The 5 Best Linen Suits to Wear for Any Occasion

Why Are Linen Suits Preferred to Other Suits?

Linen suits are preferred to other suits because they are made of lightweight, comfortable material that allows you to feel unrestricted while wearing them. Linen is light, airy, and comfortable, so suits made with linen are perfect for hot weather occasions because they allow airflow and don’t cling to your body. Many linen suits are also very stylish and versatile, coming in an array of looks that can easily fit casual and some formal occasions. 

Are Linen Suits in Style?

Yes! Linen suits are always and forever in style. It seems that stores begin to restock their selection of linen suits each year when the weather starts to warm up again. Because of their more casual look, they aren’t always the suit of choice for many events, even though they should be! This style of suit is often much more fashionable than wearing a business suit or tuxedo. If you like to maintain a sense of personality and flair, a linen suit may be just what you need for your next big event. 

Linen fabric is essential for the Creative Director of Kit Blake, Christopher Modoo. Here, he talks about why linen suits are superior to him:

“Although a high-quality linen suit will feel rougher than a new cotton or wool suit, it gets softer over time and is conveniently hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t have to be aired after dry cleaning like a wool suit. Linen creases; deal with it. The heavier, textured linens tend to crumple elegantly but be aware that it is not a pristine look. Simply put, linen is for confident dressers. If you are worried about creasing or just looking for something a little more refined, consider a blend of linen with wool and silk.” man wearing suit

Are Linen Suits Good For Summer Weddings?

If you’ve ever been to a destination wedding, you know just how difficult it is to figure out what to wear. Often, a beach wedding party will have a specific theme and dress code that you are supposed to follow. There are popular wedding themes such as ‘black and white’ or ‘New Years,’ and people tend to go the traditional route in wearing black tuxedos, not straying too far from the norm.

If you have a beach wedding approaching, it might be fun to try a linen suit. Most weddings are during the spring, summer, and fall, and if you’re planning to attend an outdoor summer wedding, you won’t want to wear a suit that will trap heat and weigh you down. This is where a linen suit is essential for keeping you comfortable and confident all day long. 

What Kind of Shoes Do You Wear With a Linen Suit?

The type of shoes you pair with your linen suit is entirely up to you. But, a few suggestions may take your entire outfit to the next level. Some people may wear dress shoes, such as loafers or Oxford shoes. These are great if you’re looking for something more traditional.

Depending on the event, some people may even choose to wear sneakers or sandals because even these shoes can look great with a linen suit. If it’s not a formal event, choose a pair of shoes that you know will keep you comfortable, especially if you plan to be on your feet for extended periods.

Are Linen Suits Business Casual?

A business casual outfit is a more modest yet still professional outfit. These types of outfits are usually required in an office environment. If you’re wondering if a linen suit is business casual, that depends. Yes, a linen suit can be considered business casual because even though it’s a suit, it may not be as formal as other styles. If you want to wear a linen suit but don’t want to overdress, try just wearing the jacket over a business casual outfit. Linen jackets can add a nice touch to any outfit without pushing them over the edge of being overdressed. 

When Should You Wear a Linen Suit?

Summer is the best time for you to buy and wear a linen suit. There are many more events in the summer, especially outdoor events, giving you the perfect opportunity to wear as many linen suits as you like while remaining comfortable.

They are great for neighborhood parties, especially ones hosted in someone’s backyard. If you have a summer interview, try wearing a linen suit. You can even wear a linen jacket for a night on the town. Just pair the jacket with a simple dress shirt and a pair of jeans or casual dress pants; you’ll have quite the dapper outfit. 

When Shouldn’t You Wear a Linen Suit?

While there is no right or wrong time to wear a linen suit, there may be times when better options are available. For instance, if you plan to go to a wedding or a formal event in the wintertime, you may not want to wear a linen suit. The thin, breathable fabric may be too light to stay comfortable. Linen also has a bit of a summer vibe, and you may stick out because of your outfit. You can wear your linen suit in the spring and fall, and the soft style of these suits will look great during these seasons. Now, just because they aren’t the best for winter doesn’t mean you can’t wear them in other months. 

