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Fred spent the past ten years searching the world for, doing, then documenting the best luxury travel experiences including flights, food, hotels, style and culture.


  • Featured contributor for Yahoo!, CNN and Insider
  • Featured contributor and automotive editor for Business Traveler USA
  • Host of my own luxury lifestyle YouTube channel with 38K subscribers and over 14 million views


Freddy "Luxury Fred" Sherman is one of the world's leading experiential travel writers focusing on luxury travel and luxury lifestyle subjects. His work has been featured on CNN, Yahoo! Travel, Insider, Business Traveler and the Daily Mail and he's a regular contributor to several popular travel magazines and websites. Freddy focuses on making luxury travel accessible and on sharing his unique experiences with his readers from a first-person perspective. Instead of attempting to accumulate the longest list of destinations visited, Freddy loves to re-visit places for a deeper, more local connection. Favorite destinations include Kenya's Masai Mara, Hong Kong, France (especially Paris, Cannes, Marseille and Provence), Southeast Asia (Vietnam and Cambodia), Peru and London. Based in Palm Springs, Freddy also loves to explore Southern and Northern California and the Southwest, usually behind the wheel of a luxury car, creating real-world road trip reviews. Freddy spends over 200 days a year on the road, exploring the world's best luxury hotels, restaurants, flights, and destination travel experiences. Aside from his writing, Freddy's video content can be found on his popular Luxury Fred YouTube channel where his large library of luxury travel, luxury car, and fine dining videos gets over a half a million views each month.


BS in Political Science from UCLA

Expertise: Luxury experiences

Education: UCLA

Location: Palm Springs, CA

Title: Writer