How To Care for Salt and Pepper Hair

man in a suit with salt and pepper hair and beard

Allowing the hair to turn gray is becoming increasingly trendy among men, and it’s a significant trend as more men seek to wear their natural hair. You cannot avoid certain things in life (aging, wrinkles, and going gray. Whether a person sees a few grey strands or they’re well on their way to a full head of silver strands, there comes a time when it’s simply unavoidable for everyone. The routine will need to adjust as your hair evolves.

Grey hair is an indication of hair deterioration for many people. It’s one of the first indicators of aging that a person must accept in their look and one that they may feel compelled to hide at the salon. However, grey hair that blends in with natural hair is very fashionable. Even celebrities and teens pay a lot of money to get grey or white hair. This aesthetic is known as the “salt and pepper” appearance. Experts advise that if a person decides to have natural silver hair, they must maintain it and groom it properly. In addition, hair specialists recommend utilizing treatments specifically for gray hair to keep that extraordinary silver luster and structure. Here are some suggestions for incorporating into one’s everyday hair routine. But first, it’s crucial to understand what produces grey hair and how to take care of the salt and pepper hair.

What Causes Gray Hair?

Numerous factors can cause the hair to become grey. Here are the most prevalent causes of grey hair and reasons that can increase the number of greys one already has.


Genetics play a significant part in determining the color of the hair and when it will begin to grey. According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology (IJDVL), if a person’s ancestors’ got grey hair at a young age, it’s likely that it will happen to them as well. Another report in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology explains that hair greying is influenced by race and ethnicity.


Everyone experiences stress in their life. Sleep problems, anxiety, a change in appetite, and high blood pressure are all symptoms of chronic stress. Hair can be affected by stress. A 2013 study discovered a link between stress and stem cell depletion in mouse hair follicles. If there is an increase in white strands, stress could be the cause. This argument could also describe why some world leaders tend to age or grey more quickly when in power.

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Autoimmune Disease

An autoimmune condition can also cause premature grey hair. It occurs when the body’s immune system targets its very own cells. For example, the immune system can attack hair and lead to a lack of pigment in conditions like alopecia and vitiligo.

Thyroid Disorder

Thyroid problems, such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, can produce hormonal changes that cause premature white hair. The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped gland at the base of the neck. It aids in the regulation of various body systems, including metabolism. The thyroid condition might also affect the color of the hair. The body may create less melanin if the thyroid is hyperactive or underactive.

Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

Early-onset white hair might also suggest a vitamin B-12 insufficiency. This vitamin is highly vital in the body. It boosts energy levels while also promoting healthy hair growth and color. The deficiency of Vitamin B-12 is linked to pernicious anemia when the body cannot consume enough of this vitamin. Vitamin B-12 helps healthy red blood cells, transporting oxygen to all body cells, including hair cells. The inadequate amount of oxygen can weaken the hair follicle. In addition, a vitamin deficiency might affect melanin production and hair growth.


There’s also a correlation between smoking and premature white hair. According to one source, a study of 107 people discovered a link between “the beginning of grey hair at an age before 30 and cigarette smoking,”. Smoking cigarettes raises the risk of lung cancer and heart disease. On the other hand, long-term impacts can harm the hair, heart, and lungs. Smoking causes blood vessels to tighten, reducing blood supply to hair follicles and hair loss. Toxins in cigarettes can also harm other body regions, including the hair follicles and pigment cells, resulting in loss of natural hair color and the appearance of gray roots.

How To Maintain Salt and Pepper Hair?

When it comes to managing the salt and pepper hair, one of the traps to avoid is having dull grey hair strands get in the way of becoming that silver vixen who proudly wears their white hair as an achieved symbol of pride. Knowing how to make grey hair shine silver pays off in the long term. Nothing is more beautiful than rocking gleaming silver streaks, no matter how time-consuming, complex, or costly it may be. And for that, people will need to know how to take care of salt and pepper hair. Here are simple instructions that they can incorporate into their hair care regimes.