Can You Machine Wash a Linen Suit?

There are many myths surrounding how you can wash a linen suit. Many claim that you cannot machine wash them, but this is entirely up to the individual suit. Most suits will come with specified washing instructions that educate you on best practices for keeping your suit clean. Many linen suits can be washed in the machine, but they require low settings, cold water, and to be washed on their own. You can also hand wash your linen suit, which is less abrasive than a washing machine. If you intend to hand wash your suit, ensure you know what kind of cleaning products the fabric can handle. suit lying on floor

Should You Dry Clean Your Linen Suit?

Some wonder if they should dry clean their linen suit to keep it looking well-made. Well, the answer is entirely up to you. If you’re someone that only wears this suit for special occasions, it may be helpful to dry clean it to keep it preserved and looking fresh. But, if you wear your linen suit frequently, dropping it off at the dry cleaner and waiting for it to be cleaned may not always be an option. If this is the case, you may want to machine or hand wash it. 

Suit Color

There are many colors of linen suits to choose from, often more colors than other clothing styles. This is because linen is very easy to dye. Some might think all suits are created equal, but that is not the case. Different colors can flatter different skin tones and shades. For example, if you have a lighter complexion and light hair, you may want to wear a light-colored suit. A pale yellow or baby blue suit would be perfect for you. A darker suit might be a better choice if you have darker skin or hair. A navy or black linen suit would look great on someone with a darker complexion. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a different color until you find the perfect one for you. 


When styling a linen suit, there are a few key things to remember. First and foremost, linen is a lightweight fabric that wrinkles easily, so keep that in mind when accessorizing. Opt for accessories that will complement the laid-back nature of the suit rather than compete with it. 

If you’re going for a more casual vibe, try swapping out your dress shoes for sneakers or sandals. A smartwatch or analog watch can add a touch of sophistication to the look. A belt in a contrasting color can also add visual interest. When it comes to hair, keep it simple – a natural look is key with this type of outfit. 

Linen Suit Essentials

Now that you’ve learned what it takes to have a high-quality linen suit, it’s time to explore the different options available to you. On this list, you’ll find some of the best linen suit options online, with different styles, colors, and pricing to help you find the best suit for you. 

High-End Suits Casual Linen 

High-End’s casual linen suits consist of 55% linen and 45% cotton material. The fabric combination creates a very soft, comfortable, lightweight suit that is easy to wear and won’t feel restrictive. The sophisticated button-down closure adds a touch of masculinity to this suit, great for a wedding party or groomsman. The suit package includes a linen vest and dress pants combination. This fabric’s light and soft look would look great underneath a khaki or tan suit jacket.

If you’re looking for a suit for an outdoor event, this option will help you look well-dressed and compliment the outdoor aesthetic. High-End Suits makes an effort to note that this summer suit vest and trousers are dry clean only, and it’s essential to refrain from using a machine washer as it may damage the material.

If you purchase this suit and the pants don’t fit exactly how you’d like them, there are about 2 inches of room intended for tailoring. If you’re looking for a specific color, look no further. High-End Suits offers this style of linen attire in various colors to fit your needs. Their sizes run from xx-small to 3x-large, making them the perfect suit for any body type. 

Price: $69.99

High-End Suits Casual Linen 
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Furuyal Casual Linen Suit

If you’re looking for a suit that won’t weigh you down throughout the event, consider Furuyal’s. Furuyal’s casual linen suit option is made of 60% linen and 40% cotton. This suit is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. The vest has a standard button-down closure consisting of beautiful black buttons contrasting nicely with the medium gray linen fabric. You’ll receive one high-class vest and a matching set of trousers. The trousers are slim fit, so they won’t be baggy, but they won’t fit too tightly either.

