Facts You Should Know Before Buying a Penis Extender

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Women without big boobs can always get cosmetic surgery, but what about men? What happens if a man is unhappy with his penis size and thinks he has a small penis? Enter a penis extender, an all-natural way to add extra inches and girth enhancement to your member. It’s temporary, but it’s a fun way to try out what it would be like to have a larger penis. Most feature realistic veins and heads, ribbed for maximum pleasure so that you can lose yourself in the fantasy.

Whether you’re looking for a bigger penis, to spice things up occasionally in the bedroom, or role-play, it’s worth checking out a penis extender. Here are the top facts you should know before buying a penis extender and the best natural penis extenders to check out. You can try more painful methods like penis stretching, but it’s best to start temporarily to see how you like the added length before putting yourself through painful exercises that may or may not work.

What Is the Purpose of a Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a type of penis enlargement tool. It will help you add inches to your penis length without the need for penis stretching or penis extension supplements. It’s an all-natural way to make your penis size larger, improving your confidence while enhancing your partner’s pleasure. Using a penis extender is a win-win for all parties in the bedroom.

Squirt lube on your hand and lather up your penis to help the penis extenders stay in place. Rub any extra on the penis extender to help it glide smoothly with each stroke. Some penis extenders will allow you to trim them for your best fit, but you’ll want to read the instructions, so you don’t damage your penis enlargement products.

Some penis extenders will add up to 3 inches to your penis, while others will add 2 inches in girth. It may be uncomfortable for your partner at first, but as they adjust, you will be able to reach new heights – maybe even the g-spot – while wearing. Some penis extenders can be paired with removable vibrators to add even more sensations, while other models are more straightforward. Choose the best model for you based on your preference.

Many sex toys on the market claim to make your penis bigger, longer, and harder, so it may be challenging to keep them straight. A penile extender is not a penis pump. Penis pumps help those with erectile dysfunction; however, they will only provide temporary relief by directing blood flow to your penis. Put your penis in and pump. The suction will get tighter as you continue, forcing blood flow to the area and forcing an erection.

Penile extenders are traction devices to help stretch your penis. It can be painful, but you must wear it for four to nine hours per day to see results. You put your penis in the brace-like device, adjusting to stretch your penis. Over time, you will make it longer and longer. The thought is that you will extend your flaccid penis to increase its size, though research is mixed on if penile traction is an effective penis enlargement method.

Penis extenders slide on. This quick extender provides temporary length and girth, enhancing your natural penis length. Penis extenders are a fun extender device that you can bring into the bedroom to experiment, so they’re worth checking out to see how you like them. Consider how big you want to make your member and go from there. You’ll be exuding that big dick energy in no time because you’ll feel much more confident in your sexual prowess.

There are many different types of penis enlargement products you can try, not just a penile extender, penis pump, or other traction devices.

The Top Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are fun ways to mix it up in the bedroom, building your confidence as you can expertly reach new hot spots with ease. Typically, they’ll add two to three inches of length and up to two inches of girth. The best penis extender will mimic real penises, so you’ll often find them with notched heads, veins, and natural imperfections that massage you and your partner.

Performance 11.5 Inch Penis Extender

The Performance 11.5 Inch Penis Extender is flexible and realistic, helping add 2.5 inches to your penis’s length and 2 inches to its circumference. Not only will you hit new spots in your partner, but you’ll also bring their sexual satisfaction to new heights with the raised head and veins. Once you strap it on, the ribbed interior will make your toes curl, stimulating your penis in ways you didn’t know possible. It also features a natural suction and a stretchy ball strap to keep it in place. You never have to worry about the Performance 11.5 Inch Penis Extender falling off mid-thrust.

The Performance 11.5 Inch Penis Extender features soft, supple, flexible, and realistic TPE material. The penis sleeve looks and feels like the real thing with enhanced pleasure points for you and your partner, so you never feel uncomfortable wearing this penis extender. To clean, simply wash with soap and water and dust with cornstarch to keep it looking and feeling brand new. Customers love this penis extender and recommend using lubricant when you put it on for the best results. Some report that it’s soft, so to slide it on an erect penis for the best results. For just $36.95, you’ll be in for supersized fun when you try this penis sleeve.

