Elevating the Digital Web Browser: Why Men Need Arc

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Key Points

  • Arc is trying to be the operating system of the internet.

  • Arc's tabs are completely different from other browsers, orienting them in a sidebar rather than at the top of the browser.

  • Arc lets you create Spaces, similar to the Safari feature.

  • Arc's Boosts function similarly to extensions, allowing you to change the look and even some functions of your favorite websites.

When thinking about what gadgets the modern man should use, the web browser might not make it to the top of the list — but it should!

In today's digital age, the web browser has become an indispensable tool, serving as the gateway to a world of information, entertainment, and productivity. For men navigating the vast online landscape, the choice of a web browser is not just a matter of convenience; it's a pivotal decision that can significantly impact their online experiences. In this context, the importance of using a better web browser like Arc cannot be overstated. Arc is more than just a browser; it's a technological marvel designed to provide speed, security, and efficiency like never before. It offers not only a faster and safer online journey but also a more tailored and personalized one, catering to the unique needs and preferences of today's modern man.

This article explores the myriad reasons why choosing a superior web browser, such as Arc, is essential in empowering men to navigate the digital realm with confidence, ease, and enhanced productivity. While Threads might just be a trend, Arc is certainly here to stay.

It's worth noting that at the time of writing this article, Arc is only available on Mac and iOS. However, there's a waitlist for Windows users with a Windows version expected to launch in December of 2023.

Changing the Web Browser Game

The Browser Company's CEO, Josh Miller, brings a transformative experience to Arc users by giving them a web browser on steroids. He and his team strive to position Arc as the operating system of the internet by integrating a number of tools from the computer with the web browser.

Arc aims to declutter your web browsing experience by grouping things together, giving you the equivalent of virtual desktops, and meshing apps and the internet into a symbiotic partnership.


Many of Arc's features are familiar, but they're either not often seen in the same space as a web browser, or they're not as easily accessible as they are in Arc. This is a web browser for highly organized individuals and those who wish to be more organized. It's easy to notice that everything in Arc gives you the ability to personalize your experience.

Start With Tabs

Arc gives you a completely new experience with browser tabs, taking what you know about them and flipping it on its head. Instead of occupying the top of your browser, the tabs now sit at the left of your screen. However, it's not only open tabs that rest in that space. You also find apps you have open on your computer, giving you another means to return to an app without ever clicking out of Arc.

Additionally, this sidebar allows you to organize as much or as little of your bookmarks, tabs, and apps as you wish. Arc gives you up to eight apps to add to your Favorites at the top of the sidebar. Below that, you're able to pin frequently used tabs.

Moreover, Arc lets you create folders of tabs and folders within those folders. You get to create folders on folders on folders. For those who enjoy the chaos of keeping dozens of tabs open, Arc lets you rename any tab, making it easier to find the one you need. Not only are the tabs customizable, but the sidebar itself is too. You're able to adjust its color and transparency.

However, if you are one of those people who enjoy keeping dozens of tabs open all day, every day, there's a bit of an adjustment period. Unless you pin a tab under the Favorites section, Arc closes all of your open tabs every 12 hours. It calls these "Today Tabs."

It's easy to fill up the sidebar with pinned tabs if you like that kind of chaos, but it makes for a lot of hunting and reorganization. Luckily, Arc uses a number of keyboard shortcuts.

An editor with The Verge, David Pierce, says, "Command plus the number keys takes you to the corresponding pinned tabs, and Control plus the number keys switches between your spaces. It’s slightly annoying that the URL bar is crammed up at the top of the sidebar but really handy to just hit Command-Shift-C and copy the URL of the page you’re on."

Organize Your Spaces

Remote workers often use the same device for their work and professional life. Similar to Safari, Arc lets you separate your workspaces efficiently, keeping bookmarks from your personal life separate from your professional life. Alternatively, if you work multiple jobs, Arc's Spaces allows you to keep each job's workspace divided.

Each space is completely customizable with themes, making it easier to differentiate between each one. You're able to create one space with bookmarks and tabs that you use for leisure and another space with your email and various work-related bookmarks open.


Similar to Split View in MacOS, Arc lets you arrange up to four tabs across a single display. This isn't an entirely new feature as you're able to do the same thing in other browsers, except those other browsers don't allow it with tabs. They require you to open multiple windows.

Built-In Media Controls

While Windows 11 makes media controls available in the taskbar, Arc makes its media controls more accessible. Whether watching a video on Twitch, listening to music on Spotify, or conducting a meeting in Google Meet, the media controls appear in the sidebar along with your bookmarks and tabs.

It's easy to pause, play, or skip your audio without ever switching back to the source of the media. If you're in a meeting, microphone and speaker controls show up for your use. If you click on the player in the sidebar, it brings you back to the source of the media.


Speaking of media controls, Arc provides users with a picture-in-picture feature that's pretty basic but very useful. When you click away from a Twitch or YouTube video, the video pops out into a small overlaid window.

It stays off in the sidebar as long as you remain in Arc, but it follows you if you switch out of Arc and into a different app. This lets you continue watching your video while you work. Just don't let it sidetrack you.

Easel and Notes

The Easel feature gives you a whiteboard, allowing you to quickly jot down ideas and doodles, as well as incorporate pictures and videos. Add a screenshot from any webpage with the Camera icon in the URL bar and the screenshot links back to the source URL.

As long as a friend or coworker also uses Arc, they're able to collaborate with you on your Easel. It's a seamless way to work together that even collaborating in person doesn't compare.

Additionally, using the sidebar, you're able to create a Note for random thoughts, some quick research notes, or a shopping list. Just like your Easels, these notes come with a permalink that allows you to share them with friends and family. Want to hold onto your notes? Organize them with your tabs and folders for easy access.


If you ever use a website and wish to make small adjustments that make it more user-friendly, Arc relates. That's why it gives you Boosts. This feature works similarly to browser extensions by letting you write a few lines of CSS code, changing the way a website looks or functions.

While this doesn't change anything about the website for anyone else around the world, you are able to share your Boost with friends since Boosts come with permalinks, giving them the option of using a website the same way you do. However, any Boost that uses Javascript is not shareable due to security reasons.

Pros and Cons

Arc brings something fresh to the world of web browsers. It's very focused on the user experience, giving you an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to navigate and organize. There's a strong focus on privacy, providing users with a built-in ad blocker, tracker blocker, and The Browser Company doesn't collect personal data.

However, Arc's uniqueness gives the browser a steep learning curve. It may take some time before you're 100 percent comfortable with it. The mobile version is also only a stripped-down version of the desktop version. The two versions don't share all the same features, making the experience drastically different when you switch from one to another.

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Browser's Castle: Winning the OS Game With Arc

Arc's combination of speed, security, and customization epitomizes the modern man's need for efficiency and tailored online interactions. By choosing a better web browser, men are not only enhancing their online productivity but also safeguarding their digital presence, ensuring that their journeys through the vast realms of the internet are seamless, secure, and ultimately empowering. In the dynamic landscape of the digital age, Arc stands as a trusted companion, shaping a future where men can confidently explore, create, and thrive in the online universe.

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