The 6 Best Non Latex Condoms

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Humans have been using condoms for thousands of years as ancient peoples already understood there was something about semen they needed protection from. Supposedly, King Minos of Crete covered his phallus with a goat’s bladder during intercourse to protect his wife from the “serpents and scorpions” that lived in his semen in 3000 BC. Fortunately, science and technology have come a long way, and condoms became more mainstream with the discovery of natural latex. Unfortunately, latex can sometimes cause allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin. The good news is there are other alternatives.

History of the Condom and Latex

The use of condoms has long been for protection against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). People have tried all kinds of materials like the intestines of animals, thin linens, and even paper. These materials were often expensive, so the financially privileged classes mostly used condoms. Not only that, they were often quite uncomfortable, and many believe they still are. 

Currently, most people hate to use condoms as they claim it doesn’t feel as intimate with their partner. However, they became popular after the emergence of AIDS in the ’80s. This boom led to a commercial drive to create durable thin ones that are undetectable, kind of like a second skin. 

Many religions still prohibit condoms, but Pope Francis of the Catholic Church recently suggested using them to prevent venereal diseases such as Zika. Other religions such as Judaism and Islam allow this type of loophole but still condemn its use as a form of birth control. It’s forbidden to waste your seeds. Did you know there’s a semen cookbook?

Rubber came around during the Industrial Revolution, and latex was invented in 1920. It became the most popular material for this product, and the condom revolution boomed. They started to show up in different sizes and flavors, and some were even designed with a woman’s pleasure in mind — by adding ribbing, for example.  

However, manufacturers soon discovered that many people experienced allergic reactions to latex. Remember, this doesn’t just affect your penis but any other orifice you’re penetrating in your partner. Swelling and itching are the most common signs of a latex allergy, but people with a severe reaction can also experience trouble breathing, hives, runny nose, and even anaphylaxis. Specific food allergies such as avocados, bananas, chestnuts, kiwis, and passion fruit are linked to latex allergies. 

Talk to your doctor if you suspect you have this allergy. Irritation can also be caused by not using enough lubricant, so it’s not always the materials. There are many no latex alternatives so let’s take a look at the six best non-latex condoms on the market.

The 6 Best Non Latex Condoms

You can still have safe sex or prevent an unwanted pregnancy if you have a latex allergy. Even if you don’t, it’s still a good idea to keep some on hand in case you encounter a sexual partner who does. Female condoms, for example, are made of silicone and fit inside the vagina with a flexible ring that ensures they stay inside. Furthermore, they’re pre-lubricated for easy insertion.

Avanti Bare Real Feel Lubricated Condoms
$19.99 ($0.56 / Count)

by Durex 

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1. Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel

Durable and reliable, Durex was originally a rubber company founded in 1915 and is one of the first condom manufacturers. Although they received a lot of opposition at the time, the company was heavily endorsed by the Church of England, which ruled in 1930 that condoms could be a form of birth control. Nowadays, they continue to manufacture them, but they’ve started to experiment with other materials than rubber latex with the changing needs of the people.

Durex Avanti Bare Real Feel condoms are polyisoprene, a group of compounds known as synthetic polymers. It’s a common alternative to natural rubber latex because it offers similar physical and chemical properties. Furthermore, they ensure skin-on-skin feeling to feel more connected and intimate with your partner. 

This pleasure pack comes with 36 condoms designed to fit an average penis of 2.2 inches in girth and can stretch up to 8 inches long. However, everyone is different, so to ensure your condom is comfortable and secure, they offer alternatives ranging from a closer fit to an extra-wide one. The condoms are electronically tested for strength, flexibility, and reliability, and they’re pre-lubricated with a silicone base to help prevent breakage and ease penetration. You can add more for a smoother experience if you wish. The lubricant is food grade and also features a pleasant scent that supposedly makes these condoms enjoyable during oral sex.

Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms
$6.06 ($0.50 / Count)

by SKYN 

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2. Skyn Original

This company believes pleasure is an endless exploration and focuses on condoms made of polyisoprene as these provide a soft and natural feel because they don’t want you to miss out. Furthermore, they pride themselves that all their products are 100% vegan.

