The Benefits of Using Lamb Skin Condoms vs Latex

Everyone loves surprises, but if that surprise is an unplanned pregnancy or AIDs or HIV, it might be quite a concern. Whether in a relationship or just having a fling, there is always a chance of getting pregnant. In these recent times, medicine has taken over leaps and bounds in advancing human life. With the latest techniques and discoveries, science has blessed us with multiple solutions to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.


There are many ways to have safe sex, including implants, injections, pills, intrauterine devices, vaginalrings, barrier methods (such as condoms), and natural methods to avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancies. 


Condoms are considered the safest option among all the available contraceptives as it is not painful or expensive compared to other methods. blue background gold wrappered condoms


Condoms and their Types


condom is a thin, fitted tube worn over the penis during sex (Male condom) or inserted into a vagina before sex (Female condom). A condom is a barrier protection method against STDs and unwanted pregnancy. It gives complete satisfaction for being the most reliable method in preventive care.


Based on manufacture, there are two types of condoms, latex and non-latex condoms. 80% of the market includes Latex condoms as latex is uncomplicated to use and has a wide range of shapes, sizes, thicknesses, flavors, and colors. Non-latex material is often manufactured from polyurethane

and plastic or may contain naturally occurring ingredients such as lamb skin. These types of condoms are preferred by those who are allergic to latex.


Based on usage, there are external and internal condoms. Females preferably use internal condoms, which are inserted in their vaginas, protecting an unfertilized egg from sperm to avoid unwanted pregnancies. The FC2 is the only FDA-approved internal condom. In some cases, females also use dental dams as a contraceptive.


Males only use external condoms. It is a thin, protective sheath that fits over the penis to prevent sperm from penetrating the vagina. It not only protects from unwanted pregnancies but also from catching sexually transmitted diseases.


Lambskin Condoms


The Lambskin condom is usually referred to as a natural membrane condom. It is made from the lamb’s cecum, which is a part of the lamb’s large intestine hence came the name Lambskin Condoms. Scientists have been experimenting with animals’ skin, bladder, and intestines for more

than a hundred thousand years to make a suitable condom. Lambskin condom is well weighted to be near to perfection to use. It is designed to give an extra warmth feeling to both partners. 


After being tested for several years, it is known that the lambskin condom is the only condom that is more effective in preventing pregnancies rather than sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, Syphilis, and gonorrhea. It is effective, but it’s less effective than other materials used to prepare condoms.


The Faceoff Between Lambskin and Latex Condoms


The most commonly purchased condom is the Latex condom. However, the Lambskin condoms are majorly preferred by those who are allergic to latex. Following is a quick faceoff between the two to help you choose a suitable condom for yourself. pile of condoms


Easy Access

Latex condoms are most widely made and found over the counter, making them easy to access. Around 80% of condoms made in the United States are Latex condoms; however, Lambskin Condom has 5% production only. 


Increased Sensitivity

The lambskin condoms tend to give a more natural feeling than latex condoms due to increased sensitivity, which is considered to transmit more body heat than the latex ones. Therefore, the Lambskin condom gives more of an instant intimate feeling to partners and is considered one of the best qualities of the lambskin condoms.


Prevention from Pregnancy

After several types of research work, it is brought that around 98% of the time, Lambskin condoms effectively prevent unwanted pregnancies. However, improper use of these condoms can drop to 85% of its effectiveness. It is highly recommended to use by partners who have tested negative for STDs.




Both Lambskin and Latex condoms are biodegradable; they are a material’s ability to decompose naturally by the organisms in the environment.


Lubricant Friendly

All types of lubricants enhance the function of a lambskin condom. However, you cannot use oil-based lubricants with latex condoms. In addition, a lambskin condom is technically made from an actual membrane. Therefore, it transmits heat sensation with friction and helps to maintain an intimate effect.


