shirt. Another great feature is that you can throw this shirt in the washer and dryer without a worry! Van Heusen's crease-resistant dress shirts are durable and give the customized sizing you'd expect from a luxury brand for less than $100. There are three healthy options (classic, slim, and highly slim) for the collar, sleeve lengths, and cuff styles (button versus French for cuff links). You can monogram your shirts with your initials for an added flair.

Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt Fit Poplin

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Amazon Essentials Men's Long-Sleeve, Regular-Fit, Casual Poplin Shirt

Amazon sells a Men's Long-Sleeve Regular-fit Casual Poplin Shirt white dress shirt with a point collar made entirely of cotton. The shirt's mid-weight and twill weave make it perfect for wearing year-round to various events, including date night, church, and the office.

Let's say that Amazon makes the softest can-pass-as-a-dress-shirt available. But, unfortunately, men's dress shirts aren't often considered exceptionally comfy. So save it for more laid-back situations. Nevertheless, the materials are the most excellent aspect of a new kind of informality. There are several game-changing ones that Amazon has released, such as this organic cotton one that won't strangle you under a blazer or sweater. It's the perfect shirt to wear from the office to the bar for after-work drinks!

Amazon Essentials Men's Long-Sleeve Regular-fit Casual Poplin Shirt

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Alex Vando Men's Dress Shirts, Regular Fit, Long Sleeve Men Button-Down Shirt

Wow. Now, this is classy! The Alex Vando by Amazon is the best white dress shirt in everyone's opinion and was designed with inspiration from the moon's rounded shape. The sky blue accents give the entire design more depth, and the curved bottom hem makes it a shirt that works both tucked in and out.

This collar type allows you to go with or without a tie and look incredible no matter how you wear it because it comes with free metal collar stays and has a semi-spread reinforced collar. In addition, the broadcloth weave has little sheen and roughness and creates a sleek, gorgeous appearance. We can't forget to mention the colored cuffs, which are sure to add a little somethin' to your look when you roll your sleeves.

Alex Vando Mens Dress Shirts

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Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt Regular Fit Oxford Solid Buttondown Collar

The tailored fit button-down from Van Heusen is an excellent alternative that is wrinkle-free and gives you the look of a traditional white dress shirt. This white button-up dress shirt is a part of the traveler line and has single-button cuffs. Because of this, it is simple to dress up or down and, if you choose, you can even monogram it. The cost is one of the most excellent aspects. If you have a limited budget but want to look impeccable, you can get two shirts for a fantastic price and pay monthly installments.

Van Heusen is renowned for its affordable, high-quality basics made from materials acquired ethically. The Oxford shirt is designed to survive commutes and after-work drinks since it is made of slow-spun Japanese fabric that is comfortable against the skin and machine washable. In addition, Van Heusen is praised by experts for its excellent customer care, which includes replacing any damaged shirts for up to a year after purchase. Can't beat that, huh?

Van Heusen Men's Dress Shirt Fit Oxford

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Columbia Men's PFG Tamiami II, UPF 40 Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

The PFG Tamiami Long Sleeve Shirt from Columbia is made of renowned UPF 40 fabric for optimum UVA and UVB protection, as well as a breathable wicking fabric that draws moisture away to keep you cool and dry. Two practical breast pockets for easy storage and roll-up sleeves with customizable comfort are characteristics of this Columbia PFG Tamiami long-sleeve fishing shirt for men. In addition, this long sleeve fishing shirt has a vented mesh-lined back for comfort and breathability during those sweaty fishing hours.

Stylists and fashion fans frequent Columbia Men's PFG Tamiami II UPF 40. That is the kind of garment that will frequently come in handy. This long sleeve shirt has a current classic fit and is incredibly light and comfortable for intense activities. To help avoid sunburns and long-term skin damage, Omni-Shade filters out UVA and UVB radiation. The tight weave architecture and UV absorbent yarns block the complete spectrum of dangerous UV rays. You'll look great and feel great with this one!

