8 Best Folded Pocket Squares To Compliment Every Outfit

orange pocket square in a suit pocket

8 Best Folded Pocket Squares To Compliment Every Outfit

Pocket squares are an essential part of high-end fashion and a professional-looking suit. Typically most men wear folded pocket squares in their suit jacket pocket when attending an event that requires formal attire. Pocket squares or handkerchiefs are the perfect addition to your outfit for any formal event as they can give a pop of color and simply just brings the suit to life. If you are attending a formal event, then you might be looking for a pocket square and wondering about the etiquette of them as well.

Why Wear a Folded Pocket Square

Wearing a folded pocket square can be done for a lot of different reasons. One thing to note is that a folded pocket square can be seen as an accessory to complement the outfit. Typically the pocket square will be paired with a matching tie to bring the whole look together. Wearing a pocket square can also show elegance and professionalism. Usually, pocket squares are worn with formal outfits instead of with casual outfits.

A folded pocket square comes in many colors, materials, and styles. These features can set you apart from the rest when it comes to finding a folded pocket square that compliments every outfit. It’s also just the perfect accessory to add a pop of color to your formal attire suit jacket. If you feel that your suit is looking a little plain or if you wear formal attire daily you may want a pocket square to switch up your outfits every day.

When You Should Wear a Folded Pocket Square

Folded pocket squares have been an addition added to suit jackets for years. Typically a pocket square will be worn when attending a formal event or formal occasion that calls for black tie attire. The folded pocket square can technically be worn at any time that you’re wearing a suit jacket, but typically it’s added on for more visual appeal and a bit of contrast with the suit jacket. If you’re wearing a formal outfit and want to stand out then adding in a folded pocket square might be a good choice. Some examples of when you can wear a folded pocket square are to a wedding, to a business meeting, or out to dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Folded Pocket Squares To Compliment Every Outfit

Finding a pocket square that goes with every formal outfit might sound like a daunting task, so we’ve found the best-folded pocket squares to compliment every outfit. Many different types of pocket squares vary between colors, materials, and styles to choose from, but here are the best ones that make choosing formal attire easy.

Men's Handkerchiefs,100% Soft Cotton

by RDS Hankytex

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1. Soft Cotton White Pocket Square

Starting with these white folded pocket squares from RDS HANKYTEX to start basic. These pocket squares are plain white, which gives the best chance of being able to pair them with any suit jacket. These white folded pocket squares are made from 100% cotton and come in a large pack ensuring that you will always have a cotton pocket square available.

Men's Pure White 100% Cotton Handkerchief

by Ricosky

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2. Pure White Folded Pocket Square

These pocket squares by Ricosky are another staple in the formal attire realm. Their pure white color pops against any color suit jacket making the handkerchief stand out. This is another cotton pocket square that is very soft and comes in a large pack. The white color of these handkerchiefs makes it easy to find a necktie to match, plus it keeps things elegant with the pure white shade.

Mens Cotton Hankerchifs Classic Hankies Assorted

by BonjourMrsMr

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3. Patterned Cotton Pocket Square

If you’re looking for a bit of color against your suit jacket pocket then this is the handkerchief for you. The cotton pocket square features a few different colors and has a light pattern on them. The pocket squares are made from cotton and come in variety packs of different colors to add.

Men's Pocket Square Solid Color Handkerchief

by Jacob Alexander 

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4. Jacob Alexander Silk Pocket Square

This pocket square is made from silk and comes in a variety of plain colors. This is the perfect handkerchief to add a pop of color to your suit while still making it easy to pair with a matching tie. The silk pocket square is a bit more expensive than others, but the quality lives up to the price. It’s perfect to add the finishing touch to your outfit.

100% Pure Cotton Handkerchiefs with Stiching

by Selected Hanky 

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5. Selected Hanky Cotton Fabric Handkerchief

This Selected Hanky pocket square is made of 100% cotton and comes in five shades of the color blue. It is the perfect accessory to any suit and the colors are plain, making it easier to pair with a matching tie.