Skyn Elite and Skyn Original male condoms are great for contraception and reduce the risk of transmission of STIs. A reviewer says they’re thick enough that you can fill them up like a water balloon and throw them at your brother-in-law, and they won’t break. He might end up with a bloody nose and torn cornea, though. 

The 12 condoms in this pack are straight and offer two inches girth size to fit the average male. They easily stretch and adapt to your shape to have the most comfortable experience. Lastly, they contain natural lubrication for easier penetration, but you can always add more if you need.

Non-Latex Condoms Variety Pack

by SKYN Selection 

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3. Skyn Selection

Skyn wants you to have fun and explore, which means varying things in bed. This variety pack of condoms comes with 10 of the original we reviewed above, six extra studded, and eight with extra lube. You can practice safe sex while feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all, which is why they make them with really soft and thin but durable polyisoprene — it increases sensibility and pleasure. 

Most people add extra lube, but it’s great to find a product that already has it. This manufacturer’s lubrication might be water, oil, or silicone-based so that you can choose the most suitable for you and your partner. Some of these products even have a cooling and heating effect, while others can even make you numb to help delay ejaculation. 

Why do you need a lubricant? Doesn’t the vagina produce a natural one? That’s correct; however, vaginal dryness is common, and the friction can lead to chafing, which is rather painful. Furthermore, you should always use lube during anal sex as the anus doesn’t provide natural lubrication. Also, improperly lubed condoms can break during intercourse, and you have a higher risk of getting a lesion, and it increases your chances of contracting or transmitting a sexual disease.

Extra Studded Condoms Non-Latex Ultra Thin Natural Feel
$21.82 ($0.99 / Count)

by SKYN 

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4. Skyn Extra Studded

These are in the Skyn Selection above. The Extra Studded condoms feature a wave design and intensely raised dots for increased sensations and pleasure. Apart from that, they have the same natural skin-like feel of polyisoprene just as their other products. These condoms come with a cooling lubricant to ease penetration.

Dotted condoms aim to increase pleasure. It is because of the friction they create between the penis and vagina or anus. It is particularly good for those who struggle to feel anything while wearing a normal condom. However, some people might find them too stimulating. So, give them a try, or consider getting the variety pack, so you don’t have to commit to one product. The best thing you can do to know what’s best for you is try the various types out there.

NaturaLamb Latex Free Luxury Condoms
$9.66 ($3.22 / Count)

by Trojan 

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5. Trojan NaturaLamb Luxury Condoms

Trojan first started manufacturing condoms in 1916 by Merle Leland Youngs through his company Youngs Rubber Corporation. Since the beginning, the brand has promoted a safe, healthy, and fun sex life. As a rubber company, they soon started to focus on latex condoms. However, since they want everyone to experience joy, they’ve invented this natural lambskin condom.

Lambskin condoms are an excellent alternative for monogamous couples, and the only downside to this product is they’re ineffective in spreading viruses. Lambskin condoms have tiny pores to stop sperm but are big enough to allow a virus to go through. The only other best alternative is a condom made of plastic, such as polyurethane. This kind tends to break more often than latex, but you can have a pleasurable experience with proper use and lubrication.

These are the only fully hypoallergenic ones as they’re natural sheep intestines. Additionally, they seem to provide increased sensitivity and feel more natural than other types. People also claim that these condoms transmit the body heat better, leading to a more intimate experience. Furthermore, this is one of the largest condoms on the market, with a girth size of 2.7 inches and a cling-tight drawstring at the base for added safety to anyone who’s well-endowed. 

You can also use lambskin condoms with oil-based lubricants, unlike latex. It is because the oil degrades the material and leads to breakage. These are also great for anyone worried about the environment and using single-use condoms since they’re 100% biodegradable. However, they aren’t vegan, and it seems that sheep intestines are expensive. Three of these condoms will cost you $11.31 on Amazon.

