The Best Proglide Gillette Razors Available Now


The Best ProGlide Gillette Razors Available Now

There's no doubt that a man needs a good razor. It is one of the most important tools for men's health today. Though, we've progressed from simple one-blade razors back in the day to the advanced face-shaping machines on the planet.

The fundamentals of good-quality razors for shaving remain the same. The razor blade must be protected, providing a safety razor for a close shave. Almost everybody knows that finding good razors is largely based on a few key factors contributing to the overall quality. man shaving neck

There are many more nuances than most people realize to find the ideal product for getting rid of facial hair. Even with a popular and widely trusted brand such as Gillette, there are different razors for sale, each with a slightly different feature list.

So what makes a razor good? And what are some of the best Gillette razors available on the market now? Undoubtedly, the Gillette ProGlide line takes this spot. The ProGlide razor is what many men think of when it comes to a quality razor that gives a close and comfortable shave. These are the ideal razors for personal care and any shaving experience.

Even within the ProGlide line, Gillette has produced a multitude of different razors each with slightly different effects on the skin and your hair. Some are better for sensitive skin, and some are worse. Some razors provide a closer shave than others, while still more create an altogether different shaving experience.

Some razors come with motors to automatically shave your hair, such as a beard trimmer and ProGlide combo pack.

Overall, though, you must realize that the best ProGlide Gillette razors available now will serve your beard to the extreme:

  • Gillette ProGlide Razors for Men

  • Gillette Styler, 1 Beard Trimmer for Men with 1 ProGlide Razor Blade Refill

  • Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors

  • Gillette ProGlide Shield Razor

  • Gillette ProGlide Power Razors

  • ProGlide Chill Men's Razor

These razors may be different in many aspects and the features they offer, but the one thing in common that every razor in the ProGlide Gillette line is that these razors are quality. No matter the choice, the ProGlide razor is probably the best razor available on the market today.

So how do you pick between these razors' little, nuanced differences? man shaving face

1. Gillette ProGlide Razors for Men

The Gillette classic ProGlide Razors for Men are undoubtedly the entire bread and butter of this operation. Keep in mind that this is the original Gillette ProGlide. It is a classic. It is what you think of ProGlide razors, and it undoubtedly offers a quality that almost no other razor can match.

With over 11,000 ratings and a whopping 4.7 out of 5 stars, the Gillette ProGlide razor costs $15.99 for one razor and two blade refills. It is a very reasonable price, all things considered – especially when considering that this razor is one of the most highly-rated products out there.

It is never easy to collect that high of an average review rating with over 11,000 ratings, but it looks like a walk in the park for the Gillette ProGlide Razor. The refills in this package fit all Gillette 5-blade razor handles. The entire package comes with Gillette antifriction blades with advanced technology to achieve a close shave – even for sensitive skin.

Beyond this, the razor offers an advanced LUBRASTRIP with lots of lubricants to add ease of use, comfort, and a relaxing glide while shaving. This strip incorporates technology that allows the shaver to get a close shave without causing discomfort or friction with their face.

Each refill in this kit offers up to one month of quality shaves, allowing the user to use these razors for a long time without worrying about losing the razors' sharpness. It offers an inbuilt micro comb that helps guide your hair to the blades of the razor, allowing you to shave without focusing on capturing the hair you need to remove.

Beyond this, the Gillette ProGlide razor also offers an inbuilt precision trimmer that lets you easily trim and maintain any hard-to-reach areas that you may have trouble getting to with the regular blade.

With five anti-friction blades, there's no doubt that this razor is one of the best. Besides, it's offered at a very reasonable price that is hard to pass up, considering that the razer blade refill you'll need down the road already comes in the box.

Overall, the classic Gillette ProGlide razor offers every quality you need in a good, reliable, basic razor. Although there are other styles of Gillette ProGlide, there's no doubt that we should pay homage to the original style. This razor is the grandfather of basically every other razor on this list, but that doesn't mean it's worse off. Instead, it offers the quality you'll need at a very reasonable price.