12PCS Handkerchiefs for Men 100% Cotton

by Ohuhu

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6. Classic Cotton Folded Pocket Square

This folded pocket square from Ohuhu is the perfect finishing touch to any suit. Those of you looking for a pocket square featuring a pattern will appreciate the design of this folded pocket square. The color options are perfect to pair with any outfit as they aren’t bright and they add just a subtle difference to the jacket breast pocket. It also comes in a large pack for a good price making it a great value purchase.

Pocket Squares for Men 20 Pack

by Jeatonge

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7. Assorted Set Of Silk Pocket Squares

This kit of assorted colored pocket squares is the perfect starter set for anyone looking to spice up their formal attire. These silk squares do great paired with any necktie as they have many color and pattern options. The fabric looks very high quality making it perfect for a formal occasion.

Mens Luxury 100% Cotton Handkerchiefs Plaid Pack

by LACS Handkerchiefs

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8. Luxury Handkerchiefs

These handkerchiefs have a subtle plaid pattern and come in a few different muted colors including green, blue, and orange. These pocket squares are of amazing quality with the fabric being made from 100% cotton.

Silk Pocket Square vs. Cotton Pocket Square

There are two main materials that are used for pocket squares. These two materials are cotton and silk, which are both of amazing quality and work perfectly for pocket squares. Let’s take a closer look at the materials to figure out which one is best for you and your outfit.

Silk pocket squares are typically considered more high end and they are best paired with higher-end luxury suit jackets. This, of course, means that the price tag will be a bit higher as we can see here from these The Dark Knot pocket squares. However, the silk square can go with any formal outfit to give it a more sophisticated look. We wouldn’t recommend choosing a silk folded pocket square if you’re looking to do an intricate pocket fold. Silk tends to not hold a fold as well as cotton, so doing a more simple fold will have to do.

Cotton pocket squares are a great starting point for anyone just getting into formal attire. Cotton pocket squares are very affordable and come in a variety of patterns and colors. The cotton fabric allows for the pocket square to be folded easily allowing for more intricate folds to be accomplished.

Handkerchief vs. Pocket Square

There are a few differences between handkerchiefs and pocket squares to keep in mind. Pocket squares can be made of many different fabric types including cotton, linen, and silk. It’s typically worn in the outer breast pocket and they are usually used as a decorative accessory. A handkerchief is usually only made of cotton material and it can be stored in any pocket. It can be used for functional use rather than just as an accessory.

How To Fold a Pocket Square

When it comes to a folded pocket square there are many different ways to fold them. Each different way brings a new look to your outfit, so how you fold it is your preference. We know that folding your pocket square the same every time can get boring, so here are a few pocket square combinations that you can try.

Presidential Fold

The Presidential Fold is a simple square fold, also commonly known as the flat fold, which is the most common type of pocket square fold. This is the simplest fold of them all and is typically what most suit wearers begin with. You can’t go wrong with this fold as it is a classic. Although it is the easiest pocket square fold technique, it is the one with the most elegance as it is the crispest fold of all the techniques.

purple presidential fold pocket square

One Point Fold

The one point fold is another classic technique that most men start out wearing. The one point fold is versatile as it is seen as acceptable in business settings, but also casual settings. Overall, this folded pocket square technique will add an excellent touch to your suit jacket pocket.

Two Point Fold

The two point fold pocket square technique is quite similar to the one point fold technique. This technique is subtle and looks much more complicated than it really is. This pocket square fold technique is popular in business attire. Since just the tips of the pocket fold will be showing, it makes for a simple look that compliments make different suits.

Three Point Fold

A three point fold is a bit more of an intricate fold than the one and two point folds. This fold type gives a fantastic finishing touch to your outfit. This technique can be a bit difficult to master, but it’s perfect if you want to be a bit showy just make sure to keep the folds crisp.

three point fold pocket square

The Puff Fold

The puff fold is something that is seen often in many different styles. It is a simple folding technique that creates a folded pocket square for informal events and simply just for the style. Choosing a patterned silk or cotton pocket square works best for this fold.