Prevention from STDs


The only drawback of Lambskin condom usage is that it’s less effective than latex condoms in the case of protection from sexually transmitted diseases. condom on banana


Choosing Lambskin Condoms over Latex


Many people prefer Lambskin condoms over latex condoms, even when they aren’t allergic to latex. According to recent surveys, lambskin condoms are picked as the “Most Natural-Feeling Condoms” available in the market. In addition, people often complain that while using latex condoms, they experience a loss of sensitivity, which is now overcome by using lambskin condoms. It sounds too good to be true that now you can enjoy sex with experiencing all-natural feelings intact.


Nowadays, people prefer to use eco-friendly materials. The central plus point of using a lambskin condom is that it’s made from naturally occurring resources and is plastic-free. Therefore it makes its disposal and decomposition quite a good thing. The most important feature of the lambskin condom is that it gives relief to latex allergic users. It provides them an alternate option and can make them enjoy intercourse without worrying about their allergies. silver condoms with aqua background


Correct Application of Lambskin Condom


As FDA doesn’t approve lambskin condoms for the use of the female protective-barrier method, they could only be used by males, not females. Condoms cover the tip and shaft of a penis and hold back the ejaculation that releases during orgasm. It is recommended to know about the proper application of the lambskin condom to avoid any tears or mishaps during intercourse.


Using a Lambskin condom is a very easy job. The first thing to do is to take the condom out of its wrapper carefully. Never use scissors or teeth to open the wrapper as it can accidentally tear the condom. Then hold the rim in one hand and pinch the tip from another. In this way, now roll down the condom on the penis.


To enhance the sensitivity, you can also apply a few drops of lube to the condom to reduce friction. 


How do Lambskin Condoms Function?


A condom is a barrier that prevents semen, vaginal fluids, and blood from passing from one individual to another while having sex. Condoms not only prevent pregnancy but also forbids the transportation of viruses and bacteria that causes sexually transmitted diseases.


As Lambskin is a natural membrane condom, it consists of small pores that stop sperm from entering the vagina. However, these pores are not tiny enough to avoid the transmission of viruses. Hence, to avoid STDs use of latex condoms is suggested.


Do Lambskin Condoms Give a Better Feeling?


It is interesting to see how these days, everyone is concerned with using the best of things to gain pleasure and satisfy their needs. Who says only sex toys can give immense pleasure? Now naturally made Lambskin condoms can provide a similar effect without causing pain or difficulties.


Lambskin condom is non-synthetic, such that made from animal skin, it is believed to give a more genuine feeling than plastic or latex condoms. Historically, it is proven that men used animal skin condoms during the Roman invasion to get a perfect feeling and protection from unwanted pregnancies. However, few studies say it’s safe to reuse lambskin condoms to ensure protection.


Disposal of Condom after Use


After using a condom, it’s better to ensure that it doesn’t have a tear during sex. To confirm it all, you need to remove the condom carefully and fill it with water; if there is any tear, you will notice a water leakage.


The best way to dispose of a condom is to twist the condom or tie a knot, wrap it in tissue paper, and throw it in the bin. Never flush the condom, as it will clog your plumbing.


Tear of Condom During Sex


If during sex you feel there is tear or break in the condom, immediately pull yourself out from your partner and remove the condom. You do not need to be panicked if there is a visible break or tear. Instead, contacting your doctor or visiting a hospital emergency is better to get firsthand contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


In case of an emergency, contraceptive pills and the copper intrauterine device can be inserted within five days of unprotected sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy.


To ensure that there is no transmission of viruses or bacteria, you should get tested for STDs to rule out these diseases. couple in bed


Things to Consider Before Using a Condom


Before engaging in any sexual activity, it is better to consider the safety of your chosen preventative method. As a condom is a preventative barrier method, the following are a few things that should come in handy before having sex:


Checking for Defects


While unwrapping the condom, look for defects like a tear, odor, stickiness, or discoloration. Either way, it’s better to use a new one and discard the defective one.


Expiry Date


Like everything, condoms come with an expiry date too. Make sure you thoroughly check its expiry date before wrapping the condom. There is a possibility of getting expired condoms torn more easily.


Loss of Friction


Often people store the condom in their wallets and purses; due to the rough place, it can damage the condom and malose its friction. While unwrapping the condom, ensure its color

hasn’t been rubbed off; if it is, then it’s suggested to use a new one.


