The Best Men’s Collared Shirts for Any Occasion

One of the first things someone notices about a man during social gatherings, events, or video conferences is his shirt. Now, we agree with the adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” but then there are also the sayings, “Clothes make the man” and “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

Now that we have gotten those cliches out of the way, let’s focus on the purpose of this article: Choosing the best-collared shirts for those social, business, and everyday casual events in the busy man’s life.

The ideal shirt for the man who wants to be “dressed to impress” is one with a collar. These shirts are not just for dress-up occasions. There are many casual and modern shirts to suit any attitude and situation. The well-prepared man should have certain types of collared shirts in his closet, regardless of whether you are a businessman or a barista. white collared shirt

Types of Collared Shirts

Many people- most men, it seems- frequently undervalue the importance of a well-fitting shirt. This should be a key part of any wardrobe. This article is intended to help address that oversight by providing information to help you choose the right shirts for your closet.

Some styles of collared shirts are created for particular occasions and seasons but can be worn in any fashion. You must be fully aware of the various types of men’s collared shirt types if you want to build a wardrobe to meet all of your needs.

Oxford Button-Down Shirt

The Oxford button-down was designed by John Brooks in 1896 and immediately became a style icon. This shirt is a reasonable interpretation of the conventional dress design. Its thicker fabric and button-down collar distinguish it.

The Oxford works well for various occasions, including weddings and professional settings. For a more casual function, use deeper hues rather than lighter ones.

Dress Shirt

When you want to impress, you need dress shirts because they are elegant and straightforward. A simple white dress shirt is a staple in any man’s wardrobe. Consider it the “little black dress” of men’s fashion.

The traditional dress shirt usually has pointed wings, a cutaway collar, and double cuffs. It is thicker than conventional shirts. To get the full effect of a fine dress shirt, add a tuxedo or three-piece suit, complete with a bow tie and cufflinks.

Cuban Collar Shirt

Cuban collar shirts have an open collar and short sleeves, which makes them a good choice for your summer wardrobe. You will not only be cooler in the summer heat but also immediately up your “cool factor” among your friends.

Don’t let the shirt’s casual appearance deceive you. With the appropriate styling, you can look as cool as a cucumber without seeming like you’re on vacation with the kids.

Flannel Shirt

As a popular book and TV series warns us, “Winter is coming.” When it does, a flannel shirt is the best way to stay warm AND fashionable.

The flannel shirt is constructed of thick, soft fabric and is frequently worn by people in chilly locations. It typically has a checked pattern. Flannel is the perfect material to wear on days when you need to stay warm. You can be the coolest man around by wearing it with a T-shirt and jeans, or you can ditch the tee and opt for that sexy lumberjack look. 

Office Shirt

Roll up your sleeves and start working while maintaining a polished appearance. For individuals with desk jobs, the office shirt is the best option. It is the defining men’s apparel for business casual. Light hues like white and pale blue are an excellent choice for the office. If your office leans more toward the “casual” than the “business,” you can avoid wearing a tie by choosing textures like Oxfords and herringbones for a more relaxed look. man wearing shirt


A chambray shirt can be the most precious item in your wardrobe. This shirt is made of a light fabric with a plain weave, making it comfortable and pleasant to wear. These shirts are ideal for any casual/business casual occasion.

If you need to dress up the look, the chambray goes well with a blazer.

Classic Short Sleeve Shirt

The traditional short sleeve shirt has an open, pointed collar like the traditional button-down. You can display your own personal style with this shirt because it can be found in various colors and designs.

These shirts look excellent with a pair of jeans, chinos, or shorts and without a tie.

Denim Shirt

A denim shirt can quickly coordinate any attire perfectly. It creates an effortless air of cool at any gathering, from a casual get-together with friends to a smart, simple affair with colleagues from work.

For days when you want to feel comfortable but look sophisticated, the denim shirt is a timeless and fashionable choice.

Linen Shirt

Linen shirts are the ideal choice when you feel like you’re melting. They are made with a breathable cloth and are typically worn for casual/smart casual situations. Choosing a light color like white or blue will make you look more relaxed.

When envisioning this type of shirt, think of long walks on the beach with a romantic vibe.

Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are adaptable and fashionable apparel that looks best for casual occasions. They’re woven fabric, unlike a T-shirt, and have a pointed collar and a few buttons at the neck.

For a day at the beach, you can pick from various light colors. Opt for deeper hues for a lunch date or a day at the races.

