The Best Nike Pro Shorts for Your Next Workout

Nike’s Shorts Are Supreme

If you’ve ever played sports or bought athletic gear, surely you’re aware of one of the most popular athletics brands in the world, Nike. Nike has championed athletics since its inception, long making it a staple in many people’s lives. They are perhaps most well-known for their superior selection of athletic wear sneakers, but they also make great clothing. Their unique style and designs allow them to stand out from their competitors and even become a famous brand within the streetwear industry. One of Nike’s best products is its workout shorts. While there are many options for training or compression shorts available today, Nike’s are of top quality and offer style and comfort unlike any other. 

Celebrity Approval

A massive factor in Nike’s popularity is that they excel in garnering support and praise from professional athletes that use their products and affirm just how great they are. Celebrity endorsements have helped them become one of the most successful apparel companies in the world. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, and LeBron James are a few famous athletes involved with the company. All of these athletes have been seen sporting Nike athletic shorts. This proves that if a professional athlete can use and benefit from them during a game, so can you!

Professional golfer Tiger Woods recently talked about his relationship with Nike and his hopes for the future. 

“Nike’s been fantastic over the years in providing me with equipment, and we have worked. We’ve been trying to find something to allow me to do this and swing again. We’re still going to continue doing it, and hopefully, we’ll have something soon.” – Tiger Woods, Footwear News.

Workout Shorts

When it comes to working out, you need the right gear to make the most of your time. Nike has a wide variety of gym shorts that can be used for various activities, and their two most popular types are training and compression shorts. These specific types of shorts are designed for movement and equipped with fabrics and materials for sweaty workouts. Training and compression shorts are necessary to perform at your best and feel comfortable. If you’ve ever tried working out in shorts that weren’t athletic wear, you know just how uncomfortable they can be. If you’re serious about your workouts and looking to achieve better performance, find a high-quality pair of workout shorts that can help you succeed. 

Training Shorts

Training shorts are a general pair of athletic wear that can be used in just about any sport. They’re designed for comfort and flexibility, making them an excellent choice for the gym, sports, or lounging around the house. These shorts can also be worn out as streetwear and pair well with crewnecks and sneakers. If you’re searching for a new pair of training shorts, you should consider a few things first.  

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The length of your training shorts is essential, especially if you intend to use them for a specific activity. If your training shorts are too long and you use them for running, they may not be the best fit. Running shorts that are too long can flap around and get caught on your knees, causing you to run slower than you would if you chose a shorter pair. Long shorts aren’t best suited for fast-paced activities because they may fall down due to the excess movement of the shorts around your lower legs, and you might even experience chafing when your legs rub against the loose fabric. Long training shorts may not be the answer if you’re participating in an activity with a lot of running or movement. 

Short training shorts are excellent for runners because they allow more freedom around your legs and less restriction. Short shorts will enable you to run faster and help you feel more comfortable. If you’re participating in an activity that requires a lot of stretching and crouching, short training shorts may not be the best option because they will rise upward during these movements. Specific exercises like lunges and squats may be uncomfortable, and your shorts may negatively impact your performance. 


During a workout, do you ever feel that your body’s lower half holds too much heat? That may be due to the type of fabric of your training shorts. A high-quality pair of shorts intended for working out and sweating should be made of breathable fabric and prevent moisture buildup. The sweat-wicking material allows you to stay cooler and drier during a workout, allowing your skin to breathe. Cotton fabrics hold moisture and heat and aren’t best suited for a HIIT workout or other high-intensity activities. One of the best fabric materials for training shorts is polyester or a polyester blend. Polyester is breathable, lightweight, and durable and will keep you feeling comfortable throughout your entire workout. 


Are you looking for a pair of training shorts for the gym? Or a pair to wear throughout your day? If so, you may want to consider a pair that has pockets, as not all shorts will come with them. Athletic wear can be incredibly diverse regarding pockets because often, there is no need to carry anything with you during a sporting event or at the gym. But, if you prefer to have your keys with you at the gym or want to carry your phone on you throughout the day, then a pair with pockets is essential. 