Columbia Men's PFG Tamiami II UPF 40 Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

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Paul Jones Men's Business Casual Long Sleeves Dress Shirts

Regarding shirting styles, Paul Jones is the coveted object of devotion. This 100% cotton Royal Oxford shirt, which is made to fit according to EU size, is intended to be slim fitting while still maintaining a traditional shape.

The casual alternatives from Paul Jones are equally cozy and unexpectedly fashionable, even if you may not as well recognize them for their high-performance training gear. The sweat-wicking dress shirts have a built-in stretch and are designed for the man on the go. They layer well under jackets or jumpers while keeping you fresh. The Paul Jones Men's Business Casual Long Sleeves Classic Dress Shirt is ideal for many reasons and situations, including parties, business meetings, weddings, working casually, etc. It also makes a beautiful gift for fathers, husbands, etc.

PAUL JONES Men's Business Casual Long Sleeves Dress Shirts

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How Should You Pick a White Dress Shirt?

Keeping certain things in mind is crucial to ensure you get the most out of your shirt:

Finding Your Perfect Size

Size is crucial in ensuring that your white dress shirt looks well on you. If those shirts don't perfectly fit, it doesn't matter if you buy a dozen of the most excellent white dress shirts. The typical small, medium and large, sizes are unavailable for dress shirts. They are instead sized by giving you the sleeve and neck lengths, which is a good thing.

You should bring your measurements to ensure the shirt is not too big or small. First, get the circumference in inches by wrapping a measuring tape around your neck. If the measurement of your neck falls on a noticeable inch or half-inch mark, round it up to the nearest half.

Length of Sleeve

You can calculate the length of your sleeves in inches by measuring from the nape of your neck to the end of your wrist. Stand with your arms at your sides to get the best results while having a friend or partner measure for you. The length of your sleeves should be rounded up to the nearest inch.

Dress shirts that are off the rack will initially display the neck size and then the sleeve length. The tag can say, "16 12 32-33," for instance. Your neck circumference will be 16 12, and the 32–33 measurement will be the range for sleeve length.

Suppose you want a customized dress shirt manufactured. In that case, you'll need to provide additional measures, including your chest size or circumference, waist size or circumference, and possibly even your hip measurements, depending on the fit you want and how long you want the shirt. You will typically need to be measured in-store for bespoke shirts, so they will take whatever measurements they deem appropriate.

Diverse Fits

To achieve the most satisfactory results, you must choose the ideal combination of fit. Understanding what makes some white dress shirts more appealing than others is crucial.

There are four virtual instances of how your shirt should fit. The classic fit is intended to give the shoulders additional room, the waist and chest have a little more room, and the sleeves are relaxed. This fit is perfect for people who don't want their shirts to be too tight. It's a classic for a reason.

The standard-fit has broad shoulders and offers extra room at the chest and waist. While not form-fitting, there is not quite as much leeway at the waist as the classic fit. In addition, the sleeves are slightly slack. That gives you a fitted fit to highlight your form while giving the impression that your shoulders and chest are bigger. And who doesn't want that?

Trim-fit shirts are intended to be more form-fitting, give the appearance of a more slim figure, and have a crisp appearance. It is cut much more tightly to the chest and has higher armholes than the classic or regular fit. You won't be constrained by the shirt because there is still some freedom for movement, but you'll be able to maintain a proportionate chest and waist. The sleeves are also shorter to define the arms and make them appear smoother under a jacket.

If you have a slimmer body, you can find a shirt that fits closely to your body and prevents you from appearing bulky. The chest and waist are slim to prevent excess fabric, and the armholes are high to keep shoulders and armpits fitted. Both the waist and sleeves are narrow and will easily fit underneath a jacket.

Select the Collar

Identifying the best dress shirt collar for you is crucial because there are numerous subtypes of the two primary types of collars. 95% of dress shirts feature a conventional, or point, collar, a timeless style. The panels have little room because the collar's edges are angled downward. These collars are perfect for people who desire to lengthen their facial features and attract the viewer's attention downward.