Furuyal recommends wearing these to events during the warmer seasons, such as spring and summer. The linen suit is also great for business, giving you a professional look while maintaining a sense of comfort. This is the perfect suit if you work in a business environment but also like to have some fun and party when you’re done for the day. Instead of going home and changing into a comfortable outfit, you can leave your Furuyal linen suit on without looking too overdressed while having a sense of style and coolness. Furuyal offers this handsome suit in various colors, such as beige, grey, black, brown, blue, and many more. Their size offerings run from x-small to 3x-large. 

Price: $68.99

Furuyal Casual Linen Suit
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MAGE MALE Slim Fit Linen Suit

MAGE MALE’s linen suit comes in a classy slim-fit look. If you’re looking for a sleeker suit that fits the figure of your body without feeling restricted, this wedding suit is exactly what you need. The fabric consists of 80% linen and 20% cotton. The material is very lightweight and breathable while still maintaining a supportive look that you can wear to just about any event.

The button closure on the vest is very minimal; the buttons match the color of the fabric. You’ll receive a stylish vest, matching pants, and a high-quality pocket square in this set. If you’re looking to enhance your ensemble, a pocket square is always the perfect added touch. MAGE MALE’s suit is best suited for dry cleaning, but if you need to wash it another way, ensure the water is at a low temperature. For upkeep, you can steam iron this fabric as well.

MAGE MALE’s suit is versatile, perfect for graduation ceremonies, banquets, weddings, New Years, and other special events. You can even try this out risk-free. MAGE MALE allows you to return this suit within the first 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with your product. The suit comes in various bright, fresh colors, like dark khaki, pink, teal, and many more. Their sizes range from x-small to 3x-large. 

Price: 63.99

MAGE MALE Slim Fit Linen Suit
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Aowdoy Linen Suit

The Aowdoy linen blend comprises 55% linen and 45% cotton material. The button-down closure has color-matching buttons that pair well with the jacket. The material is very light yet durable, giving this suit a stylish and high-quality appearance. The soft texture of the vest and pants is designed for men who favor a more distinguished look. You’ll receive both the suit vest and pants in this package. They go well independently, with a white button-down dress shirt underneath.

You could also pair them with a linen jacket over top on color days or when you want to achieve a more formal look. Perfect for weddings, business meetings, and holidays, this suit is made of the highest quality suit fabric making it an excellent choice. Aowdoy recommends only dry cleaning this suit; when you’re not using it, never fold it. Hang it up with a hanger instead. You can also steam iron the suit to crisp up its look.

Aowdoy ensures that if you aren’t happy with the product upon arrival, you can make return arrangements with them directly. They offer this suit in a few fun colors, like pink, blue, and green. Sizes range from x-small to 4x-large. 

Price: 49.99 – $67.99

Aowdoy Linen Suit
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HUUTOE Slim Fit Linen Suit

The HUUTOE slim fit linen suit is designed for fashion and style. The sophisticated linen blend consists of 65% linen and 35% cotton. The material has a high-fiber strength, fast heat dissipation, and a powerful moisture absorption ability to keep you feeling dry and comfortable, especially if this is worn for an outdoor event.

HUUTOE’s suit material is also skin-friendly and comfortable; you will hardly feel it against your skin when worn. The suit vest can be worn undone, and it even looks great that way. Even though the jacket is slim, it still provides a very comfortable fit. This package includes a blazer jacket and a matching pair of pants. They recommend only dry cleaning and steam ironing this linen suit, not machine washing or tumble drying.

If you have any questions, HUUTOE advertises their excellent customer service. They claim to respond within 24 hours to answer any of your questions, which can be helpful before placing your order. They offer this suit in just about every color. Ranging from blue, pink, orange, and purple, there’s a suit for anyone and any occasion. Sizing runs from 34″ to 54″. 

Price: $48.99 – $89.99

HUUTOE Slim Fit Linen Suit
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There’s a Linen Suit For Everyone

If you tend to play it safe and only wear traditional suits, it’s time to try out a linen suit. It’s important to have variety in your wardrobe and go outside your comfort zone every once in a while. Linen suits are a great way to do this and can also offer you a much more comfortable suit without sacrificing the style or quality of your suit. Now that you’ve explored the 5 best linen suits to wear for any occasion, which one will you try?

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