The waistband on a pair of training shorts is one of the most critical components. Some waistbands are loose-fitting and can be tightened by a drawstring. These are great for going to the gym as they allow more comfort around your waist, which is helpful when walking on the treadmill and doing other low-intensity workouts. If you’re looking for a pair of training shorts for running, sports, or a pair that has strong support, an elastic waistband is a good choice. These types of shorts hug your waist tightly, allowing you to move quickly and drastically without the fear of them falling down. 

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Nike is known for their stylish training shorts, and they have a pair for just about any sport or event. You’ll want to consider the style of your shorts for the activity you plan to use them for. Some shorts come with a more straightforward and minimal look that will blend well with the rest of your outfit or uniform. There are also pairs of shorts with patterns or bright colors that may help you stand out and add a touch of creativity to your gym outfit. No matter the preference, there’s undoubtedly a pair of Nike training shorts that will suit your needs. 

Compression Shorts

The second style of workout shorts is compression shorts. These are a much more tailored pair of tight shorts with a specific function and purpose. Compression shorts are most commonly worn by athletes and those that work out at the gym because of their flexibility and support. Before buying a pair of compression shorts, you should know a few things. 

How Do Compression Shorts Work?

Compression shorts are made of high-elasticity material, such as polyester, and are designed to support your body’s figure and muscles. The tight material can reduce muscle fatigue and injury by increasing the blood flow to your muscles, helping to reduce swelling. The best compression shorts offer vital protection during high-intensity workouts that you can achieve no other way. Even though they are a snug fit, they are very comfortable to wear and allow you to move freely without feeling restricted or strained.

If you’re an athlete who experiences leg cramping or muscle pain during or after your workouts, you may not be getting the support you need. Consider wearing a pair of Nike compression shorts to combat these issues. Another great feature of these shorts is that they help you stay cool and dry. Their lightweight, breathable material allows a steady airflow to reduce trapped heat, allowing your lower half to stay at a comfortable temperature throughout your workouts. Compression shorts are also usually made of sweat-resistant material, which helps to avoid a buildup of moisture from sweat. 

Where Can You Wear Compression Shorts?

Compression shorts are designed to fit the shape of your body. Because of this, you aren’t usually able to wear them out in public or to an event unless you have a loose pair of clothing over them. This is especially true if you are a guy, as these shorts may be too revealing. Women are often able to wear these shorts to the gym because they are similar to leggings. Some gyms require anyone wearing compression shorts to wear something over them as proper gym etiquette, so it’s essential to ensure your gym allows them beforehand.

If you’re looking for a pair of shorts to wear around town as streetwear, compression shorts may not be the best choice because they aren’t necessarily appropriate to wear in public. Any athlete who wants to help protect their muscles and gain support can wear these shorts under their workout gear without any trouble. Athletes that wear a protective cup should also wear compression shorts to keep the cup in place and protect them during sporting events. 

Nike’s Pro Shorts Are Essential

If you want to invest in a new pair of shorts, consider going with Nike Pro. Nike Pro’s training and compression shorts line are made of professional-grade material, stylish, and great for any sport. Follow along for a review of the best Nike Pro shorts for your next workout below. 

Nike Pro Dri-FIT Shorts

Nike’s Pro Dri-FIT compression shorts are great for athletes looking to add some support to their workout outfits. These shorts stretch just above the knee and help protect your thigh muscles. They are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. These shorts are durable and flexible, allowing you to feel comfortable during any workout. The waistband is made of an elastic material, which will hug your waist effectively while helping to keep your shorts situated around your figure.

Nike’s Pro Dri-FIT body-hugging shorts ensures they stay compressed and tight, allowing you to perform better throughout your workouts. These shorts are machine washable and easy to keep clean and fresh between activities. No matter your body size, you can purchase these compression shorts from sizes small to XX-large. Also, these shorts come in various colors, such as black, grey, purple, red, and white. If you’re looking for a sleek-looking pair of compression shorts, try this pair out today. 