The Winged Puff Pocket Fold

The winged puff pocket fold is a spin on the basic puff fold featuring a more crisp design. This folding technique is best for pocket squares that can’t hold a crisp fold. This is one of the pocket square combinations that are simple to do but looks put together.

The Scallop Fold

The scallop fold is a folded pocket square technique that we usually see at formal events such as a wedding. It’s a fold that looks great with glossier texture squares such as a silk square, as well as patterned ones to make a statement. Usually, this fold is used during more formal social events, not necessarily business formal.

The Dunaway Fold

The Dunaway fold is a fold that is puffy but has a bit of structure. Overall, this is an intricate fold and will be a talking point of the outfit. This particular folded pocket square looks best with a patterned cotton or silk square because it will be peeking out of the folds.

the dunaway fold pocket square

Tips for Folding a Pocket Square

Folding a pocket square might seem difficult but some tips might help you along the way. The first thing is to consider the material that you’re working with. Some fold techniques work best with certain materials. For example, satin or silk squares tend to not hold a crisp fold very easily, so fold techniques such as the puff fold will work best.

Always start with folding the pocket square on a flat surface. Starting on a flat surface gives you control over the pocket square while ensuring that you get crisp and even folds. Using the surface can help to press the folds down and get the perfect folded pocket square. It will help beginners with seeing what they are doing and match what they are doing with a tutorial photo or video.

Choosing a material might have you sumped, but it’s always best to start with your suit jacket material. Getting a pocket square that is closest to the material of your suit will ensure that it compliments the suit nicely. However, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated look then you can opt for a silk square as those are more luxurious.

How To Choose the Best Folded Pocket Square

When it comes to choosing the best folded pocket square to compliment your outfits, it all starts with you. A pocket square is simply an accessory to add to your outfit, so treat it this way when choosing the best pocket square. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a pocket square, so we’re going to give you some tips on how to choose the best pocket square to match any outfit for any occasion.

What’s the Occasion?

Figuring out which folded pocket square to choose begins with figuring out what types of events you’re looking to attend. If you are choosing an outfit for a specific event then that will determine your pocket square choice. Typically for more formal events, a silk square is commonly used as it’s a high-end material that is considered a luxury. If you’re attending a wedding or another social formal event then you can get away with wearing a cotton folded pocket square. It’s recommended that if you are looking to build a set of reliable pocket squares start with a cotton pocket square in a plain neutral color.

The Rest of Your Outfit

The rest of your outfit matters heavily to which pocket square you choose. This is because pocket squares are generally paired with a matching tie. Also, choosing a pocket square that has similar material to your suit jacket will make it look more cohesive. When choosing a folded pocket square you must take into account the color necktie you will be wearing. Generally, the necktie and pocket square will match. Also, keep in mind the color of your suit as this might compliment other pocket square colors differently. Black suits generally look best paired with a patterned pocket square. Grey or tan suits look great with a pop of color coming from the pocket square.

Your Personal Style

The main thing to consider when choosing a folded pocket square to compliment every outfit is to choose one that fits in with your style. For example, if you love patterns then choose a pocket square with a pattern, but if you like neutral solid colors then maybe start with a few solid colored pocket squares that will easily match everything. Having a good high-quality linen pocket square or silk square is beneficial to have handy for very formal events regardless of your style though. Just be sure to choose one in a color or print that makes sense for your fashion taste.

Pocket Squares To Compliment Every Outfit

Overall, pocket squares are a great addition to any suit jacket. They spice up your formal attire and overall can bring your outfit to a new sophisticated level. Choosing a pocket square should be easy based on your personal styles and preferences. Remember to choose a pocket square that also will pair well with whichever fold method that you are going to use as well. These 8 folded pocket squares are a fantastic place to start if you’re having trouble finding a pocket square that compliments every outfit. Ultimately, choosing a pocket square is completely up to you and having a kit of basic ones to start with is best. Neutrals and solid prints are best to match many different outfits.

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