The Best Mini Air Fryers That Fit Any Space


Air fryers have become a popular cooking appliance. Everyone seems to claim they have extraordinary health benefits and the ability to cook much faster than a traditional oven. But is it true? Yes, it is! At one point or another, you may have asked, "How do air fryers work?"

With the ever-growing need for quickness and ease, air fryers allow you to cook faster, more creatively, and without the need for excess oils.

The biggest market-sell for air fryers is their ability to decrease health risks related to fried food. Instead of drowning fries in a pan of oil, just like baking in the oven, you can use an air fryer to create a crispy effect through its scorching air. Food cooked using an air fryer will be less fattening.

Air fryers are a relatively new appliance to hit the market, and many wonder if they are worth the investment. Air fryers work by circulating hot air around the food, which cooks it evenly and prevents it from sticking to the pan. You can cook without oil or butter, making them a healthier option. They are also straightforward to use – most models come with a preset cooking time and temperature, so you can just set it and forget it. airfryer on counter

Air Fryer Benefits

Air frying is a healthy cooking technique that uses hot air to cook food. There are many advantages to air frying, including: 

1. A Healthier cooking method than traditional frying. The hot air cooks the food quickly and evenly, without using oil or fat. It results in a lower calorie and fat content. 

2. Air frying is a fast and efficient cooking method. Food can be cooked in minutes, making it an excellent option for quick meals. 

3. They are straightforward to use. There is no need to purchase expensive appliances – most models can plug into an ordinary household outlet. 

4. Air frying is a versatile cooking method. It can air fry various foods, including meat, vegetables, and desserts. 

5. They are more environmentally friendly because they cook food at a fraction of the time that convection ovens do.

How To Use an Air Fryer

An air fryer is a small appliance that cooks food by circulating hot air around it—this cooking method results in food that is crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Air fryers are a great way to cook healthier versions of your favorite foods. They are also very convenient since most models come with a built-in timer. 

What Can You Cook in an Air Fryer?

Air fryers are an excellent option for people looking for a healthier way to cook, as they use less oil than traditional frying methods. The best small air fryers can cook various foods, including chicken nuggets, fish, French fries, and vegetables. Depending on the appliance, you can find an air fryer recipe that will allow you to cook or bake some of your favorite dishes. airfryer with chicken in it

Best Small Air Fryer Tips 

Using a mini air fryer is a breeze and much easier to control than a convection oven or deep fryer. Most mini air fryers today come with a safety feature to cool off after heating and the ability to cook just about anything. The following tips will help you get the most out of your air fryer.

1. Preheat the air fryer before adding food. Allowing it to heat up completely will help ensure that your food cooks evenly.

2. Do not overcrowd the air fryer. It will prevent the food from cooking evenly.

3. Cook food on the middle rack for even cooking.

4. Use a timer to ensure that your food is cooked correctly. 

5. Do not leave the food in the air fryer after it has finished cooking. It could cause the appliance to overheat. 

6. Clean the air fryer regularly to ensure that it operates efficiently. 

Try a mini air fryer if you don't have the space to add another appliance to your kitchen. These compact appliances offer you the same exceptional abilities as a standard-size fryer but come in a small body. They are perfect for living alone or only having a few people to feed. These fantastic fryers also make great gifts because everyone will enjoy the quick and exciting recipes they can make. airfryer with fries in it

Find An Air Fryer For You

When buying any appliance, there are a few things you'll want to consider to make a sound purchase. 

Size: One of the most significant issues people have when buying new appliances. Sure, you'll find one that you love and has all the right features, but when you bring it home, it doesn't fit how you had hoped. Most mini air fryers are small enough to fit into any space effortlessly. 

Capacity: The capacity of a small air fryer is also crucial because this will dictate how much you can cook. A compact air fryer will be enough if you are single or have a small family. But, if you have a more prominent family and want to use it for much grander purposes, you might have to make a few batches of food to have the needed amount. Luckily, air fryers are much quicker than a traditional oven, so even if you do have to use a few batches, it may still be faster than an oven. 