Price: $19.99 – $58.00 

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Nike Boy’s Pro Shorts

Nike Boy’s Pro Compression Shorts are geared towards child athletes. These compression shorts offer the same comfort and support as adult pairs, tailored for active kids. The size only ranges from small to medium, making them great for anyone with a petite build. The fabric consists of a polyester and spandex blend; these shorts are strong, flexible, and long-lasting. They also come in a pure white color that is usually a standard for most school athletes, especially football.

Along the side of the lower leg, Nike’s symbol is printed for an added touch of style. Nike Pro’s fabric is also equipped with Dri-FIT technology intended to keep you dry by allowing air to move through the fabric and helps prevent any sweat moisture buildup. These shorts come with a thick-banded waistband made of an elastic material. The waistband fits snugly around your figure, helping to keep these shorts restricted. They are accommodating for athletes using a cup in their sporting events. Don’t worry about handwashing these shorts after a game; they are machine washable to help keep them clean, bright, and white. 

Price: $23.00 – $40.00 

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Nike Men’s Pro Flex Shorts

Nike’s Pro Flex training shorts are a great addition to any workout outfit. They are made of 100% polyester, making them a lightweight and easy-to-wear pair of shorts. They are designed for comfort and intended for those who are looking for shorts that don’t feel restrictive but also aren’t too big or baggy. Their relaxed feel makes them an excellent choice for any sport and even to wear around the house or throughout the day as streetwear. Not only are there two side pockets on these shorts, but they also have a hidden zippered pocket so you can carry your essentials while wearing them.

The Dri-FIT fabric ensures that you will feel cool and dry throughout your workout as they allow a steady airflow and are also resistant to excessive sweating. The waistband is made of an elastic material to keep your shorts comfortable while supporting your waist. For added support, a hidden interior drawcord can also help you tighten your shorts at your leisure. Nike offers these shorts in sizes small to XX-large. You can also purchase them in various colors, such as black, blue, grey, and green. 

Price: $47.05 – $107.81

Nike Men's Pro Flex Shorts
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Nike Pro Compression Shorts

Nike’s next pair of shorts are designed for comfort and support. These compression shorts are made of polyester material and high-quality athletic wear designed to keep your leg muscles safe and supported. These shorts run down mid-thigh, making them even more compact and secure than other shorts on this list. If you’re an athlete that wears a protective cup, these shorts are designed to keep it in place.

The mid-thigh length is also great for runners as it allows more flexibility, enhancing their overall performance. Nike’s Pro Compression Shorts are also made from the Dri-FIT material, which will help athletes perform better by keeping them cool and dry during their events. Nike offers these shorts in sizes small to XX-large. You can purchase them in two colors, platinum white and grey. The platinum white is a standard pair that will work best for most sports without veering too far from the rest of your uniform. 

Price: $27.00 – $49.95

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Nike Men’s Pro Heist Shorts

Last, on the list, these Nike shorts are designed with baseball in mind. These sliding shorts stretch down just above the knee, offering support to the thigh muscles. They are made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex material, enabling you to perform at your peak without feeling too restricted. 

Baseball is often a sweaty sport played under the hot summer sun, so it’s essential to wear a pair of compression shorts that offer a breathable airflow and won’t retain moisture. Nike’s Men’s Pro Heist Shorts are also made with their Dri-FIT technology, so these issues will not be a problem. These shorts are not just intended for baseball; they will work great for football, basketball, running, or going to the gym—the sizes for this variety range from small to X-large. The sleek design of these shorts will pair well with any body type. Nike’s shorts also come with a thin upper elastic waistband to offer you support, forming to your figure without feeling too bulky or uncomfortable. You can purchase these shorts in either black or white. 

Price: $29.75 – $79.00

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Enhance Your Performance

Your performance as an athlete or in the gym is essential for seeing results in your physique and skill level. Training and workouts can be physically involved, so it’s necessary to have the right workout clothes to accommodate this. Training and compression shorts offer a lightweight feel, allowing you to perform more freely. Not all workout shorts are equal, and not every style supports your muscles, allows mobility and flexibility, or provides top-tier style. Nike provides all these things, so consider choosing one of the best Nike pro shorts for your next workout. 

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