Non-Latex Bareskin Lubricated Condoms
$7.99 ($1.33 / Count)

by Trojan Supra 

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6. Trojan Supra Bare Skin

Alright, so condom use is unthinkable for many as sex often happens at the moment, and the fumbling of putting one on and then the barrier between you and your partner can kill the mood. For this reason, condom manufacturers continue to experiment to try to create extremely thin and durable products. The challenge is for users not to notice something between them and their partner. It has been achieved with latex, but the Trojan Supra Bare Skin is one of a kind since it’s the thinnest non-latex condom.

These condoms are medical-grade polyurethane, which is just another type of plastic. However, it’s really easy to make and the perfect material for a second skin. Note that these products are less elastic and looser-fitting than other condoms, so the risk of them falling off during intercourse increases, especially if you like it rough. Furthermore, there have been many complaints by “larger” men that they fit on too tight and break easily. They don’t stretch as much as others. 

Using a Regular Condom Properly

Any reliable pleasure pack of condoms should be clinically proven to show their efficacy—most of those on the market promise to be 98 to 99 percent effective against pregnancy and STDs. Even the natural membrane ones will display that they aren’t effective against venereal diseases. However, this percentage only applies to perfect condom use. You have to put it on properly to make sure no bodily fluids get out during the entire sexual penetration act. 

Size Matters

Penis size is determined by your genes and doesn’t affect your masculinity. Every male is different and has a different-sized penis. Since a condom goes around it, you must choose the correct size. Using one that’s too big or small for you can result in it breaking or slipping off during sex. Often, people don’t even realize it happened in the heat of the moment. For this reason, it’s essential to know your penis size when fully erect. Remember, you want a snug, not tight, fit.

Check the State of the Condom

Do you have a condom you’ve kept in your glove compartment for years waiting for the right moment? Well, don’t use it. All condoms have expiration dates, and they significantly lose their efficacy when they expire. The material gets drier and weaker, so it’s easier to break during sex. Most are good for about three to five years, depending on the manufacturer, but how you store them is also essential. 

Heat and humidity can drastically change the properties of the materials resulting in breakage. Furthermore, the same thing will happen if you store them in your wallet or purse where there are many objects around it grinding them down. Check every time before using that there aren’t any holes in your condom.

Using a Condom to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases and An Unwanted Pregnancy

You might’ve been one of the lucky people that practiced putting a condom on during sex-ed in grade school. However, you’d be surprised how many people don’t know what to do with a condom. Firstly, they usually come in individual wrappers. You’ll want to open it, so you don’t tear the condom carefully. Next, you’ll want to hold it between your finger and thumb to find the top. It’ll look like a little cap, a pocket made to hold the ejaculatory fluid. Slowly place it on the top of your penis and roll it down to the shaft, ensuring no air gets trapped. 

If the condom doesn’t roll down, you’ve probably placed it inside out. Throw it away and open a new condom since there may be some semen or sperm. It is present on the penis before ejaculation, so don’t ever reuse them if you want to use a condom with 99 percent efficacy. Ensure that it stays on the entire time you’re using it. Then, dispose of it properly and put on a new one if it comes off during the act. Once you’ve ejaculated, hold the condom in place and slowly withdraw from your partner. It would be best if you only took it off when there’s no physical contact with them.

Stay Safe

The only 100 percent effective way to avoid getting pregnant or having an STD is through abstinence and completely avoiding all vaginal, anal, and oral sex. Well, yeah, but that’s no fun! Condoms are effective against pregnancy and most STDs like HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. However, be careful as they won’t protect you against herpes, genital warts, crabs, or syphilis because they spread from skin-to-skin contact. You must get regular STD tests, especially if you’re sexually active, have a new partner, or have unprotected sex.

Unfortunately, nature created a lot of scary stuff resulting from getting too close to another person, but sex doesn’t have to be scary. You shouldn’t have a baby if you’re not ready, including hosting bacteria or viruses in your body that could severely make you ill. Condoms are a great way to have safe sex. The products we discussed here today are alternatives for people with latex allergies or sensitivities. However, some people might prefer these same materials. So, try them out and keep exploring your body until you find one that suits you and your partner. Remember, safe, sane, and consensual!

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