Source: Adameve.com

Adam’s 3″ Realistic Extension

Adam’s 3″ Realistic Extension helps you imagine what it would be like to have a longer and wider penis, instantly adding 3 inches to your member. The raised head, veins, and skin-like color give it a realistic touch, helping you and your partner get lost in the fantasy. A quick extender is worth exploring if you want to role-play or just try something new.

It’s 9.25 inches long and 2 inches wide. You put it on like a condom. Roll up the sleeve and position the tip right at the head of your penis. Then, roll it down. The interior is 6.25 deep, fitting most erect members. However, the open end is trimmable, so you can help adjust it to your perfect fit if there’s extra material. Never trim the Adam’s 3″ Realistic Extension while wearing. Your penis and scissors do not mix. If trimming scares you, you can also leave it rolled up for extra cushion and ribbed pleasure for your partner with each thrust.

Adam’s 3″ Realistic Extension is soft and supple TPE that’s both phthalate and latex-free, so it’s great for those with allergies. It’s easy to clean. Use soap and water or sex toy cleaner. Dust with corn starch to help it last longer and store in a dry place. The Adam’s 3″ Realistic Extension works best with waterproof lubricants. This sex toy retails for $39.95, but it’s on sale for $29.95, so you can get this penis extender for a steal if you want to add maximum length.

Mega 2″ Extension

The Mega 2″ Extension features a proprietary FantaFlesh material that’s incredibly lifelike to the touch, made even more realistic with the thick veins and ribbed head. This penis extender makes men 66 percent thicker, adding two inches to their length to satisfy their partner in new ways. It’s flexible, and you’ll quickly lose yourself to the fantasy and forget you have this penis extender on after a while.

While one size fits most, you can trim the Mega 2″ Extension to your best fit. If you notice extra material, make a small mark. Remove the penis extender and trim. Never trim the Mega 2″ Extension while wearing, or you could harm your penis. This penis extender is waterproof, and you should clean it after each use. Use a toy cleaner and warm water for best results. To preserve its elasticity and soft, supple body, use corn starch before storing.

Customers report that this penis extender helped improve their sex life exponentially, with some of their partners struggling to take the extended size and girth. Lube the Mega 2″ Extension before wearing it for best results. Some customers reported they didn’t like the extra weight on their members, while others said they got used to it over time. After just a few uses, the quick extender helped enhance everyone’s pleasure, so be patient. Snag this penis extender for just $39.95 to spice up your sex life with a 100 percent Adam & Eve satisfaction guarantee.

Source: Adameve.com

3″ Extender Sleeve

The 3″ Extender Sleeve is a great penis extender for those looking to add more length and girth to their penis, helping their sex game reach new heights with each thrust. This penis extender adds three inches as soon as you slip it on, and from tip to strap is 11 inches long. It’s two inches wide, so you may also notice additional girth while wearing it. Strap it on for long-wear comfort – it won’t slip out of place when you’re wearing it, no matter how vigorous your session.

The interior is 5 inches deep and hollow, featuring nubby stimulators to help heighten your pleasure. The exterior features ripples, veins, and other lifelike features to provide penis extension that turns your partner on during use. It’s made from TPR, mimicking the soft yet hard, flexible feel of skin. It works well with both water-based and silicone lubricants. Clean with sex toy cleaner and warm water after each use, especially after using lubricant. The 3″ Extender Sleeve is an all-natural solution to help you get bigger in bed overnight. It’s nice to wear during role-playing or to switch things up a bit.

This fan-favorite leaves everyone satisfied. It improves intimacy, and some men even reported their wives’ legs start shaking after each use. Men love it because it’s thin enough that they can feel each thrust, never dulling the sensations, only enhancing them. The 3″ Extender Sleeve adds penis length and retails for $34.95, and many share it’s worth every penny.