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A Good Cut

Begin with a clean cut. Experts will say that the first step in highlighting the silver strands is to have an excellent haircut. It’s crucial to find a haircut that brings out the natural hair color, and when trimmed and done correctly, it can be a genuine eye-catcher. Next, allow a professional hairstylist to suggest a style that complements the natural hair color. There are numerous shades of grey to be found. Soft hairstyles work best for entirely white hair with golden brown undertones or blonde hair. Similarly, a short hairstyle with defined edges accentuates the natural color of grey hair.

Choose the Right Shampoo

It’s not enough to know how to make gray hair shine; people also need to lay a foundation that permits those “silver strands” to stand out. In this case, the hair foundation combines conditioners, hair moisturizers, and shampoos that leave the tresses feeling soft and gleaming. When shampooing the salt and pepper hair, one would want a product that removes grease, sweat, and dirt and infuses various nutrients into the roots and follicles.

Biotin, collagen, and Keratin shampoos are great examples of a product that combines the benefits in one easy-to-use packaging. These shampoos provide the graying hair with various minerals and vitamins (including keratin and collagen) to fix damaged shafts and strengthen the hair follicles from whence they originate without fail. Furthermore, the shampoo’s recipe provides intense hydration and moisturization, resulting in velvety smooth hair hours after use. 

If a person does not want their natural gray hair to have a yellow tone, they should use white, clear, or dark products. People with grey hair should avoid yellow items. Purple shampoo and conditioner, surprisingly, are also effective. They add a deep violet color that balances out yellow tones. Look for anti-yellow shampoos that do not include sulfates and can help prevent yellow hair.

Consider the Hair Texture

People lose melanin in their hair as they get older, the pigment fades, and the hair becomes transparent and colorless/white. The hair texture will also alter due to the color shift, becoming more brittle, dry, and frizzy. If someone has coarse gray hair, it is more likely to become coarser in the future. But know this: greying isn’t a losing struggle; it offers numerous advantages.

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Try Toners

Compounds in sunscreen, face creams/oils, environmental contaminants, and water minerals discolor natural grey hair. Good hair care products are essential for maintaining the gleaming grey tresses. Some measures can help avoid undesirable tones and discoloration, such as yellowing or dullness. The solution is a silver toner for hair, available as a shampoo or salon treatment.

Isn’t silver toner hair dye? It doesn’t permanently color the hair. When showcasing grey, silver hair toner is a great suggestion. Utilize the blue pigment instead. Using a silver toner for hair, a competent hairstylist may gradually lower the color pigment at each treatment, helping people into an all-grey look.

Make Use of a Conditioning Mask

If people don’t want to look messy without a wig, a conditioning mask is one of the hair products for grey hair that they prefer to choose. A deep conditioner, often known as a hair mask, is thick and heavy to firmly adhere to the hair or scalp. In addition, unlike ordinary conditioners, it is designed to be left on the hair for an extended period. As a result, deep conditioning can help you achieve softer, more lustrous hair if a person has dry hair.

While people can use a deep-condition hair mask as often as possible, experts recommend doing so at least once a month to keep the salt and pepper hair in great shape. Furthermore, people can use hair solutions for grey hair shine as restoring and deep conditioning treatments, giving the silver hair softness and shine and comprehensive nourishment.

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Protect Hair From the Heat

Gray hair is more prone to burning because of its texture and porosity. Therefore take caution while using styling products and hot styling tools to avoid damaging the delicate hair. In addition, it’s critical to invest in high-quality hair equipment with temperature controls. Never heat the device above 350 degrees, and never leave it on the hair for far more than a few seconds. Heat is your grey hair’s worst enemy, so be careful.

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Use a Satin Pillowcase

The silk reduces friction and protects hair from breakage, frizz, and flyaways. Therefore, when an individual wears their hair up and sleeps on a silk pillowcase, it will likely break less and keep its style better. In addition, satin dries slower than cotton, making it more straightforward to keep the hair hydrated.

Massage the Scalp

The hair follicles will benefit from a scalp massage for hair development. Each hair on the head begins its existence in a follicle located just beneath the scalp’s surface. Scalp massage, according to studies, enhances hair thickness by expanding the cells of hair follicles. As a result, stimulating the hair follicles grow thicker hair. A scalp massage is also known to help widen blood flow beneath the skin, stimulating hair growth and keeping the hair soft and shiny.