A classic razor with a simple build and high-tech features that add a much cleaner result to your shave – what's not to love about the Gillette ProGlide? These are some of the sharpest blades in the game but don't cause any razor burn or issues. Remember you're getting replacement blades as well – this is one killer deal (though maybe the word killer isn't the best word to use when describing shaving with razors).

Gillette ProGlide Razors for Men

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2. Gillette Styler, 1 Beard Trimmer for Men with 1 ProGlide Razor Blade Refill

The Gillette Styler kit is a fantastic kit with one Beard Trimmer for Men and one ProGlide Razor Blade Refill, making it a sick option for those who want to upgrade their healthcare setup while also getting those refills packed up and stored away in their cabinet.

So how much does the Gillette Styler package cost? It's a much more expensive product, as it contains this many advanced items and cool men's care products. You would be wrong. Surprisingly, the Gillette Styler kit only costs $27, and with over 20,000 reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars, you can rest assured this product is worth every dollar you spend.

If you want the best bang for your buck possible, look no further than the Gillette Styler kit. This kit includes one Gillette Beard Trimmer, one ProGlide blade refill, three comb attachments, a battery pack, and an organizer. Pretty impressive for that very reasonable price, no? Undoubtedly, the Gillette Styler kit offers everything you need to take your self-care and personal hygiene to the next level.

The beard trimmer in this kit is waterproof and shower safe, meaning that you won't have to do your styling outside the bathroom. No more worrying about getting shocked trying to shave your facial hair – this trimmer is usable anywhere you'd be comfortable shaving.

Maybe it's not usable on the moon, but maybe it is. Nobody's tested it there yet. The point, though, is that this trimmer is extremely durable and offers the ability to use it safely anywhere you want to.

Beyond this, it comes with a 2mm, a 4mm, and a 6mm comb, so you can create any style you want to when it comes to your beard length and shape. It is the ultimate stylist's product and gives you everything you'd expect from a beard trimmer. The beard trimmer also offers a handle with easy-grip technology, allowing you to accurately style your beard with every movement, perfect for precise trimming.

The Gillette Styler kit undoubtedly lets you create your perfect masterpiece of a beard – this is the ultimate masculine product, there's no doubt about it. Because of this, it goes without question that this is probably a must-add to any man's care products. Although it's pushing the boundaries of the Gillette ProGlide razor line, this kit will take that line to the next level.

After all, a simple classic razor can only take you so far – there's no question that it does have a place, but when you're trying to style up the beard you've left, the Gillette Beard Trimmer and Gillette Styler kit needs to be in your supply of tools.

Gillette Styler, 1 Beard Trimmer for Men with 1 ProGlide Razor Blade Refill

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3. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors

The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors pack comes with one handle and four refills, allowing for repeated use of this razor over many months. Coming in at $19.99, 4.7 out of 5 stars, and over 13,000 reviews, there's no doubt that this is a quality pack of ProGlide fusion razors.

So what unique benefits does the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor offer compared to the classic Gillette ProGlide? The blade refills in this pack feature an advanced lubricant compared to the classic ProGlide razor. These lubricants use a technology that allows for comfort and fades when you are no longer getting a close shave.

Beyond this, however, the Fusion ProGlide razor pack is just an optimal and budget-friendly pack of razors that you can use for months without going through the entire pack.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors

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4. Gillette ProGlide Shield Razor

For one handle and four razor blade refills, the Gillette ProGlide Shield Razor costs $22. With 4.7 out of 5 stars (as is usual with Gillette) and close to 15,000 total reviews, there's no doubt that the ProGlide Shield Razor is a fan favorite. The refills in this pack fit any Gillette 5-blade razors, meaning that even if the handle breaks, you'll be able to reuse the refills with any space easily handles you have lying around. It is incredibly beneficial, as it allows for easy use without worrying about buying a replacement handle.