Now that you know the descriptions and recommended uses for the various collared shirts, let’s look at the best choices to an arm that armoire for the fashion battles ahead.

Under Armour Men's Tech Golf Polo just the shirt
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Jerzees Men’s SpotShield Stain-resistant Polo Shirts

The Jerzees Men’s SpotShield Stain Resistant Polo Shirts are perfect for special events, messy jobs, and casual occasions.


Since 1983, Jerzees has provided quality and expected value as a pioneer in the clothing manufacturing sector. When you shop with Jeerzees, you can pick from a range of T-shirts, sports shirts, and fleece to provide the best styling results.

The Jerzees brand strives to promote and assist with individual expression by providing various styles and colors to bring a person’s concepts to life. Imagination has no bounds, and neither should your wardrobe!

Water and most oil-based substances bead up and roll off the fabric, preventing stains. The stain-resisting technology in these fantastic shirts makes them excellent for work and play. The 50/50 cotton/polyester blend reduces fading and shrinking. 

These shirts come in short and long-sleeve options with various colors and size up to 5XL. The collar is sturdy and won’t curl. The two-button placket’s reinforced bottom gives it an eye-catching, classy appearance.

Jerzees Men's SpotShield Stain-resistant Polo Shirts
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Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo

The Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo is a loose, light polo shirt that keeps you cool. This vintage piece gets a modern twist with a 3-button placket.

These shirts are made of soft, lightweight, textured, and breathable fabric.


The Under Armour (UA) Brand was created on a football field in 1996 when University of Maryland special teams captain Kevin Plank looked down at his heavy, sweaty cotton T-shirt and thought something better had to be made. 

Rather than wait for someone else to do it, Plank designed a T-shirt that keeps you cool, light, and dry. Since then, UA has expanded its product line beyond performance T-shirts to include shoes that make you faster, gear that takes on the elements, and digital tools to help you get healthier. UA Tech is many people’s first choice in training equipment.

The textured fabric that creates the Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Polo Shirts is soft, light, and breathable. For your utmost comfort, the fabric wicks sweat and dries quickly. This men’s shirt is a versatile option that can be worn everywhere, from the office to the golf course and everything in between.

The Under Armour Tech Short-Sleeve Polo for Men is a wise pick for golf, fishing, or casual workdays. The UA logo is on this short-sleeve golf shirt’s left side and upper back.

When the temperature outside rises, anti-odor technology, and this polo’s patented Moisture Transport System keep you cool and fresh. All tall sizes are two in. (5 cm) longer than standard sizes and have a broader cut for total comfort. Depending on the silhouette, sleeve lengths are proportionally changed.

Under Armour Men's Tech Golf Polo
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Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt

Amazon Essentials is an in-house clothing line that offers reasonably priced clothes in various looks for different occasions. The variety of offerings for everyday wear is pretty astounding, whether you’re looking for sportswear or business-casual clothing. It’s a collection of basic apparel for men, women, babies, and children with extra alternatives for families, big and tall people, and physical activities. The rest of our reviewed shirts are found in the Amazon Essentials collection.

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt provides fantastic performance and all-day comfort.


The Amazon Essentials men’s regular-fit quick-dry golf polo shirt is smooth and breathable. A classic cut and soft cotton material make this polo a go-to for the office or the weekend. The lightweight performance quick-dry fabric wicks moisture to help keep you dry. It has a button closure that makes it simple to put on and take off. Finally, because the cloth is machine washable, cleaning is simple.

The UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) offered by the Amazon Essentials men’s polo shirt ranges from UPF 20 to UPF 40.

A cloth’s ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) indicates how much UV radiation (UVB and UVA) can reach your skin. UPF values of 15 and 20 offer a good level of sun protection, ratings between 25 and 35 offer excellent levels of protection, and UPF ratings of 40 to 50+ offer the best protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt
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Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular Fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt is crafted with soft pique fabric, ribbed cuffs, and a double-button placket for a timeless appearance that never goes out of style.


After washing, drying, and hanging the Amazon Essentials shirt on a hanger, you will notice an immediate benefit. No ironing is needed.

Besides the labor-saving incentive, the polo shirts are also of the highest quality, with no noticeable shrinkage after washing, and no outliers are sold.

These shirts fit well, being roomy without being baggy. The pique polo shirts provide perfect tail length, allowing them to remain tucked to comply with any workplace dress rule and remain untucked in casual settings. The shirt doesn’t cross the belt line unless you’re standing on your tiptoes and reaching for the sky with both hands. So unless you’re changing a light bulb in the ceiling fixture, you should be good to go with this shirt.