Essential oils can also help when massaging the scalp. Both lavender and peppermint oils have been demonstrated in tests to increase hair development and maintain hair health. 1 tablespoon carrier oil, such as jojoba or warmed coconut oil, one to two drops lavender, or peppermint oil. Apply straight to the scalp, then gently massage the oils with fingertips or a scalp massager. Do a thorough check on a small area of the skin before using any essential oil on the scalp to ensure there will be no allergic reaction.

Tricks for Healthier Hair

While genetics play a role, the food, the weather, pollution, and hair care routine are critical in keeping that crowning beauty in good shape. Learn how a healthy diet and good grooming can keep the mane looking its best.

Take More Protein

A well-balanced diet will influence hair and scalp health. Protein is an essential component of hair; therefore, consume at least 45 grams of protein every day. Good sources are lean meat, poultry, fish, legumes, low-fat dairy products, and eggs. Inadequate protein consumption can cause hair to become weak and brittle, color loss, and hair loss.

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Pump Up Zinc in Hair

A zinc deficiency can cause hair loss. To help with shedding, include nuts like Brazil nuts, walnuts, pecans, cashews, and almonds in the diet. In addition, you should consume vegetables, fruits, leafy green salads, and plenty of clean and filtered water. People can use a multivitamin or zinc supplement to augment the diet when necessary.

Omega Rich Diet

Increasing the omega-3 fatty acid intake can help to stimulate hair follicles and sebaceous glands. While this won’t make the hair grow, it might help the scalp stay healthy. Cold-water fish, including salmon, sardines, and herring, contain omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, flaxseed, yogurt, cottage cheese, salad, and cereal are healthy sources.

Know Your Hair

There are differing views on how and when to shampoo the hair. It all depends on the preference and needs, determined by hair type and texture, frequency of hair product use, and daily activity level. People with oily hair, for example, may require daily shampooing, while others with dry hair may require less frequent shampooing.

Hair Brushing and Washing

Many people, according to experts, over-shampoo or shampoo wrongly. The general guideline is that people should not wash their hair more than once a day. Use only enough product to coat the hair thoroughly. Use water that is neither too hot nor too cold. Treat it tenderly when hair is wet because it is three times more prone to breaking. Avoid rubbing wet hair with a towel excessively. Detangle with a wide-tooth comb, but don’t comb too much or stroke damp hair.

Cut These Out

The most damaging factors to hair health include harsh shampoo, hair treatments, styling products, and frequent brushing. In addition, overconsumption of alcohol, low-calorie, crash diets, decreased thyroid hormone, excessive stress, blood thinners, and several prescription medicines for heart problems, depression, high blood pressure, and arthritis are other reasons.

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Hair Maintenance

Keep the following suggestions in mind for healthy hair: While blow-drying, start with the lowest temperature setting and progressively raise the heat as needed. If at all possible, let the hair air dry. Change the location of pins and clips to avoid localized breakage. When dyeing the hair, try to stay within three shades of its natural hue. Massage the scalp frequently to encourage hair growth and blood circulation. Finally, get the hair cut every 10 to 12 weeks to keep the hair healthy and avoid split ends.

The Takeaway

Gray hair has a different appearance because the pigment or melanin in the hair is lost, and the hair follicle produces less sebum. Sebum is natural oil produced in the body to hydrate the hair. As a result, gray hair might seem coarse, dry, and brittle, but the appropriate hair products can help. It’s critical to apply an excellent daily conditioner and, if necessary, a deep moisturizing treatment once a week to combat grey hair’s harsh and often gritty structure. A shine enhancer will also give them a soft and smooth appearance.

Gray hair can be brassy or yellow in appearance. Use a color storing shampoo or gloss once in a while to keep it looking vivid and lustrous grey. Many of these items have a purple hue, and you should use them once or twice a week. Avoid shampoos or hair products with a gold or yellow color to protect the hair. Instead, at least once a week, People with salt and pepper hair should use an appropriate clarifying shampoo. Such shampoos give the grey hair a pleasant violet color that neutralizes any unattractive, dull, and undesirable yellow hues released by the grey hair and removes surface build-up. 

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