BETTER EDC: iPhone Case Wallets You Need

Key Points

  • Brand cachet is nice, but it isn't everything — many lesser-known brands are making excellent phone case wallet options worth your time and money.

  • Size and thickness tend to increase with protection and carrying capacity. If you want a thin phone case wallet, go for something with only a few cards.

  • Many manufacturers offer better prices and model compatibility on their websites than on Amazon, but it's worth shopping around for the best deal.

Great products that combine multiple functions are rare. Sure, you can buy 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, but most people who've tried it advise against making it a habit. Combination stereo systems that play records, tapes, and radio stations with one device usually fall short of a true hi-fi setup with dedicated equipment. Of course, there is also Elon Musk and the 2023 rebranding of Twitter.

Here's the thing: When a combination goes right, it really goes right. That's where the wallet-phone case combo lands on the scale. Men's Lifestyle has plenty of recommendations if you're into the idea of a dedicated modern wallet that bucks tradition. For a better way to approach your own EDC, read on and start comparing.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Case Wallet

While most cases boast wireless charging or MagSafe compatibility, they also inform buyers that you need to take credit and debit cards out of the phone case before using wireless charging. The magnetic fields and forces in wireless charging won't play nicely with the magnetic strips on your bank cards.

Brand recognition still counts for something, but don't be afraid to try a brand you've never heard of. While some new brands and companies might not have the customer service or warranty support of OtterBox or Bellroy, they can offer functionality and protection at a lower price than so-called "premium" competitors.

If you click through a link and don't see an option for your iPhone model, try a wider search using the brand and model name of the case you like best. It's likely that another site is still selling the same case in the model size you need, even if the brand's website or Amazon store is out of stock. 

Several options are available on the brand's website at a nice discount instead of buying from Amazon like you do for the rest of your gadgets. For example, Case-Mate offers 25 percent off your first order when you buy directly from the brand. While a few of the MSRP prices seem kind of high, you should get a slightly better price between first-time-buyer discounts and seasonal promotions. 

Recent data indicates that over 120 million Americans use iPhones overall, with 79 percent of all new iPhones sold being the latest model (iPhone 14). According to tech expert Federica Laricchia, "Apple's ability to build a trustworthy relationship with its customers is one reason for the success of the iPhone. Satisfaction and brand loyalty for Apple smartphones has been consistently high among U.S. customers."

For these reasons, iPhone 13 and 14 models tend to have the broadest and most varied case options.

Magnetic 14 iPhone Case and Phone Wallet Stand Snap

by MOFT 

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11/28/2023 02:39 pm GMT

Top Pick: MOFT Case, Stand and Wallet Snap Set

The MOFT Case, Stand and Wallet Snap set takes the trophy for first place. Off to a weird start, right? MOFT delivers premium, well-designed accessories at reasonable prices. This means their price tags won't compete with many sub-$20 offerings on Amazon, but the intelligent design and top-notch build quality make up for it.

The Snap Case boasts serious strength in its MagSafe attachment, which locks your Snap Stand and Wallet firmly into place. MOFT claims this iteration is twice as strong as its previous model. The versatile attachment style lets you pick what you want — a vertically-aligned card holder, an upright tabletop stand, or a horizontal stand — and make it happen without any physical clips or fasteners.

Pros: The extremely sleek design stays compact when folded, and the integrated tabletop stand makes streaming and videoconferencing a breeze. The color options and wireless-charging compatibility are also noteworthy.

Cons: It only holds two to three cards at a time and is incompatible with models before the iPhone 13.

Phone Case for iPhone 13 Pro with Card Holder

by Bellroy 

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Bellroy Phone Case 3-Card

Here's the thing about Bellroy: everything they make is pretty great. This goes for phone case-wallet combinations, too; they make multiple options. Ranking high on this list is the Bellroy 3-Card Phone Case, a fantastic product that delivers real security to your cards without bulking up the case too much or making anything obvious. A sleek door in the back of the phone case snaps open and closed, allowing quick access for up to three cards.