Spread collars are intended to make you look younger and less formal while also showcasing ties if you choose to wear them. The collar is angled downward at a 90-degree angle to encourage people to look at your face. Spread collars can give your outfit a playful, quirky touch while connecting to a younger aesthetic.

The button-down collar is a different popular collar design. With its sporty and preppy style, this collar is perfect for a casual or dressed-down ensemble. It's intended for social occasions with a more relaxed dress code rather than wearing it to work or black-tie functions.

The club, mandarin, pin, tab, spear, square, cutaway, band, and wing are just a few additional collar styles. They are all made for different purposes and range in height and rigidity.

White Dress Shirt Collar Styles

The Spread Collar

It is sometimes referred to as the Windsor or cutaway collar and is available in various widths and angles. It is never worn without a tie and is only used in business attire. The distance between the collar points, which is almost horizontal, can vary.

Point Collar

The point collar is the most common type of collar, and it has straight lines and a modest spread. For example, the collar on a traditional men's dress shirt looks like this.

Button-Down Collar

Two tiny buttons hold the button-down collar to the shirt. Brooks Brothers introduced it in the year 1896. This style is ideally suited for more informal settings, so they modeled it on the sporting shirts worn by polo players. However, the collar's buttons are permanently fixed; it would be improper to dress with the collar's buttons undone.

The Necessity of White Business Shirts

When faced with many options, the white shirt is still the safest and most traditional option. When it comes to men's clothing, classic fashion is priceless. A crisp white dress shirt is an art piece that can be worn with any outfit and goes with everything.

Because they are plain and easy to wear in any situation, white shirts are wonderfully classic. In addition, white dress shirts are perfect for any occasion because of their versatility, making them a man's essential wardrobe item.

It is notable how you show yourself in an outfit and how well it fits you. A white dress shirt is a fashion icon in and of itself. White shirts are like blank canvases, and when you wear them, they leave a stamp on your personality. To complete the outfit, one needs to get a white shirt in the appropriate size.

While formal attire is important for drawing attention, it only appears suitable when dressing for the occasion. A white shirt is essential in a formal setting, like a business function or client meeting. White business shirts show one as a serious and focused individual while also giving off a neat and professional appearance. It's the epitome of the phrase "looking sharp." 


Because they are always in style and appropriate for any event, white dress shirts are a smart choice for formal and casual attire. In addition, they can wear suits of various colors and styles with them. When you dress up, the suit is the focal point, so the shirt you wear must elevate your appearance and provide sophistication. The precision and elegance that a top-quality white dress shirt imparts to a suit cannot be equaled by any other color, even if they can wear suits with shirts of other colors.

One of the most elegant looks is a black suit and white shirt, which is appropriate for any situation. Additionally, navy blue, brown tan, and other deep solid-colored suits go well with white shirts. White shirts are a classic pairing with suits for formal and semi-formal occasions, regardless of the suit design—whether a tuxedo or any other style.

When worn without suits, white shirts appear just as classy. Additionally, it can dress up any pair of pants. White shirts go perfectly with chinos, and both stand out due to their clean, contemporary appearance.

What Does a White Dress Shirt Mean?

The significance of the white dress shirt on men stretches back to the Victorian era. When concealed by outer garments, it was a powerful statement of stability and elegance and a significant emblem of wealth and class difference.


White dress shirts are the perfect go-to option whether you want to attend a wedding, date, or attend an office meeting.  It also gives an elegant and sophisticated feel while making a style statement. You'll feel confident and comfortable with your dressing. 

You might be astonished at how a basic white dress shirt fits your needs, whether the occasion is formal, informal, business, or a combination of the three. Anyone can look fashionable and well-dressed by wearing these white dress shirts. Therefore, choose wisely (although you can't go wrong with any). 

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