The first step to growing a handlebar mustache is to get over it might not look very pleasant for a while. You might look like an 8-year-old playing dress-up, and that’s completely fine. You may even want to shave it off once or twice before your facial hair has had the time to come in, but resist this urge! It takes time and patience to grow a handlebar mustache that looks good on everyone. But once you get your mustache […]

Allowing the hair to turn gray is becoming increasingly trendy among men, and it’s a significant trend as more men seek to wear their natural hair. You cannot avoid certain things in life (aging, wrinkles, and going gray. Whether a person sees a few grey strands or they’re well on their way to a full head of silver strands, there comes a time when it’s simply unavoidable for everyone. The routine will need to adjust as your hair evolves. Grey […]

There’s no denying that the handlebar mustache is a stylish and masculine look. But not all of us are blessed with the ability to grow one successfully. Do you have what it takes to rock the perfect handlebar mustache? It’s not as easy as it looks! So put on your best ‘stache”, and let’s get started! We’ve got you covered whether you’re going for a classic look or something more zany and fun. Why Is a Handlebar Mustache Called a […]

Taking care of your beard can be a frustrating task. Whether you’ve got a full-grown beard or you’re just starting to grow your beard, you of course want to make sure you’re taking the best care of it as you possibly can. Nothing looks and feels better than a well-maintained beard does. But, you may be wondering, where do you start? There are so many different types of brushes, gels, oils, and other products that exist for beard maintenance, and […]

You’ve done everything right. You shower each day, you wear deodorant, and you wear fresh clothes. You can’t seem to figure out why your underarms are breaking out into an itchy rash! You start to think you’ll never get relief. We’re here to help with that, as we understand how frustrating it can be to deal with something like this. In fact, your armpit is one of the most sensitive areas of your body. They’re prone to trapping moisture, which […]