Source: Adameve.com

Really Ample Penis Enhancer

The Really Ample Penis Enhancer has more than 879 customer reviews, mostly glowing about how this penis extender helps bring their sex life to new levels. It helps stretch their partners in exciting ways, leading to multiple orgasms at a time. Thanks to a strap that sits on your balls, it stays in place comfortably no matter how long you wear it. Even better, you can use it on your penis or as a dildo to penetrate your partner, providing unique, pleasure-enhancing experiences. The shaft is 7 inches long with 2 inches of girth, and the hollow inside features pleasure bumps to help stimulate your member while wearing.

Customers love the realistic look and shape, and its soft and flexible TPR materials help bring toe-curling pleasure to anyone involved. The stretchy loop slips around your balls and will stay secure. The tension will provide additional stimulation while wearing, unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. For best results, add lubricant to your penis before slipping on, slathering the remainder on the outside for a smoother glide. Your partner’s climaxes will provide all the wetness you need in no time. Check out the Really Ample Penis Enhancer for $29.95, though you can grab it for $24.95 while on sale.

Adam’s Extension by Adam and Eve

Adam’s Extension by Adam and Eve is unlike any penis extender on this list. It’s not to mimic a realistic penis – and that’s a good thing! The extra bumps, ridges, and ribbed head will drive your partner while when they’re wearing, and the ribbed interior will leave you wondering how you ever had sex without it.

Adam’s Extension by Adam and Eve is a best seller, and with good reason. Nearly 800 customers love the hours of fun this penis extender brings, spicing up even the most routine sex lives. Because it’s different than other penis extenders, it may take a few times for you and your partner to acclimate. It even works well with anal sex. Just clean it if you move between openings during a single session to prevent infections. Overall, customers report it’s a great toy and worth checking out. At $19.95 or $14.95 on sale, it’s an easy entry point if you’re looking for something new to use in the bedroom.

Adam’s Extension by Adam and Eve instantly adds 2 inches to your shaft when you slip it on. It features soft and stretchy clear jelly, so you can see your member through it. The realistic shape helps stimulate pleasure points, and it works with a slimline vibrator if you want to enhance your pleasure even more. The possibilities are endless with this sex toy, so it’s worth adding to your collection.

Source: Adameve.com

How To Take Care of Penis Extenders

Because of the supple material, you must take care of your penis extender lest it crack over time. Wash it with soap and warm water, gently lathering to remove all lubricant and secretions from you and your partner. You can also spray it down with sex toy cleaner and gently rub it clean with a warm washcloth. Pat dry.

Next, you want to sprinkle it lightly with corn starch. Corn starch will prevent the lifelike material from stiffening and cracking over time. This is perhaps the most important step, so don’t skip it. After cleaning, store it in a dry place, out of sunlight. When you take care of your penis extender, you’ll get years of pleasure with this simple yet powerful tool.

If you’re not happy with your penis extender, Adam & Eve offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

The Final Say on Penis Extender

If you’ve ever felt self-conscious about your penis size, you may want to consider trying a penis extender. It’s realistic to the touch, ribbed for his-and-her pleasure, and flexible, helping you reach further with each thrust. Most retail between $15 to $40, so they’re an affordable, low-entry sex toy that can completely change your sex life.

Penis extenders can also help you role play. Perhaps your partner wants to try out a new fantasy, and a penis extender will help you both immerse yourself even more into it. Don’t take yourself too seriously when you’re wearing a penis extender, and you will have fun with it.

You can wear this sex toy during each session or only pull it out if you want to make it extra special. Discuss with your partner what works best for them and embrace it. Penis extenders are all-natural penis enlargement tools, adding to your length and girth without taking supplements or trying painful exercises. Penis stretching and penis traction can leave you feeling uncomfortable, and there’s little research that it works. Some say it can increase your flaccid length, while others report no results. It will not treat erectile dysfunction, so make sure you pick the right penis extender for your needs.

All you’ll feel is pleasure when you slip on a penis sleeve. The best penis extender should fit snuggly over your member with no extra material. Some models allow you to trim them to your best fit but never cut it while wearing.

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