Mixing Condom with Lube or Spermicide


To reduce friction and get a natural feeling, often, people add a few drops of lube and use spermicide. However, to witness the most significant level of protection against pregnancy, it is recommended to use spermicide with condoms. Spermicide could apply to the outer surface of the condom or directly in the vagina before sex.


Using Condoms During Oral Sex


Although pregnancy is the only thing that can happen through vaginal penetration, certain diseases can easily get transmitted from the mouth and the vagina. Therefore, using protection while performing oral sex is always thoughtful to avoid diseases like chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, Human Papilloma Virus(HPV), or even AIDS. Furthermore, it is often unnecessary for your partner to show symptoms of STDs; sometimes, symptoms appear only in the later stage. Therefore it is recommended to use protection while performing any sexual activity. More than pregnancy, one needs protection from these lethal diseases. couple with person holding a concom


Brands Manufacturing Condoms


A condom’s efficacy and functions depend on its manufacture as well. Different brands now offer various kinds of condoms; it’s easy to pick the perfect one.


Trojan ENZ

Trojan ENZ provides lubricated latex condoms, making it a best-selling Amazon seller. It consists of a classic reservoir to gain complete attachment and avoid unnecessary spills. These condoms offer great pleasure with simple protection from pregnancy and STDs.


Durex Extra Sensitive

The Durex Extra Sensitive condom is designed to provide ultimate sensitivity as it is ultrathin and comes with an extra lube coating. People prefer this brand because it holds up well for a more extended period, fits well, and provides complete protection.


Lifestyle SKYN

Lifestyle SKYN comes in a wide variety of condoms ranging from sizes and extra lube content, which gives it the natural, closest thing to wearing nothing. Reviewers often suggest using this type of condom to get an intense feeling.


Trojan Naturalamb

It is the only non-latex condom on the list made from Lambskin; therefore, it gives complete protection from unwanted pregnancies but not STDs. In addition, people recommend using this type of condom as it gives a natural, warm feeling enhancing the pleasure. rainbow condoms


Other Do’s and Don’ts

Using a correct condom goes beyond inserting or rolling down the condom. The following things should be considered when purchasing a suitable condom:


Suitable Size

Condoms come in different sizes to provide suitable and comfortable sizes. Make sure you don’t buy a too big or too small condom for yourself as if the size is not correct, there could be some tearing or rolling down seen by condom in the middle of sex.


Perfection Comes with Practice

Try different types of condoms beforehand to gain confidence and rule out any allergies and mishaps while performing the deed. With practice and experience, you’ll be better able to judge which condom is best suitable for you. Some condoms might not suit some people, not because of allergies or other conditions, but because they might not be suitable for their skin. Therefore, the selection of the right condom is important. 


Exploring Different Materials

Although Latex condoms are generally preferred but still better to keep your options open to explore more types of condoms to get a perfect kick during sex, the different materials are thought to give a different kind of pleasure.


Condom Storage

It is recommended to store a condom in a cool, dry place to avoid disturbance in the property and quality of a condom. A condom kept in wallets, or an open environment tends to witness friction loss.


Open to Discussion

Talking to your partner about preventive measures before having sex is always better. With so many fantastic options these days, safe sex turns out to be more fun than misery. couple in a bed


Final Thoughts

Condoms are the most effective method to avoid unwanted birth and sexually transmitted diseases.

Using several other safe sex methods could be quite expensive and painful. Similarly, people allergic to latex condom prefers to use Lambskin condoms. It requires a lot of trial and error to finally find a perfect condom depending on its size, material, and shape. If a condom is too small, it might break, or if it’s too loose might slip while having sex.


Ensuring the safety of sex makes it more enjoyable and relaxing for both partners. After a lot of research, it is highly suggested to use lambskin condoms for people who are allergic to latex and wishes to get a natural feeling during sex, along with preventing unwanted pregnancy and transmission of viruses and bacteria.


Using Condoms along with contraceptive pills is thought to provide double protection from birth and sexually transmitted diseases. For having a safe, active, and healthy sexual life, it is advised to not only use protection but also to get tested from time to time to rule out any misfortune hindering the pleasure of your life.

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