Price: Before buying any appliance, you'll want to consider the cost compared to what it offers and other machines in its industry. Find a fryer with what you need and shop a bit to see who has the best price. 

Luckily, this list comprises some of the best mini air fryers that fit any space on the market. Each fryer has its unique characteristics, abilities, and prices. 

1. Dash Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer 

The Dash Tasti-Crisp is a compact air fryer with enough room to air fry your favorite meals. The Tasti-Crip uses AirCrip technology that reduces added fat by 70-80%. While this decreases the amount of oil used, it does not take away from the flavors of the food. This appliance is lightweight and half the weight of a traditionally sized air fryer. You can easily keep it on your counter for easy use or store it away in your kitchen cabinet. College students or anyone living with limited kitchen counter space will benefit from an air fryer of this size. 

Equipped with a 2.6 qt air fryer basket, you'll have room to cook a variety of options. Food cooks within minutes, and you can check it using a temperature and timer gauge. After cooking, the Tasti-Crisp will auto-shutoff. This feature saves your food from being overcooked. Some of the best compact air fryers can become hot due to the quick temperature change. The Dash includes a cool-touch handle on this appliance that allows you to quickly check on your food and take it out of the fryer. You can even cook frozen food in the air fryer; its air fryer basket creates an extensive surface range for food to be cooked and crisped.

Now, you can bring your air fryer with you on camping trips. The Tasti-Crisp's compact design makes it easy to travel with and keep in a tight space like a camper. This fryer also comes in a variety of colors for every aesthetic. 

Price: $59.99

Dash Tasti-Crisp Electric Air Fryer 

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2. CHEFMAN Small Compact Air Fryer

Chefman's compact air fryer is sleek and sophisticated and one of the smallest air fryer on the list. With temperatures ranging from 200F – to 400F, you can cook relatively any food you wish. These high temperatures allow your food to crisp and fry to a healthy finish without holding the same blanket of grease as a traditional fryer. With this fryer, you'll use 98% less oil than while cooking your favorite foods. Its small design gives you a personalized fryer without taking up much space. It is the perfect appliance for you if you live alone and don't cook huge meals. The air fryer basket fits personal-sized meals for just you or also for others. 

The manual temperature control lets you swiftly shift through the different temperature ranges. It also makes it easy to crisp up food quickly. Also, the CHEFMAN compact air fryer has a sixty-minute timer. It allows you to cook longer meals without keeping your eyes on it for the entire process. You won't also need to worry about turning it off, saving you time and worry. With this appliance's cool-touch exterior, you won't have to worry about burning your hand. The detachable BPA-free air fryer basket allows you to clean it in your kitchen sink easily. The tray is removable for you to clean in those hard-to-reach areas. Although, you won't usually have much to clean with its non-stick basket. You can fry whatever you like without spraying the air fryer basket or worrying about your food burning the bottom of the pan. Chefman offers a 1-year warranty to ensure you get the best out of your fryer. 

Price: $36.99

CHEFMAN Small Compact Air Fryer



3. DASH Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker

DASH has created another excellent small air fryer with a cute, retro design that'll add a touch of personality to any space. Your fried food will come out cooked 70-80% healthier than an oil fryer. DASH uses AirCrisp technology that cooks your food to satisfaction without the unnecessary need for excess oils and calories. One of the best benefits of air fryers is that your home won't smell like oil for days, and getting rid of the smell of oil can be tricky. This air fryer heats up less than it takes to preheat a convection oven. After your food is in the fryer, it's only a matter of minutes until it comes out fully cooked and crispy. It is a perfect appliance for people who live a very active lifestyle and don't necessarily have spare time to cook meals. 

With ease and swiftness, the DASH compact air fryer can fry up your favorite meal in minutes! The air fryer basket for this appliance holds 2qts, enough for you to cook all your favorite meals and snacks. For safety, Dash includes an auto-shut-off option that will turn this fryer off after it's done cooking. The external panels and handle are made with cool touch technology so you can safely check on your food without the risk of getting burnt. To efficiently match your space, this fryer comes in various colors, such as mint green, black, grey, red, and white. It is a must-have if you are a picky eater and often need to cook up your batch of food from the rest of the family.