Thanks to a polymer case construction, this case is drop-resistant and lightweight, providing plenty of grip and function where it counts. It's also partially layered on the outside with eco-tanned leather in an awesome range of colors and textures.

Pros: Its slim profile and materials make it an appealing option. It's available for iPhone models ranging from SE to 14 Pro.

Cons: It's pricier than some options and can only hold three cards.

Strada Series Case

by OtterBox 

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11/28/2023 02:48 pm GMT

OtterBox Strada Series Via

OtterBox is an absolute legend in phone case design, one of the first companies to offer truly innovative protection and an actual guarantee on the device inside the case itself. Alongside competing brand LifeProof, which OtterBox acquired in 2013, OtterBox has changed the game regarding rugged phone cases.

It's no surprise that OtterBox makes an excellent phone case wallet — the Strada Series Via is one of many the brand offers. This specific model made this list because of its sleek design, sturdiness, good looks, and the fact that it comes from one of the most legendary phone case makers in the business.

Pros: The magnetic latch keeps the folio flap and content secure while the soft-touch synthetic material wards off scuffs, scratches, and fingerprints. Rest easy with OtterBox's limited lifetime warranty. It's available for most current and recent iPhone models.

Cons: This wallet suffers very limited color options, and the edges of the case extend out the edges of the phone.

Wallet Folio

by Case-Mate 

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11/28/2023 03:01 pm GMT

Case-Mate Wallet Folio iPhone Case

Built to carry 3-4 cards plus cash, the Case-Mate Wallet Folio iPhone case delivers uncomplicated protection. Its key features include a simple flip-front folio design with card slots inside, polymer snap-on phone protection with a 10-foot drop rating, MagSafe and wireless charging compatibility, and a genuine pebbled leather exterior for maximal grip and a sleek appearance. The folio card slots hold three to four cards at once, plus cash — without doubling up your cards in any of the slots. The case design doesn't get in the way of the buttons or charging port.

Pros: The simple, sleek design won't bulk up your pocket, but it still has excellent impact protection from drops, bumps, and falls. You'll love the carrying capacity, and it's compatible with MagSafe accessories. Thanks to the stand built into the case, it also allows for landscape viewing.

Cons: This option may be pricier than similar products and hard to find in stock.

Rugged Armor

by Spigen 

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11/28/2023 03:07 pm GMT

Spigen Rugged Armor Case + Wallet

Another strange one to round out this list! Spigen is legendary for its sleek designs and great prices, and the brand is starting to offer more premium options alongside its basic silicone and polymer phone cases that have sold well for years.

Featuring a modular design, the Spigen Rugged Armor Case is available as just a phone case — and a good one. With a sleek-yet-grippy bumper case, MagSafe and wireless charging compatibility, and resilient shock absorption, the case is worth looking at on its own.

MagFit Rugged Armor Magnetic Wallet

by Spigen 

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11/28/2023 03:07 pm GMT

However, things get interesting when you look into the snap-attachment options; Spigen's MagFit Rugged Armor Magnetic Wallet Card Holder keeps things exceedingly slim while packing two cards in its easy-access slot. It's not the only MagSafe-attachment card carrier on the market, but it's one of the most sleek and well-made options you can buy on Amazon at this price point.

Pros: The modular design allows quick attachment and detachment of the card carrier. Premium materials and finishing keep the profile slim and sleek, with wireless charging compatibility. It includes a card carrier attachment.

Cons: It requires two purchases to get the phone case and the MagSafe card carrier. The magnetic card carrier is less secure than a built-in or integrated option, and users must remove the card case for wireless charging.

Phone and Wallet: A Match Made in Heaven

Cut back on pocket bulk and worry about one less piece of your EDC by combining your phone case and wallet with these smart picks. When you take advantage of what these innovative brands offer, you get excellent functionality and utility with all the practicality, protection, and form factor you could ever want. Who knows — if you make the right choice, you probably even look good doing it.

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