There should be no concerns about the durability of this shirt. There is no fabric pilling, fading, or fraying.

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular Fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt
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Amazon Essentials Men’s Long-Sleeve Regular-Fit Casual Poplin Shirt

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Long-Sleeve Regular-fit Casual Poplin Shirt is a timeless and versatile shirt style that offers a neat, buttoned-up look ideal for any occasion.


The Amazon Essentials men’s long-sleeve regular-fit casual poplin shirts are long-sleeve button-up shirts made in Vietnam. They feature a stylish check pattern and crisp poplin fabric, making them a go-to choice for any occasion.

If you’ve been seeking mid or lightweight button-ups that fit nicely as an un-tucked casual shirt, you can retire your old shirts because the Casual Poplin Shirt is right for you. These shirts are snug without being too snug. You can wear these shirts all day without feeling uncomfortable. This shirt style can quickly transform into a dressier shirt by tucking it in and fastening a belt to your pants.

Amazon Essentials Men's Long-Sleeve Regular-Fit Casual Poplin Shirt
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Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular Fit Cotton Pique Polo (Ltd. Ed. Colors)

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Cotton Pique Polo Shirt has a printed neck label to eliminate scratchiness and increase comfort. The fit is regular through the chest for a loose, unrestricted fit. The colors available for the shirts reviewed in this section are a limited edition, so purchase these shirts before they run out!


Amazon Essentials aims to produce dependable, high-quality, and reasonably priced everyday clothing. Polo shirts, classic-fit shorts, casual button-downs, and crew-neck T-shirts are part of any guy’s essential collection.

Consistent sizing simplifies shopping, and every item is put to the test to uphold the highest standards of comfort and quality. Paying attention to client input and perfecting every aspect of the products allows the manufacturer to consistently improve its shirts’ durability, fitting, and luxury.

You don’t need much more in a casual collared shirt than these cotton polos from Amazon. The cotton and stitching are on par with the quality of designer brand shirts. The patch panel below the collar’s back is a lovely addition that several designer brands lack.

Cold water for washing and low heat for drying is the best way to care for this item. Use no fabric softeners. The fabric’s surface should remain smooth. Fabric softeners will make the fabric frizz.

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular Fit Cotton Pique Polo (Ltd. Ed. Colors)
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Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Short-Sleeve Pocket Oxford Shirt

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Short-Sleeve Pocket Oxford Shirt is a 100% cotton shirt with button closure.


This Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Short-Sleeve Pocket Oxford Shirt is perfect if you frequently experience problems with your shoulders and lifting your arms above your head. With its precise fit, it offers a full range of motion. Its long-lasting cotton fabric also has a soft, light feel. 

Dry them on the tumble setting until they’re dry enough to hang dry. You’ll need to perform a little light ironing if you don’t want wrinkles.

The Men’s Regular-Fit Short-Sleeve Pocket Oxford Shirt from Amazon Essentials is very well-made, with strong fabric and attractive finishes, buttons, and buttonholes. Everything you could want in a traditional Oxford shirt. In addition, the available colors work well in business casual settings.

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Short-Sleeve Pocket Oxford Shirt
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Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-Fit Short-Sleeve Poplin Shirt

The Amazon Essentials Men’s Regular-fit Short-Sleeve Poplin Shirt comes with a chest pocket and a rounded hem and is made of lightweight poplin fabric.


At the risk of sounding like Goldilocks, we have to say that Amazon Essentials men’s regular-fit short-sleeve poplin shirt is not too tight and not too baggy. Its incredibly soft cotton fabric is not too thick and not too thin. In short, if you want a fantastic shirt at an affordable price, this shirt is just right for you.

After drying, they are largely wrinkle-free and fit nicely. This shirt is perfect for a hot day at home or a stressful meeting at work.

Amazon Essentials Men's Regular-Fit Short-Sleeve Poplin Shirt
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Final Thoughts

Choosing a shirt for work or a formal occasion may not seem challenging, especially since you will also be wearing a suit and tie, likewise for picking out something to wear for casual events and parties. As noted earlier, many men are not focused on fashion and don’t give what they wear the first thought, let alone a second one.

If that describes you, this article was written with you in mind. The average adult male will spend most of his waking hours in a collared shirt. Therefore it benefits him to have the best choices available, whether looking good and professional at work or being comfortable and relaxed at home.

The shirts we have reviewed provide you with at least a good start to your shopping list.

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