Price: $49.99

DASH Compact Air Fryer Oven Cooker

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4. GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer 

GoWISE's electric mini air fryer gives you a modern take on the hot-market air fryer. The fryer basket cooks up to 2 quarts of food, making it the perfect device for singles or couple households. Sometimes, it's easy to overcook and let food go to waste. This Mini Airfryer allows you to only cook what you need without making more food than you need. One of the best features of the GoWISE mini air fryer is its five preset settings. Whether you want to air fry, cook frozen food, toast, reheat, or warm up your food, this fryer can do everything. If you have a small kitchen, need a fryer for your camper, or live in a dorm room, this is an all-in-one appliance that can replace the need for an oven, microwave, and toaster. 

Try this air fryer worry-free with GoWISE USA's 30 Day money-back guarantee. Temperatures range from 180F – to 400F so that you can cook just about any meal. For cleaning, you can remove the pan and crisper tray to keep your machine clean and fresh. Luckily, there shouldn't be too much clean-up because the air fryer basket has a non-stick material. You can cook anything without worrying about having to scrape the remains out of the fryer. With your purchase, you'll receive a recipe book with 50 recipes tested with the GoWISE mini air fryer. 

Price: $51.97

GoWISE USA Electric Mini Air Fryer 

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5. Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer

The Instant Vortex air fryer is one of the most compact and aesthetically pleasing fryers on this list. Because of its cooking function, it's one of the best mini air fryers on the market. You'll have four different options to choose from, fry, broil, roast, and reheat. Air fryers can remove the need for other machines, such as a toaster and microwaves. Using this mini air fryer instead of your convection toaster oven can also save time and energy. Instant Vortex also included one-touch smart programs for specific meals and food choices. It includes chicken nuggets, roasted veggies, cinnamon buns, and more. Air fry your favorite snack quickly without worrying about the temperature or time it takes. For teenagers who aren't well-versed in the kitchen, these programs will help them whip up a tasty snack without much hassle. 

Instant Vortex's mini fryer has even crisp technology, so everything in the air fryer basket will come out crunchy and delicious while still using 95% less oil than an oil fryer. The non-stick air fryer basket is large enough to hold enough food for a family and easy to clean up. Preheating is a thing of the past; with this mini air fryer, you'll be ready to air fry your food within minutes. The temperature capabilities range from 95F – to 400F. You also won't have to worry about safety when using this fryer because it comes equipped with an automatic on/off program. After your purchase, you can download Instant Vortex's free Instant Pot app and discover their fantastic recipes!

Price: $49.99

Instant Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer

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6. Dreo Air Fryer 

Last but not least, the Dreo Air fryer makes a list. Dreo's design is the most unique of all the fryers, making it a very large air fryer. It comes in a jet black sleek cylinder design and is compact enough to fit on the kitchen counter. You can air fry just about anything with this mini air fryer as its temperature ranges from 100F – to 450F. From chicken wings to cake to yogurt, you have the option to use this appliance for every snack or meal. Dreo's fryer also has one of the larger air fryer basket spaces, coming in at four quartz. It allows you to cook a little extra for yourself or enough for a family. Even though you can air fry more significant portions, it's still one of the market's most compact mini air fryers. 

Dreo offers the best air fryer in black and white options, regardless of your kitchen aesthetic. Dreo includes nine powerful functions, one-touch preheat, and eight other preset temperatures. With these presets, you can dehydrate, reheat, crisp, bake, cook, and unfreeze your food. Each preset acts as a default, but you have the option to customize them to fit your needs. With purchase, they include a 50-recipe cookbook full of healthy and delicious options for you to use in your mini air fryer. This book will also teach you how to use the fryer and air fry different food types, such as frozen or baked goods.

Dreo Air Fryer 

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