Beyond this, the ProGlide Shield Razors offer before-and-after lubrication technology, offering lube both before and after the area where you're shaving to minimize any irritation caused to your skin. This razor comes with Microfin technology, stretching and smoothing your skin while the micro comb collects and directs hairs into the razor blades for a close and accurate shave.

Similar to the classic ProGlide razor, the Shield Razor also comes with a precision trimmer on the back to reach any hard-to-reach places you may need to shave. Overall, the Gillette ProGlide Shield Razor is a fantastic choice for those looking for a superior shave and less friction than the classic Gillette ProGlide.

This razor does cost more when compared to the traditional, so you should avoid buying it unless you're confident it'll provide a benefit for your skin.

The ProGlide Shield is very similar to the ProGlide Chill, except providing the chill technology used in that razor. Beyond this, it proves to be very similar in most aspects.

Gillette ProGlide Shield Razor

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5. Gillette ProGlide Power Razors

The Gillette ProGlide Power Razors are what they sound like – a ProGlide razor with a battery pack attached. Cool, right?

The battery-powered handle offers a micropulse to reduce friction on your skin as you shave. For $14.97, you can pick up the Gillette ProGlide Power Razor and one refill. This popular razor has over 7,000 ratings and the usual 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Overall, this should provide a testament to Gillette. Their razors are consistently a favorite – each managing to gain tens of thousands of reviews and an incredibly high rating.

Without question, the ProGlide Power Razor is a great choice for those looking to reduce friction on their skin and do so without having to invest in some more advanced technology. The simple aspect of providing a micropulse is all you'll need to help you get a clean shave without unnecessary friction.

Gillette ProGlide Power Razors

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6. ProGlide Chill Men's Razor

The ProGlide Chill Men's Razor is undoubtedly one of the best razors for sensitive skin, and people who don't respect the disposable razor stereotype of offering a bad shave with far too many cuts. Costing $15, it's worth noting that this razor doesn't come with any additions beyond the single razor and the blades it already has. It offers the handle and two refills, so although this is a very good price, it does remain slightly more expensive than the Gillette ProGlide classic razor.

Beyond this, however, what's the difference between the ProGlide Chill razor and the classic ProGlide razor? Although this does sound very intimidating, there's nothing scary about a razor with the name of "chill." Instead, this razor is built to offer a cooler-feeling shave, providing a long-lasting shave with a cooling sensation.

The ProGlide Chill Men's Razor offers 2x the lubrication compared to the classic ProGlide razor, meaning that it ultimately shields from irritation even more effectively than the ProGlide Classic. The frame around the blades offers lubrication before and after your shave, meaning that it protects both before a close shave and your skin from becoming irritated when the shaving process is complete.

With over 3,000 ratings, this razor has an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars, doubtlessly showing the quality of this product. If you've found that the ProGlide classic razor is too harsh on your skin and doesn't provide enough lubrication, then the ProGlide Chill Men's Razor might be the ideal pick for you.

It is a more expensive razor. Because of this, you should probably try the classic Gillette ProGlide razor. After all, if it's not broken, there's no need to fix it. Ultimately, the ProGlide Chill is a very quality razor that offers a close shave and extra lubrication for those with sensitive skin. Whether you need this razor or not can only be answered by your unique skin makeup.

ProGlide Chill Men's Razor

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Shave Away

Now that you have a cohesive list of all the best ProGlide Gillette razors available, there's no reason your beard should look any less than perfect. You have all the products you need – whether the Gillette Fusion ProGlide will be your best bet or if you think the ProGlide Shield Razor will fit your needs better. No matter what you pick, this is undoubtedly a complete list of the best razors available on the market, especially in the ProGlide line.

So go ahead and order the razor you've chosen and get on board with your skincare. Shape that beard into the ideal fashion you're going for with the Gillette Beard Trimmer, and get out on the streets.

Ultimately, Razors are unfathomably important in men's health and self-care. These keep your beard from looking like a bird's nest, and there's no underestimating the incredible benefits of a quality razor like any from the Gillette ProGlide lineup.

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