5 of the Best Android Phone Case Wallets

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Key Points

  • This list explores some of the best phone case wallets for the five most popular Android phones in 2023.

  • Some of the phones on this list support wireless charging; be sure not to place any cards with magnetic strips between your phone and the surface of your wireless charger.

  • With limited capacity and slimness in mind, most phone case wallets only hold two to four cards (and some cash if you're lucky).

Android phones come in several shapes and sizes from multiple manufacturers like Sony, OnePlus, Samsung, and Google, so you'll be hard pressed to find a top-five list of phone cases that addresses great options across the range of Android phones on the market. If you're more of an Apple head, check out the list of top AirTag case wallets!

However, this list still gives you some great starting points for whichever Android phone model you use. Since using a phone case wallet has a lot of benefits, it's worth wading through the different options made specifically for your Android phone.

In an article for Men's Health, expert tech writer Mike Richard outlines a crucial trade-off to keep in mind when shopping for a phone case wallet: "To cut down on bulk, most wallet cases offer only enough storage space for your most essential cards, typically a driver’s license and 2-3 credit cards. Some are large enough to accommodate a small cash stash as well. But, any more storage than that usually starts to impinge on front-pocketability."

The list below outlines which phone case wallets offer the most storage, but if you prize slimness and comfort for front-pocket carrying, minimal storage is the way to go. Read on for the best Android phone case wallets, one pick for each major Android phone.

Mobile Everyday Case for Samsung Galaxy S21

by Peak Design 

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11/27/2023 09:28 pm GMT
1. Peak Design SlimLink Case System for Samsung and Pixel Phones

Legendary tech accessories brand Peak Designs makes some of the best phone cases in the biz, and not just for iPhone. Terrific options are available for your Samsung or Pixel phone, too.

This pick centers around one specific feature that's proprietary to Peak Designs cases — the SlimLink attachment. SlimLink is a built-in magnetic locking attachment that allows your phone to be mounted on handlebars, dashboards, windshields, and even existing GoPro mounts. With all that capability, the Peak Design Everyday Case is a no-brainer.

Perhaps least exciting of all the attachments, but most relevant for this list, is the humble Mobile Wallet. This Peak Design product gives you the ability to attach up to seven cards — that's more than any other phone case wallet on this list — to any phone with MagSafe compatibility. With the use of Peak Design's sleek and protective Everyday case, you don't even need MagSafe. It's all built right in.


  • Sleek, premium design

  • The SlimLink mount system is extremely versatile

  • Peak Design has earned a reputation for high quality performance in demanding environments


  • Medium gray is the only color available

  • Magnetic attachment is never as secure or reliable as a fixed attachment point

OnePlus 11 Case, Flip Folio Wallet (Black)

by Foluu

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11/27/2023 09:16 pm GMT

2. Foluu Flip Folio Wallet Cover Case for OnePlus 11

Featuring a built-in viewing stand, a textured faux-leather exterior, a TPU-surround bumper case and a flip cover with one primary card slot inside, Foluu's Flip Folio does "basic" extremely well.

It's available in five colors (black, gray, pink, tan, and blue) and although the capacity for carrying cards or cash is limited, the case makes up for it by being very sleek and slim overall. Pick a few essential cards to carry for your everyday outings, and you'll be totally covered by Foluu's remarkably affordable case.


  • Typically costs less than $10

  • Plenty of visual appeal for most users

  • Extremely slim and sleek


  • May feel cheap to users expecting more premium materials

  • Limited color/texture options

  • Only carries two or three cards at a time

Compatible Case with Google Pixel 7a (Black)

by Raabiko

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11/27/2023 09:34 pm GMT

3. Raabiko Shockproof Hidden Card Case for Google Pixel 7a

A rock-solid offering from Raabiko, the Shockproof Hidden Card Case brings serious protection with its dual-layer case and secure card-holding compartment. If your everyday carry needs to stand up to serious physical demands, this is a solid choice. It offers major protection for your phone, plus a little extra, without getting in the way or being fussy about anything.

While it's not a sleek folio-style case, this is a great pick for most Pixel 7a users due to its ruggedness and on-par card capacity.


  • Very approachable price ($14-$18)

  • Great impact and drop protection

  • Carries two to four cards in secure compartment


  • May be too bulky to carry in pants pocket

  • No flip cover to protect screen

  • Only six plain, solid colors available

Wallet Case with Credit Card Holder Samsung Galaxy A54 5G


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11/27/2023 09:43 pm GMT

4. Suanpot Flip Cover Folio Case for Samsung Galaxy A54

Suanpot's Flip Cover Folio Case comes in a range of leather tones and fun colors for under $20. Inside the flip cover, you'll find three card slots and one larger pocket for cash — enough to cover most needs, most of the time — with RFID blocking built right into the case itself.

With 11 different colors to choose from and a relatively premium look thanks to the leather outer construction, this case's appearance makes up for its generic branding. If you use a Samsung Galaxy A54 this is a top choice for your next phone case wallet.


  • Great value for under $20

  • Faux-leather exterior adds a premium feel

  • Standard bumper-case protection for the phone inside

  • 3+ card capacity as well as larger slip pocket for cash, receipts etc.


  • Faux-leather exterior won't wear as nicely as genuine leather

  • Inner bumper case is just one contour-molded PU layer

Wallet Case for Galaxy Z Fold 5 7.6"


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11/27/2023 09:48 pm GMT

5. Shieldon Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

What do you get from Shieldon's Wallet Case for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5? It's everything you want from a folio-style case and maybe even a little more. Featuring built-in RFID blocking, a pen or stylus holder, a viewing kickstand, a detachable polycarbonate case, and a durable leather-like polyurethane (PU) exterior, this is a great way to blend the line between wallet and phone case.

While it's far from the cheapest pick on this list, everything about it appears to be well-thought-out. Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.


  • Detachable inner case for protection without the folio cover

  • Viewing kickstand is useful for video calls and streaming

  • Faux-leather exterior is sleek and well-made


  • At roughly $40, there are cheaper ways to get a nice folio case

  • Made of PU, not leather

  • Only six color options

Can Your Phone and Wallet Really Be Best Friends?

In January 2023, tech writer Andreas Louis laid out the strong arguments for and against using a phone case wallet. If you prize convenience, security and protection for your mobile device, you might find that the pros outweigh the cons. After all, short of carrying a bag, there's no way to carry your phone and wallet all in one safe bundle. Plus, you can tailor your phone case wallet to current trends and your personal style.

With options as downright cheap as Foluu's Flip Folio Wallet Case and integrated systems as forward-thinking and premium as Peak Design's SlimLink, it might be time to think again. After all, you're only protecting and managing the most important items you carry every single day.

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